Hello people,

Thank You – I cannot express in words the love, the faith and the support shown by you all by joining me here… this is not my place… this is OUR place…It belongs to ALL of us!!!

A hearty welcome to all of you –

I know that it is a difficult and non user-friendly site. I was happy at blogger for last 10 years. Why I chose this wordpress, is because this is the ONLY site that allows unlimited number of readers in a private blog. Blogger has an upper limit of 100 readers and so do other sites.

Difficult sites are difficult for plagiarists too. Also, it offers better protection…

Some people are finding it difficult to use this site … Let me help you —

  1. It is a FREE site… you are NOT supposed to pay anywhere. Please don’t do so. Let me know if they ask you to pay somewhere.
  2. If you Subscribe by email – you will be notified about all posts and updates… if you get annoyed by frequent emails, you can turn off that feature any time… also, you can choose not to be notified about others’ comments, etc.
  3. When the site goes private, you will need to login using your WordPress user-id and password. It is not needed right now to follow, But later when it goes private.
  4. To Read – The right sidebar on desktop site / the below icon on the mobile site or app – shows *Start Reading: Categories* – When you scroll it down, it will unfurl as ‘Select Category – Uncategorized / Random Notes/ Tangles and Ties… right now only three categories are shown. When I add more books, they will show here. Each category is a book. ( The bracket before it denotes the number of posts in that category) So right now – Tangles and Ties has 1 post and Random has 2…
  5. So, all my notes will go under the Random category and the books will have chapters pertaining to them… Just click on the book and you will be directed to that section with all chapters together.
  6. All recent posts will also show on the main page too.
  7. Right below every post/ chapter is a ‘Like’ button and a ‘Comment’ box!
  8. That’s it!!
  9. I will start posting soon: I will post old chapters of T & T first as I don’t want to disturb their order… After this story, I will post others too!

Lastly… It is a new site even for me. We will have initial difficulties… and even I am learning it here with you. I chose it only for the sheer confidence that I have more than 100 readers and I will never be able to do justice to them at Blogger. Please bear with me and if you face problems, let me know about them so that we can resolve them together.

It was humanly impossible to reply to all of you… I have more than 500 messages in my inbox… but I tried to reply to those who either had issues or asked questions or were posting for the first time. Please accept this token of gratitude and love …

Lots of love to you…

Good Night… take care…

Coz, words will never do justice to what I feel right now… so hugs!

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Manita V

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