Tangles & Ties: Chapter 66: Making Memories

Thousands of emotions. Just 2 words: Thank You!



“I don’t have words to say… you are sharing it… with me?”

“You are close to me…closer than others!”

And then, out of the blue, he said –

We will never do that. We will love all our kids equally!”

She didn’t reply to that. Instead, she kept looking at him with a distinct adoration. She loved kids. She had helped hundreds of women deliver babies, in toughest of situations. she had held those divine creations of God in her hands and felt that bliss of holding a small munchkin for the first time. She wasn’t prepared right now, but she knew that she wanted to become a mother, for sure. And when that moment would come, she was going to become an amazing mother. Care came naturally to her. And now, something deep in her heart told her that he would become an amazing father as care came naturally to him too.

“What?” He asked, getting confused with the look in her eyes.

She nodded with her lower lip tucked inside, smiling very subtly, “No… I was just…”

“You were just?” He repeated, raising his brows.

She got down the bed, speaking in a shy whisper, “Let’s cook something to eat!”

He held her hand and stopped her, “Complete it!”

She stopped and folded her hands across her chest, nodding cutely, “I was just thinking that nearly a month ago, a guy told me that children are messy, tiring responsibilities. The same man is now talking about kids and loving ‘all’ of them equally.”

He grinned and pulled her back to him with a subtle tug on her hand, “Kids ARE messy, no doubt. You and I will be tired all day. So yes! That is what I always thought about kids. They are a responsibility. So, not in the near future, but whenever we are ready for them… and whenever it happens… I want us to love them equally!”

She smiled lovingly and was effortlessly pulled back to the bed. She rested her head on his folded arm and turned to him with a glorious blush on her cheeks. He was hardly at a few fingers distance from her. He was looking at her with his lip stuck below his teeth. His eyes held her eyes as if they didn’t care even if the world came to a standstill, now. She let out a soft whisper, “Manik, parents don’t differentiate between their kids. They love them equally.”

He turned his face towards the ceiling and spoke after thinking for a moment, “I really don’t think so. They sure do love each one of their children, but I have seen that they play favouritism. A lot of times! Not just in my family but I’ve seen it in other families too. They do keep interests of one child over another.”

“No! You are wrong.” She began defending all parents, “They do what is good for you. Sometimes, it might not be as good for you as it is for your sibling. I hope someday parents are able to explain to their kids what they think about them and how it is good for them.”

He spoke on a serious note, “I just hope, they stop interfering in their offspring’s lives, stop treating them as private properties or territories where they need to display authority.”

“But Manik…”

“No… seriously! I’ve seen my parents. I’ve seen the parents of my friends and relatives. No matter how progressive and open-minded and educated they pretend to be, still they want to make decisions for everyone in the family. They don’t trust their kids that they can exercise their choices, opinions or act on their feelings. You can choose a Government at the age of eighteen but you can’t choose a career or a life partner. How sickening is that?”

She nodded, “I get that point! But not every parent is like that.”

“Look at Cabir’s parents. They almost kidnapped him to get married to someone he didn’t even know. He had to run away…”

She pressed her lips in apprehension and then sighed, “Even our marriage was fixed by our parents.”

“I didn’t mean that!” He immediately went on the back foot.

“Do you regret that our marriage was fixed by our parents?!”

“Not at all! Not in the least! And you know that!”

“I know that!!” She turned to her side and curled her arm around him. In an unsure tone, she said, “I know that, Manik! We have been great with each other. But the way you talk… sometimes… scares me! I mean, we really don’t know much about each other and then you start talking on such a different tangent, sometimes… at that time, I really don’t know what meaning to derive from it. You were cursing parents for making decisions of marriage for their kids… Even that day, when you were talking to Cabir and you said that everything in an arranged marriage is forced… I really thought that it was for us…”

“That’s because you are always so impulsive. You don’t stop and think. You are quick to jump to conclusions!”

“First you speak stupid stuff… and then, you never believe in justifying yourself and giving explanations…”

“You know that too! I’ve always been like that… I think, people will believe what they want to believe even if you scream your lungs out, giving clarifications…”

“But still… even if no one listens… we need to speak up! You didn’t explain anything that day and I went lashing out on you!” She frowned, thinking about that day.

“That says how less you believe in your instincts and feelings and how massively you rely on spoken words…”

“And you know that too! If you tell me you are underworld don… I’ll believe you… THAT massively, I believe in spoken words!”

He laughed loud on that and she grinned with him. She gave her reasons, “Like… why will a person lie? If he is saying something, we need to trust! I will believe in anything you say, Manik…. anything! Just talk to me whenever there is trouble between us. When you leave things to be understood on their own, it’s ‘then’ that I feel most clueless and lost… that is when I misunderstand you, the most!”

“I’ll try!” He threw out a huge bout of air, almost emptying his lungs forcefully. “I’ll learn slowly… But you need to learn to understand me too. Without me telling you anything.”

