Podcast. Episode 2: The Masquerade

I am posting the Episodes 2 of the podcast of The Masquerade. My novel – The Masquerade is now available on amazon and major eportals, for both India and overseas distribution. The write up of sample chapter follows each podcast. You can also listen to them at Spotify.com. I am trying to post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in video […]

Podcasts. The Masquerade: Episode 1

  Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: The Masquerade: Episode 1 https://anchor.fm/manitav/episodes/The-Masquerade-Episode-1-egknfa   The above are the few sample pages that I am reading over podcasts in an episode format. Hope you like them. You can also read them below.  1   February 2016 New York  It is always difficult to judge what deceives a human being the […]

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