Beyond Every Border: Chapter 46: Rights & Privileges

Hey there, It is becoming increasingly difficult to reply to all of your messages, mails, and comments at various social media sites. I try to reply to max but I hope you know that it is humanly impossible. Thank you for understanding. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support. I have always been. And I am deeply grateful […]

Happy Ganesh ChaturthiπŸ™βœ¨

  Wishing all of you a very Happy Ganesh Utsav πŸ™βœ¨πŸ’– May Ganpati Bappa bring with Him immense love, peace, happiness, and calmness for all of us. May He take away all our obstacles, forgives our sins and mistakes, teaches us to be patient, and fills our homes and lives with an abundance of good health, prosperity, good times, and […]


Every night I decide to update and right after dinner, I get so many phone calls that I get free only by midnight πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Other things also pile up throughout the day and I am not able to finish the next part of BEB. I just dropped in here to inform you all that I will update soon.Β I feel guilty […]

Little Cheers: My Corner

Old post republished by mistake πŸ™ˆ… sorry!!! Hello dear friends, It’s Saturday and from today, I’m planning to write one post under ‘my corner’ every Saturday to chat with all of you connected to me in some way or the other. This blog is like my second home, I always say… A place where I go to every day, without […]

Will post tomorrow.

Hey people, It’s power shutdown at my side since one hour now. Using my phone to inform you. I will post tomorrow.

All That We Have…

Good evening everyone, Like I posted last night that I had lots of things to share… so here I am!! To share all that is going in my life and keep you updated with the developments at the book front, different blogs, and everything else in my life. First thing first, I have hopefully replied to everyone on the last […]

Blog Issues…

Hello everyone, I am getting a lot of emails and messages that people are not able to see the latest uploads or last few parts of BEB.Β I can’t reply to each one separately, so I am making this post. I have not removed any parts of BEB or any sections from the blog. In case, you are unable to see […]

Update on Tuesday

Hello people, I’m stuck in something very crucial and couldn’t finish it. I thought I will be able to do it but couldn’t. So, this week, I will update on Tuesday- BEB. And other stories, after that. Sorry to keep you waiting. Love you. Stay safe. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— M.

Caught up 😊

Hello dear people, I’m caught up with something urgent – A medical article that I had to submit. And couldn’t finish it. I won’t be updating tonight. Will post next update of Beyond Every Border tomorrow. Sleep well. Take care. Stay safe πŸ€—πŸ€— Love you guys πŸ’–πŸ’– Manita

Till Eternity And Beyond: On Hold

Hello everyone, I had announced a new book ‘Till Eternity And Beyond’ a few weeks back with one chapter uploaded. Due to a lot of unavoidable reasons, I have decided to shelve it temporarily. I try not to repeat myself and try my best not to write any story in a cliched manner. I have a new and different concept […]


Hey people, I don’t know whether to say this as urgent or whatever, but this is the first time that I am using my phone to post something. I’m a laptop-kinda person who is not usually on phone. I am not addicted to phone and usually keep it away, so that my younger one doesn’t want it. On laptop, she […]

Gratitude. Patience. Growth: India Lockdown

Hello everyone, I wish for good health for each one of you and your family. May this catastrophe of coronavirus subside soon and the human race wins over it with as minimal damages as possible. I hope the quarantine is treating you well. However it goes, please do not panic. Do not give space to negative thoughts and people in […]

Be Patient: India Lockdown

Hello everyone, Hope each one of you is in good health. I am really glad that our PM has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days from today. If you see the pattern around the globe, even the most developed countries which were late in doing this, lost significantly in terms of time. The corona infected count kept increasing. And […]

A Small Note

Hey everyone, Sorry, I am absent here and not even replying to people. Actually, few days back, I received the final draft of my book – The Masquerade from the publisher for Last and Final Check where I am supposed to check each and every line for the go-ahead! And you have no idea what kind of torture it is. […]


I have been adding – ‘Next Chapter Link’ with old updates as a lot of people were having issues in finding the chapters & reading the story in a flow. Now you can click on the link at the end of each chapter to read the ‘next chapter’ An old update got reposted in the morning while doing this. Apologies […]

2/9/19 – 12/9/19: Spark & Spice Festival

This year Ganpati festival is to begin on the 2nd of September, 2019. Each year Ganpati Bappa arrives at our home and fills our lives with peace and happiness. So this year, I decided to spill over that peace and happiness in the lives of all those who love my works and have loved my book Spark & Spice – […]

Small Note: 26/8/19

Some people are facing issues regarding the older chapters of Tangles & Ties. When I checked it on my phone, even I couldn’t open as it said – ‘Page Not Found’ It happened because of high traffic on the blog and the increased number of posts which clog the space, or something like that, which I could understand only in […]

Failed Efforts: A Chat Post

Hello Everyone, It is a general chat post. Nothing special. So you can stop reading wherever you feel bored. I was missing you all. So, I thought I’ll drop a few words and talk to you about me and my routine these days. I hope all is well at your end. It has been a hectic fortnight for me – […]

Few Things!

People are still asking me about the password, even after making a full post about it. That says how no one reads my notes *sulks* On a lighter note – “So that means that I am allowed to post long notes… No one reads anyway :))) *Long Note* alert!!! Hey everybody, I just felt like writing to you about so […]

Hey :)

I think half of my life will be wasted solving the issues of this app and making it user-friendly πŸ˜€ All those who are not receiving notifications on emails even now … I’ll be adding their names from the backend… Kindly fill your email id here and send it to me   If you are facing any other issue, even […]


The password is — mature The post does not ask for your login password at wordpress. That is needed for private site. This particular post needs password generated by me… that is – mature PSΒ  : Also… please scroll down the comment section in the password protected post… I have mentioned the password almost 100 times there.

Test Post For Email Notification

This is simply a test post to know if you are receiving notifications on email… If you do, you must know that you have missed these three notifications previously posted today… A Few Announcements New Story : Beyond Every Border Beyond Every Border : Prologue   Let me know in comments that you received this post’s notification on email!! Thank […]

A Few Announcements…

I had to make this announcement post as I constantly live in a fear that readers will get irked by my constant notifications and leave me… So please, if it bugs you, switch off the notifications for this blog ( you can do that from settings!) This post is to prepare you for the same ( next few bombardments of […]


You can turn off the notifications if you get bugged by notifications from this blog. Otherwise, please ignore my frequent irrelevant posts… as I’m reformatting few things… I have been trying to format the blog in a way that it becomes simpler to read and the pages are easily accessible to readers, once they increase in number. I’ve had people […]

I’m shifting home…

Hey there, I thought I will be able to manage so didn’t inform before but I’m just too stuck up as I’m shifting my home… too much work… Will update tonight… πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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