The Size of Love: Chapter 4

He might have said that he was going to love the baby more but deep in his heart, he knew that he could love nothing and nobody more than he loved Nandini. She was the centre of his Universe. Sole axis on which his life revolved. His happiness, his dreams, his ambitions began and ended with his desires to provide […]

The Size of Love: Chapter 3

Manik couldn’t concentrate on the TV even when his favourite soccer team was playing. He found himself pressing his lips together, biting his nails often, pacing around the room every few minutes, and then trying to concentrate on the TV but nothing seemed to work. Now, as an afterthought, he regretted not accompanying Nandu in the labour room. When the […]

The Size of Love: Short Story: Chapter 2

Nandini was admitted to one of the best maternity rooms. They had planned everything in advance. They had already paid for the package of the delivery, the room, the services required – both doctors, maternity nurses, neonatologists etc. Manik didn’t want to leave anything for a later stage so he had prepared for the hospital facilities. He settled Nandini on […]

Short Story; The Size of Love: Chapter 1

Hey all,  This short story is yet to be named. I started writing it impromptu. Here is the link to read how and why I started writing it – A MaNan Short Story Hope you like it. And if you do, please let me know if you have any feedback. Also, let me know if you are getting notifications or […]

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