“How to do that?” She hugged him tighter.

He held her wrist, “Look at me!”

She raised her head to look into his eyes, resting her chin on his chest. Her entire length was snugging him on the left while they lay peacefully together. Slowly, he pulled her over him and she was effortlessly drawn to lay over him. He rested his hands on her back, supporting her.

“Look into my eyes!” He said. “Try to listen to your heart. Don’t talk. Don’t ask questions. Just stay still…”

After a moment’s pause, he continued, “Now ask the same question that you asked me a while back. But not to me. Ask yourself. Ask your heart. Ask my eyes – Does Manik regret that we got married to each other?”


“Sssshhhhh!!! Do as I say? Don’t ask me…”

His dark brown pools of molten chocolate were the only pair of orbs she had ever talked to. She had ever been hooked to. Not even once before him, she had tried to look into someone’s eyes. Leave alone, read them!

He was right! She always preferred to listen to what was spoken to her. She trusted her ears and words spoken by others. She never trusted her heart. She had never felt anything like this for anyone before as she never cared enough to know more. But he was different. She was intrigued by him and she wanted to know more about him.

For him, she was the first and the only one he had allowed stepping so close to him. She was the only one he was had allowed to peer inside his soul. She was the one he poured his heart out to. With every passing moment, she kept crossing every boundary between them without being intimidated, without thinking much about their respective baggage, without any hesitations.

And it was one hell of a journey!

The more she was stepping closer to him, the more her own layers opened up before him. The entire scenario was true for her too. No one had ever walked into the innermost territories she had always guarded so fiercely. No one had the courage to unveil the layers that protected the real face of Nandini. No one had ever tried to shake her up to bring forth her true self. Nor did she allow anyone to do that before him.

And right now, her eyes were not locked with another set of eyes to look into them physically. Rather, there was so much beyond that.
Their connection reminded her of so much – The spontaneous care and the concern when neither she, nor he realised that they were taking care of each other… the love that poured out without planning it, once they were around each other … the laughter and the tease that had become a staple part of their conversations…  the disgust and disapproval about something they didn’t like and how easily they shared it with each other without being worried about how the other was going to take it… the intimate moments which thrilled them every time like it was their first time together… all the tenderness that defined their intimacy…

She sighed. Blushed. And nodded hopelessly to break their eyelock and settled her face, back on his chest. He enveloped her within his arms.

He didn’t ask her what she saw in his eyes. What she felt about him. What she felt about them being together. He had already confessed his love to her, even when he didn’t believe in verbal confessions. Nothing else was needed now.

She didn’t explain how she was reminded of every little moment between them, ever since they were together. Every moment of care, every beautiful moment of love and every soft turn their life had taken. He had even confessed and so had she. He couldn’t have been more direct than he had been. She couldn’t have been more vocal than she had been. She had poured her heart out when she told him about her love for him. Nothing else was needed now.

They had stayed true to their personalities. Like they were always true with each other. At this stage, even if someone asked them to explain in words, what they felt for each other, it was sure to be a colossal wastage of effort and energy.

For, everything they felt for each other could never be put in words!


He grilled bacon and chicken rashers for them, along with a heap of veggies and cheese. She sat on the kitchen top looking at the pot where he shallow fried the veggies. With every step, she tasted the sauce, the spices and gave her inputs on his cooking. He loved to have her beside him with all her chirpy chatters.

“My ma is going to bless you like anything! I would have never eaten this for anyone!” She eyed the serving of grilled broccoli, zucchini and capsicums when he transferred a portion in her plate.

He grinned teasingly, “Don’t even try to impress me. You are not eating it for me. You are hungry and right now, we have only this in the fridge!”

She made a face, “Seriously! Right now, if you didn’t cook this, I could have eaten you… so famished I felt…”

He laughed loudly, “I really don’t mind that!”

“What a jerk!” She smirked, and then sighed deeply, “By the way, do we have any carbs? I can’t survive on non-veg and veggies, alone… I mean…  I have to have pasta or something filling that satiates me!”

He opened the fridge, picked out a loaf of garlic bread and tossed it towards her, “Will this do?”

“Ohhh! It’s divine!” She happily nodded, sliced the garlic bread loaf and grilled it slightly before applying butter. Again, she asked him, “Won’t you have it?”

“I don’t eat carbs in the breakfast!” He replied and carried their plates to the small table in the backyard, overlooking the canal and the beautiful lawn, signaling her to follow him, saying,

“Hmm! Yeah… I know that… I was just wondering if you would like to change for a day…”

“Nopes! I don’t like changes in diet.”

“I wish I had that will power and conviction!” She shrugged and carried her bread to the backyard, following him and sat on one of the chairs around the small table.

