Tangles & Ties: Chapter 85: Keeping the Faith

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Manik was staring at Nandini – dumbfounded and baffled – for what she had just said appeared like a joke. However, it was not. It didn’t look like a joke as she was saying it with the most serious look in her eyes and on her face.

“What are you talking about? Are you nuts?”

Nandini nodded and puffed a small bout of air, stressing on her point, “Manik, I mean it. She needs medical attention.”

He nodded as if explaining to a small baby, holding her arms just below her shoulders, “Listen… I agree that she is being very harsh and mean. The way she talked to you was unacceptable. I supported you there and she has no right to hurt you. But that doesn’t mean that you will brand her as mentally unstable.”

Nandini sighed, and defended herself in calm words, “I’m not angry Manik. This is not my frustration or need for revenge speaking. Don’t you know… that I am not like that?”

He refuted it immediately, “Then, you also need to know how responsible you are supposed to be when you talk such things about someone…especially when you are a doctor…”

“Manik…listen to me… I’m not being irresponsible or hasty in saying this…I’ve been observing her since she has come here…”

As if she was speaking nonsense, Manik carelessly interrupted her, brushing it away with a wave of his hand, “Hey! Shut up…yaar!”

Not interested in taking the discussion ahead, he started going out of the room when she held his hand, “Manik, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. These days psychological issues and mental health is discussed as normally as any other disease. They are treated efficiently.”

He stopped, gave her a tired look but couldn’t be angry at her. Her concern, her worry for his mom was evident on her face. She was not even thinking about how she was berated a while ago by a woman in front of the entire family. She was not bothered about her insult or her prestige. She was worried that his mom should get proper treatment. He wished he could ever become a soul, as pure as Nandu. She was kindness personified.

Manik twisted his lips and uncurled her fingers from his arm, and with deep gravity, stressing on each word, he said, “Nandu, I repeat what I have been telling you all the time – you don’t know my mother… I do! You have been observing her since…what?… 2 days?? But I have lived with her for years. I know her inside out… trust me… she is not bipolar.”

She could speak no more. He removed her hand from his arm and walked out of the room. Latika was in Gaurvi’s room, telling her what to wear and Manoj was playing cards with Trisha when Manik came out and sat with them, picking up the remote and changing channels with a straight face, as if nothing happened some time back. Nandini was still inside the room.

Manoj and Trisha looked at Manik first, then at each other and then again at him. Manoj said, “Is she fine?”

“Hmm…yeah!” Manik said.

“Did you tell her that we can’t say anything to Latika?” Manoj expressed his concern, “She is too sensitive. Last time, when I tried to tell her that she was being harsh with Meera, she ended up in the hospital with high blood pressure. She is unable to accept her flaws. It’s not like she is always mean… she is nice too… but it is hard to tell her that she is wrong as she gets depressed.”

Manik grimaced and decided that he didn’t want to discuss his mom. Not with his dad. He was okay being distant. Nandini came out by this time and stood beside him. Manik threw a glance at her, nodded casually and said, “Dad, it’s okay. Nandini is not upset. She is worried about mom, instead.”

“God bless you, dear.”Manoj smiled apologetically, “I’m really sorry for the way Latika behaved. She becomes so difficult at times. I was just telling Manik, how it is difficult to check her…”

“Actually… papa… I wanted to say…” Nandini started speaking before Manik stood up with a jerk and became a wall between Manoj and Nandini. Treating her to the deadliest stare, he could manage, he chewed each word before spitting it, “Nandini… Shut…up!!!”

“Manik… you don’t live with your mom… your dad does. You might not even know things, that he does. Let me talk…”

Trisha and Manoj were witnessing the scene before them with a confused look on their faces. Nandini wanted to say something and Manik was stopping her.

“What does she want to speak?” Manoj asked while Trisha observed keenly.

“Nothing, dad!” Manik turned to him and dismissed every possibility of further discussion and then turned to Nandini with a reprimanding look in his eyes, and a very serious look, as he whispered, “Nothing!”

Nandini pressed her lips inside and nodded to agree. By this time, Latika came out with Gaurvi holding a dress for Trisha. She saw a weird scene in the living room but didn’t understand even a word. She shrugged, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” Manik murmured and went out of the house, saying, “I’m going to Cabir’s home.”

Nandini went back to her room to get ready for lunch. She was trying her level best to make Manik understand that his mom needs help. But he didn’t want to listen. He was the only person who could make his family understand. If he was not willing to understand, then there was no point dragging the issue.

Maybe, he was right? Maybe, she was being too impulsive and judgemental?

She wore a pale yellow Anarkali suit, with the kurta reaching up to her ankle. The sheer, lace dupatta hung loosely on one of her shoulders was embroidered in yellow and gold. She wore long danglers wondering whether Manik would be back from Cabir’s house for lunch or not. If she knew him well, she was already sure that he would prefer to avoid the drama and stay at Cabir’s place watching the news or playing carrom.

She felt bad for upsetting him. She was just being genuine. The doctor inside her was concerned for the patient and wanted to ensure that she got proper help. Maybe, she didn’t realise how difficult it must be for Manik to accept that about his mother.

