Tangles & Ties: Chapter 86: Unfortunate Turns

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“Now, Gaurvi has nothing to worry about her pregnancy and delivery. Nandini will take care of her. Right?”

“Wrong! Nandini is NOT Gaurvi’s doctor,” Manik replied to her in strong words, before anyone else could speak a word. And added –

“She is not THAT experienced!”


Nandini’s hand, that was serving the vegetables in Manik’s plate, halted. She was standing so close to him that she couldn’t have mistaken hearing him. He had said exactly what she would hate to listen to.

Furious and disappointed, she turned her eyes towards his eyes and raised her chin up in a defiant stare. She lifted one eyebrow to ask if he really meant what he said, but she didn’t speak anything to refute him. He blinked his eyes once to assure her.

Then, he shrugged when he found everyone else focused on him too. Adding more to clarify, he said, “I mean, she has just completed her post-graduation, right before our marriage… she is new to surgical practice… Gaurvi’s first pregnancy had lot of complications too…so… I don’t think Nandini will be able to…”

Latika was excited, instead. “But that’s a wonderful, idea! Why didn’t I think like that? Who else will take care better than family… and Nandini will be perfect for Gayu…”

Manik was nervous. He said, “No mom, Gaurvi is in the hands of an experienced doctor already… ‘her’ doctor… the senior doctor in Lucknow…why Nandini…”

Nandini frowned and continued to look at him, “Manik…”

Manik stubbornly stared back, pursed his lips for a moment and then stressed again, trying to explain it to her, “Nandu…You…are… NOT…experienced… you CANNOT handle independent, complicated cases…”

She whispered, “But…”

He didn’t want the family and guests to pay undue attention anymore. He dismissed any further discussion with a firm nod, without speaking loudly but making a lip movement that said – “NO!!”

“Err…” She opened her mouth again to request him.

This time, he whispered, apologetically and painfully,  “Please! … Please??”

She pressed her lips and nodded to accept his sincere request and didn’t speak after that. The guests finished their lunch and were given gifts, cash and boxes of sweets. Nandini quietly fulfilled her duties, without speaking much, Manik finished his lunch and was back to his laptop to reply to official mails.

The guests made a move after blessing Nandini.
After the guests left, Nandini picked up the litter while Manik was on the living room couch, reading official mails. Latika and Manoj had gone down the building to see the guests off till the cab they had hired. Gaurvi and Trisha were with them, mingling with girls in the group. Manik and Nandini were alone in the living room. Nandini kept putting the used cutlery one over the other to be carried to the kitchen sink.

Since the last discussion with guests about her being Gaurvi’s doctor had ended, she hadn’t spoken a word. She raised her eyes and looked at Manik, who stood up to go inside to get his hard drive to save some files. When he threw a glance at her, he found her looking at him.

He knew that she was upset but he didn’t have any other choice to protect her from shooting herself point-blank. He huffed a small bout of air and spread his hands sideways, speaking lovingly, “Nandu…don’t be upset…please…”

Hurt and teary, she asked, “Do you really think that I’m inexperienced? Don’t you know that three years of PG are counted as experience. I’ve been handling difficult cases…and…”

In an extremely soft voice, he chided her, in a desperate and sad tone, “Stop it, yaar!! Please…stop! You don’t need to tell me how efficient you are… but don’t you know why I said that? You know it so well… that there was no other way to refuse. What else could you have said to avoid them, or stop making you Gayu’s doctor? There was no other excuse…”

“But why do we even need to turn it down?” She asked firmly, “I know that I can handle her case. Ma was happy too… she was right…why to go to another doctor when you have family?”

He had a sarcastic smile for her as if talking to a baby. He rolled his eyes, “Ma? The same ‘ma’ who is not mentally normal according to you? The same ‘ma’ who was telling everyone that you forgot to make chutney?”

Miffed, she said, “At least she didn’t say that I don’t know my job!”

“Yeah! Sure… I said that! But you tell me what else would have stopped ‘you’ and ‘ma’ both from being ecstatic about this HUGE prospect. I had to burst your bubble and make you angry and speechless so that you don’t go ahead and accept the proposal hands down. At the same time, telling them that I don’t trust your experience means that henceforth I can take a firm stand against you, even if ANY of you wants to go ahead with this stupid idea.”

