Alone Does Not Mean Lonely

  It’s a Saturday. And as promised, here I am. To be with all of you, to speak to you and listen to you. Covid19 pandemic is still living with us. The new normal has pushed us to be in difficult situations, making each day seem like a test for most. Some areas are still under lockdown and some people […]

A Perfect Saturday!

Hello everyone, I sincerely hope that all of you are doing well in your lives, both at professional and personal fronts. All those who are happy and content, congrats, you are on the brighter side of the spectrum. There is no feeling like that. All those who are not, please don’t lose heart and don’t give up, yet. Just hold […]

The Spark In Us

  Hello everyone, It has been a few days since I updated anything. I reduced my social media presence as well and was hardly around. I hope that things around you are fine and you are doing well in your respective fields. As for me, I was a bit overwhelmed with the way things have been unfolding around me. Sometimes, […]

Chat Post!

Hey all, This is nothing special. Just a simple chat post ๐Ÿค— Of late, I have been very very busy with so many things going around me. And I was planning for so long to talk to all of you about how you have been, if everything is fine at your end, how is the lockdown/Covid19/opening up treating you… Hope […]

Happy Friendship Day ๐Ÿค—

Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day!ย  It means a LOT to me to have a bunch of people around me, who I feel so close to that I can easily share my thoughts with them. You all are ‘that’ bunch – People who understand me, who are patient with me when I am stuck with something important, who […]

Update tomorrow!

I know I had said that I will update today but a lot of time got spent today in talking to people who were facing an issue while commenting and logging in the blog. Some even thought that I had purposefully left them out. If any of you is thinking like that, please rest assured that it is nothing like […]

Love & Gratitude Forever!

    ‘Magic is all around us! We just need to have our minds attuned to accept the way the world unfolds its mysteries before us. And we will witness miracles happening around us! Never underestimate the power of your dreams. Never allow others to think and dream for you. And most of all – Never stop believing in your […]

News ๐Ÿ’ƒ

So, the title and the dancing emoticon will tell you that I am happy, excited, nervous – all at once – with this news. The Masquerade is listed – Yes, yes, yes!!!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ I have literally NO Words – No words!! No emoticons!! I tried searching for GIFS – They are none that can describe me actually. I can freaking […]


Hello everyone, Apologies for disappearing after my Instagram live. I was juggling with some chores, had poor internet connectivity, didn’t write anything worth sharing so I didn’t come here. I was not sure if The Masquerade will be released on 15th so I delayed the podcasts too. Today, it was Sunday. I was comparatively free. So, I am trying to […]

Thank you

Hello Everyone, So, this post is basically to thank you for your responses to the last part of Beyond Every Border. I haven’t been able to reply to you as I keep losing internet at night. So, I decided that I will do it in the morning. It has been an amazing journey to just BE with you all. Writing […]

Little things…

When all the big things stop making sense and big plans begin to sink, it’s time to look at little things in our life and focus on baby steps to feel blessed, feel grateful, feel motivated and encouraged to start again and feel hopeful all over again. People ask me if I am busy these days – No, I am […]

All That We Have…

Good evening everyone, Like I posted last night that I had lots of things to share… so here I am!! To share all that is going in my life and keep you updated with the developments at the book front, different blogs, and everything else in my life. First thing first, I have hopefully replied to everyone on the last […]

Blog Issues…

Hello everyone, I am getting a lot of emails and messages that people are not able to see the latest uploads or last few parts of BEB.ย I can’t reply to each one separately, so I am making this post. I have not removed any parts of BEB or any sections from the blog. In case, you are unable to see […]


Hey all, Thank you a million bunch for the smashing response to the launch of Cover and Official page of The Masquerade. I knew that the cover and the blurb of The Masquerade are good and I will do justice to them. But I didn’t expect THIS BIG and incredible response from the readers and friends. I am Overwhelmed. I […]


Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing fine. I strongly believe that we manifest our destiny by positive or negative thinking. I have always, always believed in this. Not just thinking, but speaking and believing in something manifests it in its extreme form. So, by consistently saying that 2020 is the worse year, we are making it worst. […]

RIP Sushant Singh Rajput

I didn’t post anything in the last two days as I am deeply disturbed by the tragic news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. We have lost another young life today.ย So promising. So bright. Immensely talented and so full of dreams or hopes. It feels like a personal loss to so many of us. Sushant had been the daring one. The […]

Give It Time

  Hard times are those storms that shower endlessly and leave only when they either break a person or find him too tough to be broken. Blessed are those who know how to deal with changing circumstances, difficult situations, harsh times, and tough people. Rest of us, learn with time, as we get hurt, take steps to deal with the […]

Lockdown Glitches

Hello everyone, As I posted yesterday, life is getting a bit hectic and mostly chaotic at my end. My area is in the red zone of Covid-19 and my own society is in containment area with a curfew being monitored by 2 policemen since there was one Covid-19 positive case in my lane. We are safe and all is well. […]

