Tangles & Ties: Chapter 84: Changing Moods

Manik woke up early the next day. The fact that he was alone, all night, on the couch in the living room didn’t let him sleep all night.

It wasn’t like he was waiting for Nandini. He would have slept if he was alone in the house. They had decided this long back that they won’t wait for each other for dinner or before sleeping. But this night was different. Nandini was in the hospital doing her duty and Manik wondered how she would manage after coming back home. He had no idea how they were going to deal with their distant relatives the next day.

He had seen a huge swarm of relatives during his wedding 4 months back. This was after a long time and only for a short duration. And that was it!
It had been those 3-4 days in years. Otherwise, since he was 17, he had been living alone… away from family…far from relatives…

He called himself anti-social for his inability to deal with relatives. He had never played host to any relatives in his Bangalore home. Now, he didn’t know what to do. Mom said that she would manage and in normal circumstances, he would have left it all for his mom and dad to deal with and would have disappeared citing work at the office.

But since Nandini had volunteered to help his mom, he was worried. He just hoped that Nandini knew what to do since she was brought up in a joint family.

He woke up early after a disturbed sleep and got ready for a long jog to clear his mind. It was still very early…around 5:00 am. When he wore his shoes, Dobby scurried around him, wagging his tail. Manik chuckled. Just within a few months, this pup had grown so much. He was a bigger dog now. To say that Manik had got used to Dobby was an understatement. He actually loved this dog. He was family to them, now.

It was weird that Nandini had not only sneaked inside his cold heart but ensured that it was thawed enough to allow Dobby too. Manik smiled to himself, thinking of Nandini and missing her. He asked Dobby, “Do you want to come too?”

Dobby was excited. He wagged his tail happily and jumped around Manik. Manik stood up and took the keys to go out when he found Nandini slowly coming inside, opening the main door carefully so as not to wake others. The smile on Manik’s lips widened. Nandini was surprised too, to see him awake. With raised brows and hands spread across sideways in surprise, she approached him for a warm hug, “Isn’t it too early? Why are you up?”

Manik curled his arms around her affectionately and said, “I couldn’t sleep well. Now, I’m going for a jog.”

“Lucky you! I keep planning it.”

He chuckled, “You jog at your work, all the time!”

She giggled, “Yup! Wards, OT, OPD…back to back are so tiring…Even the thought of exercise tires me these days!”

He laughed and stepped back to pick up a water bottle from the dining table. Giving it to her, he consoled her, “I hope, it’s a temporary phase.”

She kept her bag on the dining table and sighed, “It has to be! Just that one thought keeps me going! Once I become a Consultant, I will decide my own working hours.”

Her eyes were slightly droopy and hair loosely tied in a bun. She leaned by the table to get some support. Impulsively, he reached her face to touch her and softly caressed her cheek using the back of his first three fingers, “You look tired.”

“I AM tired!” She loved his concern and attention. In an attempt to relieve him, she said, “I will sleep now. You go for the jog.”

Manik didn’t want to go out anymore. He loved to be with her. She was back after a long tiring night duty and he wished to be with her – to squeeze her in his arms… to make her feel relaxed… to lie down beside her watching her sleep… to draw circles with the tip of his finger over her jawline and neck until she yawned and snuggled tucked to him, closing her eyes and slipping into deep sleep.

Nandini found him observing her and smiled knowingly. She folded her arms at her front and shrugged without another word. Manik realised that he had been daydreaming and smiled. He shrugged too, quite carelessly, though. With a sheepish awkward grin on his lips, and with eyes so vocal about his feelings that they conveyed each of his thoughts to her, he twisted his lips but didn’t speak anything.

She blushed and softly moved her hand to show him the direction towards the main door so that she could close it behind him, change and lie down for some time. With that, she whispered, “Go!”

Once again, he wondered if he could just scrap the entire plan of jogging but on second thoughts, both him and Dobby would disturb her if they stayed for more. Right now, he simply wanted her to have the time and space for herself to unwind and sleep.

