About Me

Who Am I

I am still trying to discover who I am...

The world knows me by several roles I play - Doctor ... Writer... Mother... Reader... Counsellor...
Entrepreneur... Poet... Eternal Student

I believe none of the roles define me as a person. They are simply an extension of my personality, the duties that I fulfil every day, things I love to do and things that make me happy!

As soon as I figure out who I am and what is my bigger purpose other than bringing smiles to everyone, I will update here 🙂


PS: My social media handles are given below... I have accounts at some major platforms, but when you check them, you will realise that you can hardly call me 'social' 🙂

Social Media

What I love to do

Writing: It cures me, soothes me, and stays my 'comfort-zone' at all times, good or bad alike. It enthralls me to know that it creates the same effect on the readers as well. I love it when someone says that my stories inspired them or made them smile.

Dermatology Consultation: Every smile and every 'thank you' from patients is worth every pain we, doctors, take to achieve a position where we are able to help people through our work.

Counselling - Talking to people through a channel called - The Guiding Light, I've been trying to bring together people who need each other so that they try to find a 'guiding light' inside them to help them sail through tough times.

Others: I am an avid reader. When I get some free time, I love to bake and paint in water colours, too.
I love coffee, dark chocolates, travelling and all types of stationery!


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