Hey all,

Thank you a million bunch for the smashing response to the launch of Cover and Official page of The Masquerade.

I knew that the cover and the blurb of The Masquerade are good and I will do justice to them. But I didn’t expect THIS BIG and incredible response from the readers and friends.

I am Overwhelmed. I have no words to thank you all.

As for the work front that I wanted to tell more about – it’s here

Due to COVID 19, we are still in the containment zone with police curfew in our lane. We are getting used to it. My clinics are shut. I have shifted it completely to online consultations. I am consulting people for Skin Care right now. The other site for Holistic medicine is in preparatory stage and I want to take it up only after my book releases. ie. After July 15th.

I’m not taking anybody for counselling or emotional talk, right now, as I am running short of time and don’t want to commit to more people than I can manage.

So, check out my website, if you wish to. I will be taking skin related queries on blog posts, there. So, you can join if you want or refer to a friend or relative if they need skin consultation –

It is at –

By God’s grace, my patients have returned back to stay in touch online and it has picked up 🙏

Everything else is going as usual. Household chores continue as all other routines.

Do let me know how is everyone doing. How is your side with regards to coronavirus aka Covid 19?

I try my best to reply to everyone. I have replied to ppl on Twitter and Instagram. And 2-3 people here as well. This is my way of thanking you and expressing gratitude. I will reply to the rest by tomorrow.

Take care.

Lots of love.




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