Half-heartedly, she walked out of their room and went to the kitchen to take out the cutlery for the guests. By the time, Latika and others got ready and came out, it was about time the guests said they would come.

The guests arrived on time. They were greeted and treated well by Latika and Gaurvi. Trisha gave them company and Manoj stayed as silent support. Latika proudly introduced Nandini to everyone as she was the first doctor in the family. She openly said how fortunate Manik and their family was that they had a doctor as a daughter-in-law. She was not only a talented doctor but very caring and respectful. Nandini smiled, unable to believe the lavish shower of praises for her. Her mother-in-law was indeed an enigma.

Now, she realised that getting to know your husband and adjusting with him after an arranged marriage was an easier job than trying to adjust with in-laws.

The chatterbox inside her was dying to talk to the girls in the family of the guests, but she stopped herself. She had no clue how close they were to Malhotras and when her mather-in-law would get upset at her actions. She stayed quiet.

The lunch was laid. Suddenly, Latika turned to Nandini and said in a really sweet, loving voice, “Arrey beta, you didn’t make chutney??”

Nandini was speechless, left gaping at her with no words. She couldn’t say before everyone that her mother-in-law never asked her to make any chutney. Nandini stayed quiet wondering if it was okay to stay quiet and let others degrade her or speak up before everyone else, including the guests and show the mirror to her mother-in-law that she was unnecessarily showing her as irresponsible and careless. In any case, she was going to be termed mannerless,

She took a deep breath and sighed. Latika smiled adoringly and said, “No problem. You might have forgotten.”

Nandini wished she could say that she didn’t forget anything. She had a sharp memory. But there was no use fighting before strangers and outsiders. Since she realised that Latika was using her to hide her flaws, she stayed quiet.

The older lady, Akhil’s masi was particularly impressed by Nandini. The fact that Nandini was a doctor gave her a leeway into discussing medical issues at the dining table. The lady kept asking Nandini about certain diseases that her sons and daughters had.

Nandini was irked. She didn’t appreciate casual discussions about medicine. She preferred people taking an appointment to visit a specialist in the clinic, discuss the concerned details and proper examination before people were seeking serious advice so that they don’t take it lightly.

Still, she kept replying patiently. Manik was back and he picked up a plate to serve food to him. Nandini was so relieved to see him that an inadvertent smile spread on her lips. Manik could sense her small smile, and smiled back. Nandini got up to serve him.

The older lady in awe of Nandini, beaming with ecstasy, asked Latika, “You are so lucky to have her. She is a gynaecologist too. Now Gaurvi has nothing to worry about her pregnancy and delivery. Nandini will take care of her. Right?”

“Wrong! Nandini is NOT Gaurvi’s doctor,” Manik replied to her in strong words, before anyone else could speak a word. And added –

“She is not THAT experienced!”


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  1. Deepa says:

    Manik is behaving rude with nandini. Nandini ne sirf apne Dil ki bat hi to kahi thi but manik ne sab kuchh alag meaning me le liya

  2. Part 85 – It was hard for manik to accept the fact that his mother needed medical treatment. She was ready to talk with his dad also but manik stopped seeing upcoming fight and arguments if nandini started that topic at that moment. But even I was glad that manik stopped her. It would have created arguments when guests were about to come.
    I wish he listened to his dad was saying how she reacted with meera and then landed up in hospital. It was symptom of her illness.
    Seriously how nice latika was when praising nandini in front of guests. That was shocking. Nandini was easy target for latika. She how easily put the blame of her forgetfulness of not preparing chutney on nandini. Seems that she targets those person whom she disliked be it meera or nandini.
    Nandini already has hard time to cope with latika and now with the guests too. Above all she now to handle her upset husband too.
    I wish manik should have heard her and they should talk with his dad, at least in private. And hope they are not late in treating latika.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad to know you are at peace. I prefer short updates.
    Oh God how can he say that🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Tanvie Sharma 🌼 says:

    Wow Di, you have already made me excited! I also prefer short and quickkkk updates😄
    Really happy to know that you are better now.🌼 God might not listen to the prayers we do for ourselves but it surely listens if we do it for others. Hahahah… ❤❤❤
    Lots of love and stay blessed🌟

  5. Prabha Returi says:

    That was shocking, I am sure Manik has some hidden agenda as to how he was acting. Can’t wait for the next update.

