The Guiding Light: A project

For the last couple of years, I have been actively listening to and counseling teenagers, women, and children, both in-person and online.

The issues covered in this project are closest to me:
- The importance of being with each other
- To listen to people when they are distressed
- To help those who are at the lowest phase of their lives.

Remember - Life is tough for all of us!
Some appear to have it easier than us but when we look closer, we realise that they were smiling through their pain and hardships. Most have it tougher than us!

No matter how strong and capable we are, there are times when we feel low and need someone to talk to. At times, we feel like giving up and wish there was someone who listened, who understood our problem and gave us that subtle support that - 'Yes, you can make it through this!'

This blog is meant to serve that purpose.

Of late, it became necessary to have a separate place for people who listen to each other, stand together and find 'The Guiding Light' in themselves.

First thing first – I have always said, time and again, that if you feel low or upset or distressed about anything in life and have no one to talk to, please divert your energy towards me and I will do my best to talk to you and stay by you. I have said this on various sites, social media and on my stories, as well.

I have been doing it for years. And a lot of you have contacted me at various places, so here I am giving a proper platform to you.

I don’t judge anyone. No. Not a soul!
No one should!

We are all humans and we make mistakes. Bad things happen with us and we respond according to our state of mind. I try to understand and I try to be reasonable when considering your stand on different issues even if I might not agree with you.

I don’t gossip. All those who talk to me, know that I talk to them only about them or me. I don’t talk about others. So, rest assured, I don’t talk about you or your problems with ANYONE! I never do that.

Being a doctor, a woman, a mother – I know the importance of privacy and dignity.

No, I am not doing a favour to anyone. Period. 

This post is not to brag about this work. The reasons for this page are -

  1. To seek support from fellow readers who would like to advise others regarding their issues. A lot of you have better experience and communication skills than me.
  2.  To let you know that you are not alone. There are others who are in a mess too. Learn about how others are dealing with different types of stress and know that there are others who need us.
  3.  To give a platform, a voice to winners. So please share with me about a typical life situation that almost killed you and how you defeated it - I will post one story each week, without naming you.
  4. A lot of you don't have the courage to share your issues. Some examples might be similar to you and maybe you are benefited indirectly...

It hurts when people write that they didn’t approach me because they thought that I was busy or I was going through a rough patch myself.

Rough patches come and go. Hectic routines will never end. Life is never easy, it never was, it never will be! 

So, please don’t let anything stop you from approaching me if you want to talk. I promise to listen to you and be with you in case you need me.

I wrote this post long ago on my other blog but shifting it here to streamline it.

I try to reply to all personal mails and messages. I try my best. But again, being a human, I have my limitations of time and work. So kindly be patient. If I don’t reply to you, understand that I might not have checked my account or your message was buried under other messages/mails.

Send a reminder message to me again!

On this blog, every week, I will write about one common issue... it could be something that I have faced in life, or which I find people around me facing every day and about which people usually talk to me. I have seen that a lot of people have common problems and often we are all speaking to each other about similar things.

When I talk to people about their issues and try to advise them, I realise that the advice helps me more than you. It shows me a light and a different perspective towards various life situations. I derive all my strength from you and give it back. You have no idea how you all have helped me in my tough times, and continue to do the same.

When my heart fills with gratitude, it spills over to give back all that I have received.

So, thank you again, for listening to me, reading everything that I type and simply - for being there!!

Thanks to all those who check on me and send me messages when I go missing. Each of you teaches me how important is to be a source of support to each other.

It’s not me, it’s all of us together in this! For each other.

We need to understand and deeply believe that the guiding light is INSIDE us. 

We need to fight the circumstances and harsh times to get back on our feet and stand by our beliefs. We need to take steps to improve the uncomfortable situations --  turn them to tolerable ones -- and eventually make them into comfortable ones.

Others can listen, guide, advise, be there. At times, there will be no one.

Let's never forget  

It’s always YOU and No one else!
Only You can bring a smile back on your face.
Everyone else is there to help. 

Take care. Lots of love

Write here: It is totally confidential. No names leaked anywhere.

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