“But…Manik… I CAN…” She tried to assert, only to be interrupted by Manik.

“I KNOW….sweetheart…I know you CAN…”  He spoke in rapid sentences, “But…you can’t tell them that you can and still won’t do… why don’t you understand that mom will roast you and fry you if you even try to handle Gayu’s case? She is happy right now, coz it looks cute – the family has a doctor, personalised care blah blah – but think about yourself, you will be deemed responsible even if Gayu sneezes. It’s another 2 and half months to go… they will stay here if you begin to take care… how will we manage?”

Nandini thought about it and then speculated, “In fact, I think it will be a good decision…I can take care of Gayu and also, one of the consultants at the hospital is wife of a prominent psychiatrist in the town. I can take his appointment for ma…”

Manik huffed and rolled his eyes, “You started again?”

“I have to… I am observing her closely and all her traits are just like a bipolar would have…it’s not BPD only…there are thousands of other psychiatric disorders who have overlapping features. Only a psychiatrist will be able to diagnose it…”

“Stop it, Nandu!” He was irked and supremely pissed off. “Don’t talk like that…”

She crossed the table and came to face him, “Don’t you notice her changing statements – On one hand, she hugged me in the jewellery shop and said that you are fortunate to have a wife like me… she bought expensive jewellery and wrist-watch for me… on the other, she doesn’t hesitate to insult me as if I know nothing… she praises me before guests and at the same time, lies that I forgot to make chutney… on her first day here, she asked me to help you while you were getting ready for office…yesterday, when you said the same thing, she said that you are a grown-up now, why do you need your wife’s help in everything??”

Frustrated, he shrugged, “She IS like that… She HAS BEEN like that….always!”

“That is how we normalise difficult behaviour! Like your dad said that we can’t say anything to her as she is too sensitive and can’t accept her flaws… she gets depressed…she gets high blood pressure if someone corrects her… normally, we don’t get so anxious when someone points out the wrong…she is different”

He nodded frantically and angrily, “I don’t want to discuss all that…”

He started going away towards the room but she quickly held his hand, “You can’t leave it like that… Why are you running away? Like you always run away from every difficult situation… Who will understand, if you don’t…who will make them understand… you need to first accept that there is a psychiatric issue, it’s okay to have one, and it’s okay to seek help… I’m sure it must be very difficult to think like that about your mom but you have to think with a calm, focused mind… because the bigger problem is telling her and convincing her that she needs medical help… it won’t work like that if you always try to escape like you have always done since childhood…running away from them and staying distant and you asked me to stay away too…you want everyone to be on their own and stay aloof to avoid colliding… you think that she will be mean to me because she loves Gayu di more than you… more than anyone else…”

“Oh! I didn’t know that I love Gayu more!” Latika’s terse, broken voice distracted them and they turned around at the same time, only to realise that they had been arguing with their back towards the main door and they didn’t realise when the family had arrived, all four of them, quite unceremoniously and had heard every dark opinion that they discussed in their absence.

Nandini was embarrassed for she had been louder and slightly harsher. Manik was frozen like a wax statue, as if someone had drained all his blood out of his body. He didn’t know what his mom and rest of the family had heard but the shocked, disheartened look on their faces was enough to say that they had heard sufficient to hate him for the rest of their lives.

He didn’t speak anything. Just stood still.

Nandini started to speak, with an awkward voice, as low as a whisper, “Ma…I’m sorry…I…”

Latika stopped her with her hand in the air and in a saddened, choking voice, she said, “I don’t want any explanations or excuses. Anyway… I’m a retard who needs a psychiatrist, obviously…”

Almost teary-eyed, Nandini said, “I didn’t mean like that…”

Gaurvi said, “Bhai, do you really think…”

“Leave it, Gayu…” Latika stopped her too and in a bitter tone, when she said, “You are new, Nandini, so I am not shocked that you made opinions about us, based on your experience. But I’m stunned to know that Manik thinks that I love Gayu more than him… that I torture people if they don’t behave as per my wishes… and that is why he stays away from us…”

