About Me

Who Am I

I am still trying to discover who I am...

People know me by several roles, I play -
Doctor. Writer. Mother. Reader. Counsellor.
Entrepreneur. Poet. Eternal Student

However, I believe that none of the above roles define me as a person.
They are simply an extension of my personality, the duties that I fulfil every day, things I love to do, and things that make me happy!

As soon as I figure out who I truly am and what is my bigger purpose in life, other than bringing smiles to everyone I know and come across during the course of the day, I will update here πŸ™‚


PS: My social media handles are given below.
Do join me on those platforms if you wish to stay connected.

Thank you.

Social Media

What I love to do

Writing: It cures me, soothes me, and has been my 'comfort-zone' through all phases of my life, good and bad, alike. It enthralls me when my readers say that my stories have created the same impact on them, as well. Nothing can compare to the high I feel when I get to know that someone out there connects with me, relates to what I write, smiles with it, and sometimes feels motivated and inspired to go on.

Medical Consultation: I am a doctor by profession. I studied medicine and gained skills to guide people through different kinds of diseases and help them. Every smile and every 'thank you' from patients is worth every effort, any doctor makes towards achieving that goal.

Counselling - I have been talking to women, especially teenage girls, through a channel called - The Guiding Light. I try to help them, guide them towards stability needed during tough times.

Also, I am an avid reader. When I get some free time, I love to bake, paint in watercolours, and travel.

I love coffee, dark chocolates, and all types of stationery.

Thank you for reading through the entire thing πŸ˜€

Take care πŸ€—πŸ€—


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