I know I had said that I will update today but a lot of time got spent today in talking to people who were facing an issue while commenting and logging in the blog.

Some even thought that I had purposefully left them out. If any of you is thinking like that, please rest assured that it is nothing like that. You are not the only one suffering.
A lot of people are facing issues and comments are not getting posted. Please understand that my life is too sorted for petty issues like deliberately leaving some readers out of commenting. I can never do that with anyone. Ever!

So, I have again made some changes in the settings and hope people can comment again. I had changed some settings to allow only people with valid email id’s as I didn’t want anonymous comments. Some people leave silly comments and I wanted to know who they are. But now that my readers are facing issues, I decided that you all are more important than 2-3 random people posting nasty comments. They don’t get the luxury of my attention.

Anyway, all is good at my side. And I will be posting the next update of BEB tomorrow as I am not able to sleep unless I write the next part.
Yes, I get as restless as all of you 🙈😍

And let me know if you can post comments now. Just write – ‘I can’ in the comment box. After that, whether you comment on the update or not is up to you. But at least I will be relieved that there is no technical glitch 😊

If you can’t comment – Use this message box to say – You can’t comment –

Take care. Good night.


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Manita V

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