Manik nodded disbelievingly, hopelessly and turned his face away for a moment. He didn’t know what to do. What to say. How to revert what had already happened. He huffed, “Mom… please listen to me…”

Latika had tears in her eyes, “Oh yes! I would have listened to you, had you talked to me. But you ‘decided’ to stay away from us and advised Nandini to be distant too… I still can’t believe it that you think like that about us… and THAT you told HER…not any of us…”

Manik could barely speak, “Mom… I’m so sorry…”

Latika marched away, “I don’t need your sorry… I can’t stay here anymore…”

“Mom…” He held her hand to stop her but she jerked his hand away, “I’m amazed… you believe that I am some kind of a monster who loves troubling people and your wife thinks that I am mental patient…”

“Ma…” Nandini stepped ahead, but Latika stopped her.

“Stop! You have no right to defend yourself. Or, your husband. You have said enough, already!”

No one tried to talk to Latika as she had tears trickling down her cheeks and almost everyone was scared to speak anything.

They had no tickets. They had planned to stay for a week. But after the unfortunate showdown, it wasn’t possible to stay back anymore. The family packed their bags, didn’t speak anything to Manik and Nandini and within an hour, they called the cab.

Manik was in the living room, with his face buried in his palms, eyes reddened and stinging due to the tears now glistening in his eyes… tears that hadn’t fallen in years.

He didn’t talk to his mom. There was no point in explaining anything to her. Explanations neither came easy to him nor he believed that trust and love once broken can be corrected by explaining. He didn’t know what to say anymore.

Manoj kept a hand on his shoulder. Manik stood up. Manoj patted on his back, “Don’t worry son!  I’ll talk to your mom. She is angry right now. But once the dust settles, I’ll make sure that she forgives you.”

Trisha and Gaurvi were sad. They hugged Manik and then they hugged Nandini, who was shocked beyond words for the sudden turn of events.

She was shaking when Manoj kept a hand on her head. She whispered and stammered, “I’m so sorry…papa…we didn’t mean any of it…it’s all because of me…”

“Forget it. Such things happen… we’ll come back…” Manoj attempted a small smile.

Gaurvi and Trisha held Nandini’s hand to console her for they knew what she must be going through. Gaurvi said, “Don’t worry, Bhabhi… Mom has extremes of responses…  She will be fine.”

Nandini tried to struggle with her tears but she couldn’t stop them. They rolled down in a continuous stream.

The family left.

Manik was left broken and disheartened. He didn’t know how to react. Nandini was scared to talk to him. She went near him and touched his arm before she spoke in an extremely saddened voice “Manik, I’m sorry! So…so…so….sorry!!”

He didn’t reply to her. He was too numb to speak anything.


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  1. Chendubundu says:

    Damn! things got complicated and messy quite fast! Everything fell apart in minutes😭😭

    I feel so bad for all of them – Manik, Nandini and Latika too. Whatever her state of mind or health be, hearing from her own kid that he keeps himself away from their parents is so heartbreaking!

    Trying to catch up with your updates now – past few days have been busy with family and friends.

    Wish you a very very Happy New Year!! May this new year bring you and your family lot of love, friendship, success, peace and health!


    1. Manita V says:

      Hope you had an amazing time with family. Happy new year… to and your family!

  2. Unnati Limbachiya says:

    Really it very complicated situation how to handle

    1. Manita V says:

      Yepp… Nandini will manage 🙂

  3. Deepa says:

    So so horrible but ye to hona hi tha bahot bada shock hai ye sab ke liye

  4. Part 86 – Its sad the argument ended like that, on a bitter note, with broken relationship. Seems manik was dread that this will happen sometime about his mom. May be that’s why he always stopped nandini to speak or act adversely. Even their family never stopped latika or unknowingly supported her with her behaviour, knowing she was too much sensitive. Manik did the same. As she will get hurt and relations will get tampered, he always found the balance. I agree with that as he was member or son of this family.
    But nandini was outsider. So she can observe and talk about such things little openly. She was just vocal about what is happening and what can be done to resolve the issue.
    As usual latika took that to her heart and thought otherwise. No one can blame her as they knew her behaviour. Other members to thought otherwise and supported latika.
    I thought manoj will at least support nandini as he knew how she reacts to diff things.
    Feeling bad for nandini. She was only concerned and worried for latika. But it all turned upside down. And now even manik was angry on her. hope that their relation will not get spoiled.