Eid Mubarak

  To all my friends celebrating this pious festival, I wish for your prayers to be accepted in the Kingdom of the Supreme Power. May the Almighty grant you His kind blessings, accept your good deeds, forgive the transgressions & ease the sufferings of all people across the globe. May this festival bring hope, peace, love & happiness, and above […]

Chain of Positivity

Good evening, dear lovely people! I hope all of you and your families are doing well. This pandemic is proving to be the toughest test of our lifetime. A ruthless test of resilience, patience, willpower, and faith. This year on the whole is proving to be the most difficult of all. It’s been four months since 2020 began and things […]

About My Works In Fiction

Hello, dear people, Welcome to my #fridayconnect post. It always feels so lovely to talk to you. Today, I will be talking to you about my works. I get repeated requests over mails and in my social media DMs to make available my previous works. Like any other writer, even I write for readers and it is no fun for […]

21/04/2020 – Hello

Hello, dear lovely people, I hope all of you are doing well. I pray for the health, safety, and well being of you and your families. We are going through tough times and the only way we can sail through these days is by maintaining patience, hope, and faith in God. Everything will be fine in a few weeks. Just […]

Gratitude. Patience. Growth: India Lockdown

Hello everyone, I wish for good health for each one of you and your family. May this catastrophe of coronavirus subside soon and the human race wins over it with as minimal damages as possible. I hope the quarantine is treating you well. However it goes, please do not panic. Do not give space to negative thoughts and people in […]

Be Patient: India Lockdown

Hello everyone, Hope each one of you is in good health. I am really glad that our PM has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days from today. If you see the pattern around the globe, even the most developed countries which were late in doing this, lost significantly in terms of time. The corona infected count kept increasing. And […]

New story & Old ones.

Hello everyone, Hope all of you are fine and safely quarantined inside your home. Please, please, please stay inside until and unless it is very very very very urgent and you have to step out. And when you do, please ensure that you and your family follow ALL safety precautions. We are going through a tough time. Hope it passes […]

I’ll be here…

Hello everyone, How are you all doing? I know the situation is tough right now and we are all in almost a state of lockdown. I just came here to tell you all that please don’t panic. We will get through this.ย  Coronavirus is tough. But we are tougher. Just be patient. Be vigilant. And stay safe. If possible – […]

Corona Virus Outbreak: We Will Stay Safe

Good morning everyone, I really hope that all of you are doing well. And are healthy and calm during this Global Catastrophe of Corona Virus Pandemic. I wish you good health and safety for all of you and your families. Whatever part of the world you stay in, please stay safe. Stay vigilant. Don’t Panic. Stay calm. But stay updated. […]

Celebrate Yourself: Happy Women’s Day: My Corner 08.03.2020

  Hello Dear Lovely People, A Very Happy Women’s Day to all of us! Since morning, you might have seen numerous quotes, messages, creations, and videos about women who made a mark for themselves, women who are strong and invincible, women who inspire… So, I will not write anything more about the same. We have read and written a lot […]

Influences on us- My Corner 21/02/20

Hello Everyone, I’m here for my post on #FridayConnect. I am late today as it is the MahaShivratri festival today. Every festival, every holiday, every Sunday and every other day when your family is free and at home, maids are on leave, and there are hundreds of additional things to do, like preparing for prayer ceremonies, making special food, cook […]

Love is…

Hello everyone, As promised, I’m here with another post on #FridayConnect… A day when I try my best to connect with people who write to me and try to connect with me. I love you all dearly. Whether or not, I’m able to reply to you on my other posts, emails, messages, or on other social media, but this one […]

Let’s Catch Up…

Hey everyone, This post is just a random post in ‘my corner’… mainly because I was missing you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been long since I actually wrote a personal post which was not an update. Every time, when I felt like writing a post, some, or the other issue arose and it got delayed. Sometimes, I try to reply […]

My Corner – Adieu 2019

Hello, my dear lovely friends, It feels so good to write to you after a long gap. The last 3 months have been the most difficult days of my life but I’m glad that I am able to deal with the situations in a better manner. Every dark day teaches you something… every tough time prepares you well for the […]

My Corner – The Current Affairs

Hello people, I was supposed to update the next part of Tangles & Ties on Tuesday but couldn’t. Apologies. With so much happening in the country right now, I devoted all the time I had to serious reading and research to get my facts right from RELIABLE sources like – The Constitution/ CAAct originally published in the Gazette of India/United […]

Previous Chapters of Tangles & Ties

Hello friends, I am extremely sorry. The last 3-4 days were too hectic as I had to finish a project by 30th Dec, ie today and submit it. I couldn’t upload the previous chapters of Tangles & Ties. I will begin to update them now. One more thing – I haven’t replied to the hundreds of messages in my inbox […]

Tangles & Ties to Resume on Dec 1.

