Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Obstacles

Hello dear friends,

I’m exploring different options to embark on a new journey towards my efforts at writing. Hoping to receive the same love here as well, like the one you gave me at the previous website holding fiction for me.

I didn’t want to shift the platform. I was attached to the connect I had with my readers there. But certain untoward incidents forced me to remove my content from that site. I love writing and I will keep writing as long as I can and as regularly as I can. So, I’m hoping to have my own corner where I can track the traffic of readers and ensure safety at the same time.

I have a website already registered but I wanted to give it a professional look so it is under construction – www.manitav.com

Meanwhile, I will use this site for all fiction related material –
Stories… publications…trivia… developments… anything that you want to know…

Please understand that I’m aware of how annoying it is to register at another website. And that is why I take so much time before any step, but it is important for me for my peace of mind.

I’ve taken pains to create this site… I hope you will do your bit by joining … ( Only, in case you want to read my stories and stay connected )

So, the difference here is –

  1. On this site, I can control who is allowed to view the content and I can block readers too. For last 3 days, I have taken a lot of efforts to create this site and add features. All suggestions are welcome.
  2. I hope you will follow this site via email and create an account at wordpress. It is important because I will make this site ‘private’ after some days. So, only those who are registered will be able to access this site … only through your passwords …. and I will be able to see who all are in.
  3. I have disabled copy-paste-right-click-select options here. Though they are only partially effective and I am told that the only way to ensure safety is NOT to post anything online. But, I’m taking stricter protection.
  4. I will post all my fiction here. All 4 stories posted in last 1 year, the ones written before that and the ones I write further.
  5. I will post one post at a time until a story gets completed and will let the story stay here for 4-6 weeks after it’s completion. After that, I will take it down. I hope it is justified.
  6. I’ve sent the material for copyright protection. Yet, it is convenient to post one story at a time. As I have a hectic routine, I can only concentrate on one story at a time. Once a story is completed, I will begin posting another one.
  7. The order of posting the fiction right now will be – Tangles & Ties… The Masquerade ( Twisted Minds ) … Spark &Spice … Fire & Ice… followed by more…
  8. Kindly do not try to copy or download or take screen shots. Each right click, attempt to download / copy or untoward mysterious activity will alert me and deactivate your access.
  9. So, in case you love a Manan picture, video or edit, simply message me and I will send them to you on mail. Do Not try to download directly from here.
  10. The content at this website is completely original and copyright protected. Kindly bear with me on this as from now onwards the NEW stories will have new names for Parth and Niti or any other actor that I imagine as my inspiration.

In case of any doubts, suggestions, questions… please mail me… I’ll be checking my email and DMs at all social networking sites. Post a message wherever you feel comfortable. Or mail me – manita.vb@gmail.com

Love you all… Each one of you is special and you need to know that…

113 thoughts on “Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Obstacles

  1. Why can’t I find your stories in sequence? I m reading Tangles n Ties but part 52 onwards r missing

  2. Hi…. I am a silent reader…. Would like to remain so….. But for your stories I came to worldpress. Very big fan of you … Would love to have your books n my collection. Lots of Luv…..Usha

  3. Done.. i have read an uncountable stories but never commented on one as i am not much expressive but to read your story I’m posting my first comment ever.. Good luck for this site and stories

  4. A silent reader and will continue to be one cause I like reading and am an introvert.Your stories have fascinated me a lot henceforth get done with the subscription thing immediately. Please do not expect me to comment on daily basis but remember I do appreciate your. Congratulations for this safe blog and secured privacy. πŸ™‚

  5. Done…I missed u and ur story very much… happy that u r back …hopefully with a bangπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  6. Hey..Manita!!! Hope you are doing well..Just wanted to say that i was a silent readere on wattpad . It takes courage to write in digital platform after whatever you have been through. It’s great that you are here. Stay happy.

    1. Thank you. I’m doing good πŸ™‚
      My courage comes from all the love I receive from my readers. I can’t let all of you suffer.
      God bless you

  7. Hey
    I have already subscribed. Do i need to register again. If yes, please tell me how. Though i am a silent reader in wattpad, i just love your stories. Thank you for making it available for us again.

  8. Hey I have subscribed itπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ I was asking that are u going to upload your previous stories as well over here

  9. Hey..I am a silent reader too…truly loved your work and I am an admirer of your courage….
    I have subscribed here..not sure though if I have done it correctly or not..

  10. Hey
    I was a silent reader who was only pressing star button..I was badly waiting to read your work.

    Happy that you are back again.

    I have followed you now in wordpress should check on registration in your site.

  11. I have done it , I mean subscribed ot from my side…. But I m not sure whether it’s done properly or not… So Plzz see that if it’s done accurately or not…… πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  12. Gr8 job dear. I m a silent reader in wattapad and fan of your writing. Was waiting desperately for your next post. Thank you for coming again in digital world of stories.

    I just need to check how to register on your website. I have already subscribed.

    Thank you

      1. Hey Manita .. So proud of you .. and finally you got some peace of mind.. and I hope and pray that everything is good.. and you stay happy 😊..

  13. Great! I have a question: what should I do if I want to read your story again because you are saying that you will take the story down after it’s completion.

    1. I will remove the story only when it gets published in a book format. After it is removed, you can either get the book for you or wait for some time… I will make them available again after few months…

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