About Me

Who Am I

I am still trying to discover who I am...

The world knows me by several roles I play - Doctor ... Writer... Mother... Reader... Counsellor...
Entrepreneur... Poet... Eternal Student

I believe none of the roles define me as a person. They are simply an extension of my personality, the duties that I fulfil every day, things I love to do and things that make me happy!

As soon as I figure out who I am and what is my bigger purpose other than bringing smiles to everyone, I will update here ๐Ÿ™‚


PS: My social media handles are given below... I have accounts at some major platforms, but when you check them, you will realise that you can hardly call me 'social' ๐Ÿ™‚

Social Media

What I love to do

Writing: It cures me, talks to me, soothes me and attracts me at all times, good or bad alike. It enthralls me that it creates the same effect on the readers as well. Every smile is worth the effort and dedication I put in my writing.

Consultation: My profession as a doctor is the best job a person can do, giving financial security and mental satisfaction at the same time. Every smile and every 'thank you' from patients is worth every pain you take to achieve that result.

Counselling people - Talking to people through my channel called - The Guiding Light, I'm trying to bring together people who need each other and try to find a 'guiding light' inside themselves to help them sail through tough times.

Other things that rejuvenate me and make me happy areย  - My daugters, rainfall, coffee, beaches, long drives, intelligent conversations, good films, good books, good music, food,