Hey all, I’ve been missing MaNan, Tangles & Ties and writing fiction… and basically everything that makes me smile, including all of you… As I have said before that I will start updating from December 1st, 2019…this post is simply to add the countdown on page 1 of this blog… see it here –ย Click Here This will remind me every […]

One Step Every Day

Hello, my dear lovely people, I’m here coz I was missing all of you and this blog, and everything that makes me smile… including MaNan and my stories. I’m missing Tangles and Ties and Manasvi-Anshuman of Beyond Every Border… Fiction is the alternate world that gives me a chance to explore my own tangled thoughts and beliefs. It is that […]


Hello everyone, Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a beautiful new year!ย Hope this festival was the brightest of all. I hope it was memorable and joyful for each one of you and your families. It feels like a long time since we interacted with each other. Thank you so much for sending me messages after my last post. […]

Taking A Break

Hello everyone, On August 22, I wrote a post here – ‘A Ray of Sunshine’ — It was about how things were not going well on my side. I was trying to find some ray of sunshine in people close to me. It has been two months since then and the rays of sunshine have only been dimming at my […]


A blank page is nothing but an invitation. To create, to share, to bring alive every pain, every truth and all lies All that waited to be shared and discussed But couldn’t leave the confines of a broken heart & closed eyes ~ManitaV~ Hello everyone, This post is about this blog – ~ Few people were complaining about the advertisements […]

A Ray of Sunshine: My Corner

Hello Everyone, I’m sorry for going silent for a couple of days. I have been going through a tough patch in my personal life, almost a crisis, since some time now.ย I was hoping for the light to see the day but it didn’t. And the hardships continued. Sometimes, the struggle continues for long… I was trying my best and I […]

Hopes & Dreams: Broken And Otherwise – My Corner

I had planned for a post on ‘My Corner’ to be on every Saturday!! But apparently, we can plan nothing in life… and it’s cool ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my blog and I am allowed to write as and when I feel like… Right? ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t write any update or anything worth posting for last two days because I was talking […]

My Corner 1/8/19: The Subtle Connection :)

Hello Everyone, A lot of people have been asking me where I was in last few days and why I was missing… Firstly – I’m fine! All is well on my side… Thank you so much for the concern. You have no idea how much it means to me. Now –ย  I was on an impromptu family vacation to Goa […]

Failed Efforts: A Chat Post

Hello Everyone, It is a general chat post. Nothing special. So you can stop reading wherever you feel bored. I was missing you all. So, I thought I’ll drop a few words and talk to you about me and my routine these days. I hope all is well at your end. It has been a hectic fortnight for me – […]

Holiday Moments

( Old post : Just the name changed )   Hello friends, Due to unavoidable circumstances, my trip was canceled and I couldn’t go on my already unplanned vacation decided at the spur of the moment. Certain things happen and we can’t help it. Life is such! Initially, it pinched. But then, we decided that since we were already on […]

Short Notice: Taking A Break

    Dear Friends, I’m going out for an impromptu holiday! Hence, taking a break from posting updates for a few days. I will not be available on social media too. Kindly do not worry, if you don’t get replies to your DMs/ messages/ or mails. I will be back on 30/06/2019… Next update of both Tangles & Ties and […]

Fighting and Surviving Plagiarism

Hello Everyone, It sounds funny now, as I write it. This plagiarism thing is happening at such a frequent basis that every few days, I find myself writing notes more than the updates – One note about how this stupid thing happened, followed by another note saying – “Thank you for your love and support. It means a lot to […]

Open Letter to Another Fraud

Dear Reader, I won’t call you a writer as someone who can’t think of an original Book Title or New Character names for people she claims to love… CANNOT BE A WRITER!!! You follow me, read my work and have commented on my books. You clearly know of how much mental agony I went through when dealing with plagiarism not […]


Hello everyone, It’s been some time since we interacted. How has life been? Changed the face of the blog. I hope the new layout will now make it easier for readers to browse through different sections of this blog.ย It now has all the important icons on the front page. The New Homepage also has a scrolling carousel at the bottom […]


Thank you for the tremendous response to this blog and my stories. It means the world to me. I have nothing but gratitude for all the love and support I have received from my readers. I hope I keep writing without any hindrance, now that I have a place of my own ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to do something for you, […]

A Few Announcements…

I had to make this announcement post as I constantly live in a fear that readers will get irked by my constant notifications and leave me… So please, if it bugs you, switch off the notifications for this blog ( you can do that from settings!) This post is to prepare you for the same ( next few bombardments of […]

This site is FREE

Hey there everyone, This is something very important. Some people said that when they tried to create a WordPress account… they were asked to pay a fee. It’s extremely shocking for me and I have been telling people from day 1 that you are NOT supposed to pay even a dime. It will be a major let down for me, […]

Thank You & Welcome!

Hello people, Thank You – I cannot express in words the love, the faith and the support shown by you all by joining me here… this is not my place… this is OUR place…It belongs to ALL of us!!! A hearty welcome to all of you – I know that it is a difficult and non user-friendly site. I was […]

Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Obstacles

Hello dear friends, I’m exploring different options to embark on a new journey towards my efforts at writing. Hoping to receive the same love here as well, like the one you gave me at the previous website holding fiction for me. I didn’t want to shift the platform. I was attached to the connect I had with my readers there. […]

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