He rolled his eyes, changed the direction of his thoughts and gave her a loving side-hug before he moved out of the house, taking Dobby with him.


After a long rejuvenating run, Manik was back to his apartment, hoping to find Nandu in a deep sleep. Only to meet the utter horror of watching her cutting vegetables in the kitchen with Latika mixing the dough.

Manoj was watching morning news segments on the TV in the living room. When Manik walked in and sat beside him, he started discussing news and stock prices with him.

Nandini’s attention was distracted towards the living room and she turned to look at Manik, who was looking at her all this while, nodding and agreeing with his father at the same time. The sight made Nandini softly chuckle. Irked, Manik shrugged.

Nandini knew that he was angry but she had no say in the turn of events. She made a desperate cute pout and turned her eyes towards Latika. Manik didn’t need to know that. He stood up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to get lemon water for him.

“Hey mom, it’s just 6:30.”

Latika was a little upset. She replied, “Yeah, I know. I woke up early today. We have guests over lunch, na… so we need to prepare before time.”

“Hmm…” Manik didn’t speak much after that. He picked up a glass to add lemon and said, “I can help, if you want!”

Latika grumbled under her breath, in a peculiarly rude tone, “Manik, if you really want to help me, please stay out of this. You can only spoil an event if you decide to help with it.”

Manik rolled his eyes and continued to squeeze the lemon in his water but Nandini found her smile fading away. It was so unfair to Manik. Latika’s tone was downright derogatory and uncalled for. Manik had just asked if he could help but how easily his mom had insulted him, telling him that he was good for nothing. That too before his wife.

He might have been used to this trash attitude by his mom but for Nandini, it was the first time that she was seeing someone putting down Manik so mercilessly. No wonder he stayed away from his family because of his mom and had become so closed that he never let anyone else come close to him, as well.

Nandini stopped cutting the vegetables and took a deep breath to calm herself. Latika had her back towards Nandini but Manik could see her clearly. He observed her and tapped his finger over his glass, nervous about her next move.

He knew it very well that Nandini was transparent like water. She loved people with all her heart, went out of the way for people she cared for, even if it meant being submissive for a while or trying to understand people from their point of view. At the same time, she was someone who would never keep things in her heart. She was open and direct and she spoke what she felt and what she believed in. She was blatantly vocal, unlike him.

He had always loved this trait of hers but today the same trait made him nervous. Nandini was about to defend Manik and opened her mouth, “Ma…”

Immediately, Manik straightened and went near Nandini, saying, “Okay, I should get ready. Nandu, can you please come? I need your help!”

Nandini knew why he was doing it. He wanted to avoid any altercation between Latika and her and didn’t know how to do that. She was slightly upset and wanted to tell Latika that Manik was a good cook and a good organizer of things. What made his mom think that he could only spoil things, was beyond her comprehension.

Manik held her elbow and nearly dragged her out when she shrugged and nodded, refusing to go with him.

Latika didn’t turn back as her hands were immersed in the dough. She just spoke in a stern tone, “You are not a kid, Manik. Why do you need her for basic things? Nandini… come sooner!”

Manoj looked at them as they left the kitchen. Nandini was embarrassed as Manik was holding her elbow. Manik smiled awkwardly before his father but didn’t leave Nandini. They left the living room and entered their bedroom, which Manik closed and latched from inside.

Nandini retrieved her arm back to her, “Leave me, Manik. This is so embarrassing!”

“Embarrassing it would have become if you had completed your sentence there!” He tried to reason it out with her.

“What was I saying? Do you think I would have misbehaved? I was just trying to tell your mom that she…”

“That she was misunderstanding me? That she shouldn’t talk to me like that? That she doesn’t know me well?” He completed it for her, and stressed on every word, “Nandu, she is my mother!! Don’t you think she knows me well??”

