Hello Everyone,

So, this post is basically to thank you for your responses to the last part of Beyond Every Border. I haven’t been able to reply to you as I keep losing internet at night. So, I decided that I will do it in the morning.

It has been an amazing journey to just BE with you all. Writing stories with ups and downs, twists and turns, getting feedback in different forms from each one of you has been nothing but a blessing. Posting updates with PaNi as muse has been an enchanting experience I will never trade for anything less.

Thank you for standing by me and waiting when I am busy, tied up in work, not able to write and waiting for updates without complaining (much πŸ˜‹πŸ˜…!!)

Thank you to encouraging me to record podcasts. This was my first time – And I have to tell you that it has been a learning experience. For long, writers have been saying that a book reads differently when it is spoken or heard. Felt that experience for the first time. It is incredible. I will advise all writers to record some parts of their books and write-ups and see how they actually ‘sound’… it brings a lot of clarity.

Thanks to Shikha – for guiding me to post it at Anchor. It is a lovely platform to record and upload podcasts. Still learning to post them on other channels – Instagram etc so that I post on all the social media sites as advised by everyone.

Thanks to Megha, Geeta, and Pratiksha for making beautiful ‘Fan-art’ and posters for The Masquerade. It was a beautiful surprise. I will post them with podcasts. It has been my privilege to have people connected to my books.

As The Masquerade is my first book in paperback, it is too precious to me.

But then, all of them are! So thanks to all of you for loving them.

Mostly, thanks for encouraging me to do a ‘Live on Instagram’. This is my first and I have never done anything like that before. So, obviously I am nervous. I hope I learn with time and gradually improve.

Do join me today. At 6:30 pm.

And yes, now I am going to reply to all of you on BEB. Thanks again.

love you all πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ’–


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Manita V

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      Rather we should thank you for inspiring us in every way you can, through your stories, your my corner, your pep talks, basically everything. Connecting through Instagram right away.

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      M jumpy with happy .. didi I’m have no words I was just a sleeping n woke up now with reading ur post .. and yes a big smile on my face … can’t wait to come on insta live …

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Love u Dii.. Waiting for your Insta live 😍
      Feeling super proud of u Di.. ❀❀

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Thank you soo much ma’am for mentioning my name.!!! It was nothing big I told you…its something I am doing right now so thought of sharing with you.!! You literally made my day with the yesterday’s post of BEB. Your writing is awesome. Like I loose myself in your words. I didn’t got the opportunity to read masquerade but hopefully I will be able to get a hand on the hardcopy.!!! Will be waiting for your next updates ma’am.

      Till then take care and stay safe.!!!

      With love❀️

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Is this last part of beb

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Such a happy post this was…Kudos to you di..We are very happy for you..Keep shining like this always and we will be always with you in whatever you do..God bless you di..Very excited to read the masquerade as I didn’t read it completely on wattpad and now very eager to read it from the beginning till end without needing to wait..Thku again from the bottom of my heart..

      • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

        Thank you, for everything Priya πŸ€—πŸ€—
        How is your tooth? Hope the pain has reduced. Take rest. And due care.
        Love you πŸ’–πŸ’–

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      I’m setting up the alarm already πŸ˜‚
      See you in the evening!!πŸ˜‰πŸ€—

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      I am so glad and happy that I was a little part of this whole journey of The Masquerade ❀❀ From reading twisted minds (my first ever non – manan ff) and doing inline comments in every chapter, waiting for the news about the book, finally it’s going to be out in paperback 😍😍 it’s been an amazing experience πŸ’ž I am super proud of u and happy to see that most of us readers are so much excited about this book ❀❀ Thank u for everything di.. Lots of love and success in ur way 😎🀩🀩

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Love you

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      All the best for your Insta LiveπŸ‘ You will rock it!

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Feeling proud of you di! And of your books. I am privileged to have met you and to read your books. Glad to know that you are experimenting something new each day. Will surely join your live. I’m excited to hear the podcasts!😍 And about the updates, don’t worry di, they are worth the wait.❀


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