  6. lovelyrashu says:

    Amazing update though I didn’t expected that manik will behave so impulsively I understand that she is his mother and he knows her from a long time then nandini but still he should have considered it and observed his mother’s behavior and then come to any conclusion and its 21st century for crying out loud where having mental illness is not considered taboo anymore and having such issues doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is mad. Hope manik will think over it again with calm and relaxed mind. Gauri is another self centered woman who doesn’t care about anyone and is happy in her own bubble where her parents love her the most and is not concerned about others, others being her own brother and now sister in law, well actually she must be enjoying such situation given the fact that she herself have fun on manik’s expense. I feel really sad for nandini being surrounded by such people around whom she can’t act herself and her only source of comfort away from her. Hope nandini understand manik’s opinion behind his last words and doesn’t take it offensively as if she handles Gauri’s case in case of any problems or complications all the fingers will be pointed at nandini ,the longest being Latika’s.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I knew it manik will be offended typical Indian😂 and thank god he stopped nandini from telling this to his father otherwise a huge drama would have been created by them…the last line coming from manik was very harsh though he was trying to protect her but thats not the way you protect someone by degrading that person in front of everyone i am very angry on manik😕…poor nandu everyone are hurting her in some or the other way😞

  8. Lopamudra Swain says:

    I wanted to argue on manik ‘s comment but I want to wait for next update see what’s he is thinking when he said that. And again I agree no family when I say no family will agree that there family members have mental issues

  9. Kt says:

    I am glad to hear that you are in peace with your life now…
    Sure, the words manik said were a bit harsh and hurtful but i have this huge unknown trust on him that he won’t hurt nandu intentionally!
    It was a beautiful update di…
    Can’t wait for the next one..!

  10. Anonymous says:

    awesome… waiting for d next part🤗

  11. pavanirr says:

    It feels really good to read your updates di , I really appreciate manik for stopping nandini to talk about her mother issues in front of her father, bcoz I don’t think his family will understand nandini’s concern about her mother inlaw . Firstly I think she need to convince manik about his mother’s issue, I am glad she listened to manik (I know nandini is straightforward and blunt too, but she should know everyone is not manik to understand her ). Coming to the last line though I didn’t liked the way he said she is not experienced, but I think he said that to protect nandini knowing his mother will anyway letdown nandini by her taunts .

  12. pixiepari says:

    Manikkk !!!! You could have atleast not spoken about her experience

  13. Isha says:

    To protect nandu or not, it was still wrong on manik’s to say that,that too in front of her and gaurvi’s in-laws. It may give latika a chance to pick on nandini..

  14. stelitoes11 says:

    Wonderful update loved it

  15. kalpana devi says:

    Awesome update. I like short and sweet and quick updates. In my life small small gestures make me happy. Taking t treatment for mental issue is not embarrassing it’s good. I know manik is concerned about nandu. If he said like that before others is that is he has something in his mind. I hope nandu doesn’t get upset for this. Finally I m happy that ur happy in ur life. God bless u dear.

  16. Unnati Limbachiya says:

    Oh good I think nandu hurt listening manik comment how feel

  17. luckysri83 says:

    Firstly iam glad that you are in a better space.. stay blessed and happy..

    Coming to update… I said it earlier iam saying it again thanks for keeping this story real though it’s a fictional story you penned it very well…

    I didn’t expect Manik to answer that way about Nandini but i also know he is protecting her his family by saying that because by now we know latika is very close to / concerned about gaurvi…

    Hope nandini doesn’t get disappointed by him…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Firstly iam glad that you are in better space now…
    Coming to update i said it earlier iam saying it again this story is so real loads of love for you for this (keeping it real though it’s fiction), the situations and people we face in our life are very well penned…
    I didn’t expect Manik to say like about Nandini but i know he loves her too much so he is trying to protect her from his family n relatives coz by now we know lathika is very concerned when it comes to gaurvi…
    Hope Nandini understands it and doesn’t get disappointed….

  19. Pooja says:

    Was Manik’s last comment an indirect to his mom😉

    Short or long ur every update lights up our mood along with the notifications 😍 eagerly waiting to hear from u tom.. u in happy space is what we always wish😘😘

  20. Mspagal says:

    Thank god he said that otherwise agaim they will start the session

  21. Ruchi says:

    Ooh I wonder why Manik said that..maybe coz Latika is damn close to Gaurvi and she will keep putting Nandini down if she is her doctor..hope Nandini doesn’t take him wrong..so glad to know you are feeling better..Sunday sounds great now 😊

  22. Aasma says:

    Hmmmm now I wonder why he said that, he would never insult her in front of anyone, can’t wait for him to justify himself now!
    God this mother in law is really starting to peeeee me of now, she just needs to leave ASAP loooool 🤣😂🤣 I want the old manik and nandus relationship back…

    P.s. I’m sooooooo glad glad you’re feeling in a much better place, can’t wait for the update tomorrow! Let me know if you need anything.

  23. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Wth is wrong with Manik😒 I seriously didn’t expect that from him🙄i agree it was his mom’s mental health topic so he was very irked and anyone can be angry but in front of everyone he said this! Can’t believe it😐
    But I feel there’s a catch here and if i know him properly than he won’t ever insult her like this that too in front of his family and outsiders even if he is irked or angry with her… he is a sensible person to not do it at least in front of other people..
    Now waiting for tomorrow about what he will be saying…

    1. Manita V says:

      Thank you for your trust in Manik. That’s a compliment for me 🙂 as that says that I sketched him well… 😀

      1. hinuthakkar11 says:

        Yess dii u have sketched him very well:)
        When i read that line i was so shocked and wrote the first para but then I thought that no he isn’t a person to insult his Nandu just like that so i just knew there’s a catch😄

        1. Manita V says:

          🙂 🙂 Thank you


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