  5. Lopamudra Swain says:

    Completely disappointed with nandini today. The way she is handling things and keeps on troubling manik, is not expected.

    When he’s telling to not to entertain people why she is repeatedly doing it. And this argument… God I can’t believe that she is the same nandini who was supporting continually during manik tough times. And by observing a woman by two days only she decided that she is bipolar. Than every person on earth is bipolar as nobody will show you their real identity in first stance.

    I know latika is irritating but the way she is doing her part of work is great. I pity manik. He will face the wrath. And with which face he will talk to them now.

  6. Manita V says:

    Hey all,

    I loved your comments and I am loving the predictions and assumptions. It is such a great insight into the way different people think.
    I’m not replying to anyone
    as each reply would mean either justifying Manik or Nandini or others… or giving spoilers…
    I would rather write the next update for you … wait till 31st….

    Meanwhile, I am reading the comments… THANK YOU for all the love and faith 🙂

    1. stelitoes11 says:

      Wonderful update loved it

  7. Anonymous says:

    too many people in such close quarters for an extended period of time is never a good thing :0 — they are bound to drive each other a little crazy 🙂 eventually.

  8. ekta Semwal says:

    I am worried for nandani now… The way things came out is so not right.. Manik was avoiding what he is facing now.. I hope they use there maturity and solve the issues without hearting each other..

  9. Priya says:

    I think nwadays nandhini s being too stubborn and nagging.y cant she listen to manik fr once without arguing.she s correct in her decision r nt its an another thing bt keep on pushing ur pov to others evn if they r nt comfortable r nt willing s tooo much.she s behaving like sonakshi in kahan hum kahan tum.bcz of her impulsive nature nd oversmartness nw things which would hav been happened a lil smoother nw gt more ugly and complicated.its better manik should avoid her to show dat she s nt always right

    1. Ruchi says:

      I agree she could have been a bit gentle about this and not just suggested appointment directly..rather calmly spoken to Manik asking him to observe his mom or something would have been a better way..I wonder how Nandini would have reacted if situation was reverse..if her mom or dad were behaving this way and Manik deduced something like this..
      I would say Manik’s dad should speak to Manik maybe..making him see that Nandu could be right..this story is playing on my mind so much today 😀
      BTW did anyone see the teaser for Parth’s new web series ? I am so glad he is doing something besides KZK 😀

    2. Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with you here, I think Nandini here tries to be too smart sometimes and too stubborn. She shoul dknow that just because she is a doctor she doesn’t know everything(a common failing of many doctors I believe 🙂 )especially the familly dynamics. She should follow manik’s que when it come to handling his family because he knows them better. And why is she is such a hurry to bring all these people close to her and live with her ? Is she dying to become a sanskari bahu and a glorified maid while trisha and manoj and manik sit in the living room watching tv and flipping through magazines?

  10. kalpana devi says:

    Yaar it turned out very nasty. I hope manik don’t misunderstand nandhini in this matter.

  11. Ruchi says:

    Ohh and I have a question..I have heard it’s usually not advisable for a doctor to handle family members medical cases because emotions could come in between?

    1. Manita V says:

      Yeah… you are right… A lot of people believe that it is better to get your family treated by other doctors as your judgement might be affected by emotions.
      However, a lot of doctors do treat family members too.

      1. Anonymous says:

        here in US it is against the rules for doctors to treat their own family members. I happened to agree with this as too many emotions tend to cloud the physician’s judgement and affects how the patient even recieves the doctors advice if it happens to be from family

      2. smileygal1104 says:

        Oh okay 😃 thank you

  12. Anonymous says:

    ty for another update.. i loved it 🤗

  13. Asha says:

    Like manik I’m also speechless. So many emotions they have right now. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  14. lovelyrashu says:

    Amazing update and for the first time I think that it was nandini who wasn’t right this time, she should had given manik some time to think over it instead of forcing him to accept it. Hope it doesn’t bring a wall between them.