Nandini was speechless. She stopped and thought about it for a moment. With a prominent frown on her face, puckering her brows, she asked, “Then? Why was she behaving like that?”

“Because she is in a bad mood! Didn’t you see it? She was irked about something and she was letting out her irritation on me!”

Nandini was upset more by this statement. With a bitter smile, she asked, “And you took it so easily? Just because, she is in a bad mood, she is not allowed to put others down!”

He sighed and opened the cupboard to take out his towel, “She IS like that. She has always been. Everyone knows when mom is in a bad mood and then we stay away from her.”

She leaned by the closed door of the cupboard, facing him, “And how do you know about her bad mood? By these outbursts?”

“Hmm! Yeah!” He closed the other door too and leaned on his side, facing her.

“And what spoils her mood to this extent?”

“No one knows!” He nodded, in concern.

“I hope it’s not me!” She murmured.

Manik chuckled softly, “You know what… with every such episode, I wonder the same – ‘I hope it is not because of me’…”

“I guess, everyone feels that way!”

“Except Gaurvi! She always had the ability to go past mom’s bad moods and calm her down. Mom loves her a lot.”

Nandini touched his arm softly and said, “She loves you too. But I didn’t like the way she behaved with you!”

With a sheepish grin, he said, “Forget it! At least now, you know…why I was always trying to keep you away from her. Her mood swings are unpredictable. And when that happens, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She becomes rude and mean and extremely harsh…sometimes, on her better mood moments, she will shower all her love on you, be nice and caring with you, buy you designer watches, like she did for you, along with me… and bought diamond ring for you… she is an angel when she is good…but when she is bad, she turns into a … forget it…” He ended it with a wink.

Nandini took the last step between them and rested her hands on his torso as she said, “I’m so sorry. I tried to judge you and misunderstood you. Who knows her better than you? Since yesterday, I’m observing her, trying to understand her… and I realised that you were right…always right…”

“No worries. I’m glad you understand. By the way, ‘you’ tell me… why are you here? You were about to sleep, nah?”

“Your mom woke up by the time I changed. She didn’t give me time to explain that I had just returned and yeah, she was in a bad mood because she didn’t talk much and ordered me to make tea and then start preparing for the lunch.”

He sighed, feeling bad for her, “I don’t know how to make you feel better!”

She blushed, raising her chin to look at him, and whispered, “I think, you do!”

He chuckled, for he loved the naughty version of this girl who was a counterpart to him in every way. Grinning like crazy, he opened his mouth and claimed her lips in a kiss, so tender and so overwhelming that she could feel her goosebumps. She closed her eyes and kissed him back.


“Why didn’t you go to the office?” Latika asked in a rough tone when she came in the living room and found Manik dressed in a polo-neck tee in grey and beige shorts, sitting with his laptop open in his lap, discussing politics with his father seated near him.

“Mom, you only accuse me of not having time for you. Today, I thought that I’ll spend time with you all!”

Nandini walked behind Latika, knowing very well that Manik didn’t go to the office because he wanted to be there for her, now that his mother was in one of her worst moods. She knew that otherwise, he avoided his family and this was such an adorable gesture that she couldn’t stop grinning. Nandini had taken an off too to help Latika and while Latika did all the cooking and arranging the lunch, Nandini worked like an efficient helper and kept doing the secondary work without speaking much. Manik had told her that Latika didn’t like questioning when she had decided on something. She preferred to get things done according to her decisions. Nandini followed the instructions and kept to herself.

Trisha was surfing channels on the TV while Gaurvi was flipping through a parenting magazine. Dobby and Ishani played around on the floor. Nandini served coffee to everyone and went to serve it to her father-in-law, just before Manik. Manik took the coffee and signaled her to sit. She sat down on a chair before Manik, pretending to be interested in the TV show that Trisha had stopped on.

Manoj asked Latika, “Is everything done?”

