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Hello Friends,

Apologies for not being active for a while and not replying to messages and mails.
I have written a post about taking a break. Kindly read it below.

See you really soon!

Lots of love.

Taking A Break

Hello everyone,

On August 22, I wrote a post here – ‘A Ray of Sunshine’ — It was about how things were not going well on my side. I was trying to find some ray of sunshine in people close to me. It has been two months since then and the rays of sunshine have only been dimming at my end, with every passing day.

Things have only gone downhill. This is not a recent happening. It has been a few years now. I could see the catastrophe knocking at my door for a long time now, but like an ostrich, I kept my neck buried in the sand, hoping for things to get better one fine day. With a wide smile, I kept fighting with circumstances, till I could do it no more… Read More

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