Twisted Minds: Prologue

Hello People,

This is one of those books which was removed from wattpad when it was still incomplete.

Posting it on the blog for all those who missed reading it and those who were regularly reading but had to discontinue as I unpublished it

This book is in Romance genre!!

Please Note – 

~ This is NOT a fan fiction.

~ All characters, their character sketches, names, situations, incidents are all purely fictional and my own original creation. It has nothing to do with any film, TV show or book.

The pictures of actors ( Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor ) are used in this book are only for –

 1. Illustration … of the look, the connect and the ease of imagination for some readers. As a lot of readers wanted my characters a face. 

2. My characters bear no resemblance to any of the characters, these actors or any other actors have ever enacted or portrayed.

3. I’ve added a few pictures here and there on readers’ request… Adding pictures adds to the glamour quotient of the book… people repeatedly tell me…

So… that is how and why the pictures were added featuring these two actors, city of Verona, interiors of houses and some other details… Some pictures were sourced from google images. I own no copyright to them and some were taken from websites offering free-to-use pictures.

I will remove the pictures in case an objection is raised as I am not using them for any commercial purpose.

Thank you!! 



“You have taken an appointment with her?? Do you even know who she is??!!” His mom, Rachna Raghuvanshi, stomped her way through the living room talking to her son.

Her high heels tick-tocked at the Italian marble floor of the posh, beautifully decorated living room of the Raghuvanshi Mansion, located right at the outskirts of the heritage city of Verona, a small but beautiful city in Italy.

Each part of the royal mansion spoke of the majestic grandeur, it had once been the part of, the ethnic decor, Gothic architecture and the beautifully and tastefully curated artifacts.

He stopped playing the piano kept in one corner of the huge living room and replied calmly, “I am advised professional counselling by an expert and I am here in this city for the next three months. I have inquired about her. She is the best in this profession. So…”

“So, you are planning to hire her?? To tell your secrets?? To talk to her about you?? Have you gone mad??”

“Relax mom!” He was chilled as always, “I am not going to talk to ‘anyone’ about personal things… neither here, nor in Rome. So, anyone I meet, hardly matters. I just want to learn about some tips and tricks to detangle my thoughts. That’s all!!”

“You are playing with fire, mark my words!!” Rachna was acidic and angry, “Don’t spoil our hard work of so many years. She will destroy you!”

“Mom, she was not even here for last 10 years. She returned back from the States after completing her studies, just a few months ago. I bet she doesn’t even remember me!”

Rachna huffed and turned to Rajesh Raghuvanshi, his father, to instill some sense into him.

Rajesh explained patiently, “Listen, son, if you have decided, go for it… but, you need to always remember to hold the reins in your hand. Never let go of any control in an impulse or otherwise. A lot is at stake. Though, I feel, very strongly, that you don’t need to do this!”

“Trust me, dad!! I do…”

He smiled and dismissed any further discussion to go back to his focus on the piano.


She had been flipping pages of an old diary when her sister and jiju entered the office with almost a panic-state on their faces.

“What happened?” She quickly closed the diary and pushed it inside the drawer of her consultation table.

Ritusmita Sengupta, her didi, began to speak, “Pihu, I was at the reception when I heard that ‘he’ has taken an appointment with you. Is it true?”

She shrugged, nonchalantly, “Yep. I was told by the manager, in the morning.”

“Are you going to be fine? Will you be able to deal with him?” Di asked her with concern.

“Of course!! Who is he?? Another human being?? What’s so special about him that I am going to have some issues?”

“He is not ‘just-another-human-being’… he is a demon. He is enemy. Have you forgotten?” Di reminded her.

She became serious, “No, I haven’t forgotten anything. But you don’t need to worry. Chances are, that he has taken a random appointment with ‘any psychiatrist’ in the town. I was reading in the newspaper that he is here for next 3 months for an album and video shoot. So he must have randomly chosen me… or maybe, his staff picked up any number…”

“How can you be so sure?” Di asked.

“Coz, I believe, he doesn’t even know that someone like me, exist in this world… how will he know me… I just came here a few months back… and I was never in touch with him! Probably, he has no clue about me!!” She was too sure and tried to calm her didi and jiju too.

Jiju spoke, “Great!! So this gives a perfect opportunity to get his deepest, darkest secrets out of him…and destroy him!!”

Didi turned to look at her husband and then whispered, “Maybe, you are right!!”

They left after telling her to keep them informed about any significant progress in this field. They wanted to know about every word spoken… every gesture exchanged … and everything that happened… between ‘him and her’…!!!

When she was alone in her cabin, she pulled out the diary that she had shoved away… it had memories from the past…as old as ten years ago…

Tears welled up at the brim of her eyes when she flicked the pages filled with moments, held and treasured with great care. Time had come to a standstill for her and she realized that she was still a young girl, trapped in the past, 10 years back…

She had to do this, to get closure… to free herself from her nightmares… to move on…

A drop of her tear, dropped on the old page of the diary, making it look transparent. She wished life was that simple… to get transparency just by shedding tears…

“Why did you have to do this??”


{ Why I decided to post Twisted Minds here –

  1. I’m getting the entire website/blog copyrighted. So it is as good as publishing hard copy or on Kindle. The plagiarists will be subject to copyright laws.
  2. My book that I am editing for publishing in book format since forever… is now a very very different version… This online version is a detailed, raw, first draft… it is unpolished and has lots of mistakes… this book had more than 2,00,000 words and 75 chapters when it was removed incomplete. A normal decent sized book has close to 90,000 – 1,00,000 words as told by my publisher. To make it crisp and fast and to reduce the word count, I had to edit it like savagely. So, I decided to let the content be here for my regular readers who love Rudra and Mrinalini and their journey with this book.
  3. I am hoping to keep track of my editing and publishing process and will inform you about the same and instead of being the worst procrastinator and worst pseudo-perfectionist, I will make realistic goals and finish editing this book along with this ‘first draft version’…}

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    I think it’s my first non manan story which I gonna read… And I think I will love it no doubt in that.. Waiting for the story to unfold more.. 💕

    1. manitavb says:

      I guessed right. You haven’ read this story before. A lot of my readers read their first non-manan story as Twisted Minds… I hope you love Rudra- Mrinalini and their journey

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    Thank you for posting all your work again 😊

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      It’s totally my pleasure 🙂

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      Yes! All my stories have a happy ending 🙂

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    Thank you so much Di for uploading this again..I was really sad when I was not able to read it on Wattpad… even though I had kept in my reading list but couldn’t get the chance to read it and then all that happened…I thought I would never be able to read it ever again… moreover I had heard so much about it but I missed it chance but truly said you’ll get second chance if you truly wished and I guess I did..!
    I am not more of a verbal person that’s why I couldn’t comment often and express how I feel reading but in short if I had to say something than I would genuinely say that I love each and every story in every manner possible ,they have so much to learn from, all of them unique in their own ways and it’s a beautiful and a quality experience…
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      Take care 🙂

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