Latika said, “Yes. I have prepared lunch and the snacks and ordered for sweets. Now, I am just wondering what to gift them along with 5 kg of sweets that I have ordered. They are from Gauravi’s in-laws’ side. Should we give them some cash or gold or maybe something else…”

Nandini had never thought much before speaking. She was always a chatterbox and someone who never shied away from sharing her opinion. She started speaking, “Ma… I think…”

Right after two words, Latika stopped her in a slow but debasing tone, with a wide smile, “I didn’t ask you… You are not a Punjabi. And moreover, I want to gift something exceptional that shows our Malhotra class…not like the middle-class gifts your parents packed with you…”

Nandini was left stunned and blank, almost on the verge of tears. Everyone else was zapped and speechless too. Manik took one moment to absorb it, unable to believe that his mom had turned as bitter towards Nandini as she was to him. He immediately replied to her, “Mom, why are you talking like that? She was only trying to help!”

Latika shrugged, “What did I do? She should know that she should speak only when talked to. I was just expressing my concern about gifts. I didn’t ask her. Anyway, what does she know about our family to suggest gifts for guests?”

“Enough, mom!” Manik tried his best to stay polite but it was hard to curb the growing anger inside him and it kept spilling out. He had somehow known that his mom will create a situation like that and he had tried to avoid it too but he had no idea that it would turn like this. Nandini was nowhere at fault and had done all that he had said but still, she was at the receiving end. He felt let down by his mother and embarrassed before Nandini. There was no way he was going to let it flare. He stood up and declared in a patient voice, “She took leave for you and has been helping you since morning. She hasn’t slept the entire night and came back just before you woke up. If you can’t appreciate someone’s efforts to build a relationship, please don’t demean her.”

Latika felt insulted and very hurt. Softly, she grumbled, “You were never mine, Manik. You were always close to Meera and not me. And now, it’s your wife who dictates terms to you. In hardly 4 months…Great!”

He could have replied to her but he knew that it would be bitter and harsh. So Manik spread his hands in the air and said, “I can’t change the way you think, mom! So, believe what you want to believe.”

He left the living room and went inside. Everyone else was still stunned. Looking at both of them with a shocked look on their faces. Nandini was deeply embarrassed. Somewhere, she felt that it was because of her.

She stood up too and quietly left the living room.

Inside the bedroom, she found Manik pacing around the room like a caged lion. He crossed the room from one end to the other, with the toughest irked look on his face. Helpless and angry. Latika had not only insulted her but shot a sly remark on Manik for being more loyal towards Meera maasi and now, with Nandini. Only Nandini knew how much he loved his mom but was always trash treated by her.

When she entered the room, Manik threw a glance over her and turned away. He didn’t know what to say to her. She had been bearing the brunt of his mom’s anger for no fault of hers.

Nandini came closer and touched his shoulder from behind, “Manik…”

He turned around and rested his hands on his waist, “Listen, I’m sorry…I’m really sorry… for what mom…”

“No Manik…please don’t say so,” Nandini interrupted him, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken.”

“No…no…no… You didn’t say anything wrong. You are a part of the family…she can’t say that you shouldn’t speak in family matters… Ours is an arranged marriage, right? They knew everything beforehand and THEY decided on our marriage! If she was so bothered about Malhotra and Murthy difference … and about high-class and middle-class shit … why did she select you?? Why did she get us married? And when everything is going fine… now, how can she talk like that?”

In a patient voice, Nandini tried to explain to him, “Because she doesn’t know what she is talking about under the stress of her overwhelming moods. She doesn’t know what she wants at a particular moment. She has a psychiatric issue, Manik. “

“What??!!!!” He was taken aback, his mouth and eyes opened wide at what Nandini was saying.

“Yes. Your mom needs treatment!”


{Apologies for keeping you waiting. Thank you for all the love. I have no words to tell you what this blog and my people mean to me. Stay happy. Stay blessed.}

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