  15. PriyankaM11 says:

    I had pleasant time today cause I got to read another update and thank you soo much for that Di. 💗 and you know you are the best.. 🤗
    The whole update was like roller coaster of every sort of emotion. I just loved Manik when he denied about Nandini will handle Gauravi’s case. He was protecting her from getting hurt again. And when he requested her not to get agree about that I loved him even more. I was thinking only while reading what if they will come upstairs and will listen to Nandu and the exact thing happened. Latika’s reaction was expected indeed ahe will get angry after listening to this but manoj, Trisha and Gauravi’s behavior surprised me. May be they are agreeing to what Nandu has said. They know Latika so well. It’s hard to accept this but down the line that person badly needs proper treatment. For the first time we got to see that new side of Manik it must be so hard for him. He doesn’t want Nandini to get hurt and at the same time he doesn’t want to hurt his mom but eventually it happened. I hope he doesn’t get so angry on Nandu. I feel soo bad for her. She always tries to protect others and in that process she herself gets hurt.

  16. Ruchi says:

    What a sudden turn..feeling so bad for Manik..Nandu could have handled the situation with a little more tact instead of thinking like a doctor..wonder what this would mean for them now..

  17. chandrasan says:

    Jo bhi tha it’s more difficult for manik.. How could he accept someone saying like that abt his mother and on top of that it’s his very own wife. I think nandu should have avoided this situation after his continuous rejection abt this topic. I mean she should have talked to him after some time when he is fine listen. Such a unexpected turns coz after yesterday’s update I thought nandu will be upset now manik is upset!! That’s where I see di ‘s magic ❣❤❤❤

  18. Pooja says:

    I know what Nandini said was right but I really felt bad for Latika and Manik because the way things came out wasn’t right .. no matter how much differences one has with their parents, they will never be able to see even a single tear in their eyes.. the way Latika was acting might need a medical attention but if this was conveyed in a better way she wouldn’t have been so hurt ☹️ felt bad for nandu she tried her best to convince manik .. the only person who could take it forward in a right way but failed.. I don blame manik either becoz it’s not easy to put ur own mom through all this☹️ this all is so painful..

    1. Pooja says:

      On the other hand Manik’s dad seems to be lil mature and understanding.. a person who has understood his wife the best .. He is either got used to her nature and made a life with the same or somewhere does feel the same as nandu but can’t interpret it medically .. in any case luckily he is one person Nandini can look up to once she convinces Manik

  19. chandrasan says:

    It’s actually good that this happened so soon before it gets more complicated. Manik is worried for his mom and he trusted nandu and told her everything. Now what he would feel!!!

  20. chandrasan says:

    Unfortunate turn hi hai 😂 i mean do u want us to be happy that they are leaving manan so soon 🙈 or worry abt manik’s reaction towards nandu!!!

  21. Tanvie Sharma 🌼 says:

    The only thing I know is that ManNan , the most understanding couple, can resolve every issue and problem by being together. ❤☺.

    1. Manita V says:

      Awww… I love this trust because I trust MaNan too… they’ll be fine 😀

  22. Aasma says:

    Can’t comment much at work, but enjoyed the update can’t wait for him to react! X

  23. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Thank god he didn’t let her handle the case😅 he was so right as Latika will make Nandini almost mad with everything so it’s good…
    But i m so shocked they listened to every damn thing🤦🏻‍♀️ all of a sudden it turned so ugly…but what i noticed is Manoj Gauravi and Trisha didn’t react to the psychiatrist thing🤔 if they wanted they could have reacted angrily or something but they consoled Nandini😅 Also i m afraid of Manik’s reaction now🙈 i hope it doesn’t damage their relationship as the things which happened were too much to handle for him…i hope Nandini will do something to handle the situation…

    1. Manita V says:

      Manoj and Trisha live with Latika. And Gaurvi is around her, mostly. They know her mood swings and how she hurts people. She has hurt Meera too, in the past.

      1. hinuthakkar11 says:

        Yes that’s why they didn’t react much as they are used to Latika’s behaviour plus maybe they agreed to Nandu’s judgement…

  24. Mspagal says:

    Awesome and it’s going to good

    1. Manita V says:

      Thank you 🙂


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