The ambience and the view outside the cottage were breathtaking. It had rained early in the morning and the moisture in the air was just right to give goosebumps to anyone without woolens. They had worn light full sleeved fleece, not enough for this December chill. But none wanted to leave the table even if it was to get a pair of woolens or jackets. The hot food was a huge saving grace. And they talked until it became difficult to stay out for more.

“I’m so glad that we are not going anywhere today!” He switched on the TV and opened a can of carbonated tonic for him. It was a local Dutch channel and they were showing adventure sports of the Netherlands, and the detailed intricacies of each and how professionals attempted it in tough situations. She yawned, “Okay, you watch this… I’m going inside…”

“To do what?”

“Sleep!” She shrugged, as a matter-of-fact, as if it was the most sensible thing to do if you are not going out to roam around the world, “I’m feeling sleepy!”

She stood up. He frowned and held her hand with his free hand. While he was sitting on the sofa, with his eyes on the TV screen and one hand busy with remote, adjusting the volume.

“Manik, what?”

“Don’t go…”

“You are watching this silly sports show… which is not even a competition… some random adventure sports… What am I gonna do, here?”

“Sit with me!” He insisted. ‘To be with him’ – was big enough a reason for him to ask her to stay. She was flattered. And impressed.

She smiled, and sat down beside him, “Okayyy!! And do what??? Watch adventure sports with you?”

“What do you want to watch?” He chuckled.

She was suddenly excited. With a huge grin, she moved her eyes as if the twinkle in them had blatantly increased with one name. “Ranbir’s movie is being aired on the previous channel. I just saw when you were browsing the channels list. I want us to watch that.”

This time, he actually tore his eyes away from the TV screen and turned to observe her just because the tone of her voice and the thrill in her stance had changed. Giving her a fake irked smile and a clearly disapproving look, he rolled his tongue across his gums and shrugged, “Who….  Ranbir?”

“Ran-beeeer!!!” She stressed on the ‘bir’ part as if it was so obvious. Then she stressed again, spreading her hands in air, “Ranbir Kapoor!…  Okay, don’t act smart… put that channel…”

He narrowed his eyes and maintaining a serious look, he nodded, “Go! Go and sleep! I’m not watching anyone’s movie…”

“He is not ‘anyone’…come on…” She giggled, as previously she had missed his annoyed look but now she could clearly perceive how irked he was with Ranbir’s name. She purposefully added to irritate him, “He was my crush for a long time…”

“The same movie na…where Deepika was looking soooooo hawwttt!!” He rolled his eyes.

She giggled more, “I’m not jealous! You are allowed to drool…”

“But you are not!!!” He declared in one sentence and switched the TV off, “No one is allowed to bring a blush on that face…except me!”


They watched nothing. He wore his jacket and she wrapped a shawl to sit outside, watching the boats in the canal, the flowers, the locals celebrating Christmas by tending to their garden and decorating houses, especially the Christmas trees.

They talked for hours about their likes, dislikes in films and music. About their families and schools. About college life and friends. His job and her posting in PG.

After a light lunch of pasta and coffee, they took a long walk along the canal in Giethoorn. It was just a long peaceful walk, hand in hand, soaking in the lively, effervescent atmosphere filled with celebrations and festivities due to Christmas. The trees, roads, bridges on the canals, houses of residents and restaurants were beautifully decorated and lit with twinkling lamps.

They didn’t realise that they didn’t speak much during the walk. Their presence with each other was enough. The atmosphere and surroundings did the rest of the job of making their hearts beat in a way, they had never before.

She turned to him, near the Church.
Snaking her cold, stiffened fingers over his long coat, she walked closer to him to fill all gaps between them. Her skin shone in the fading light of the setting sun. Without any makeup, lipshade or even a hint of artificial touch up, she glowed like a jewel in his arms. Lovingly, he wrapped his arms around her lower back.

“Manik…,” She whispered. Her throat choking due to cold, made her voice husky and seductive. Something so difficult to resist. Something he loved.

“Hmm?” He could keep looking at her till eternity, if it was in his control.

“I don’t want to go back!”

Their holiday was about to end. They had their flight a day after today and the fairytale was going to merge with the real life, real soon… just at the next turn of their life. Something about it made her feel uneasy. It made her heavy-hearted.

“I’m not afraid to go back!” He spoke in an assuring tone as he removed her silky long hair flowing in air, now resting over her face. “I’m glad we came here. We spent some unbelievable time. Now, we’ll go back and create a beautiful life together!”

“Reality is tough. I don’t want to face it!”

“We will never get a fairytale on a platter! We need to create it out of our own individual mess… working together towards it. The beauty lies in making a fairytale out of reality!”

She smiled widely and nodded, approving it, “I love that! I didn’t know that you were so romantic too!”

“I wasn’t! But it is said that you become like the company you keep… So… It’s all your effect, madam!”

She laughed so sweetly that her laughter reverberated through the silent surroundings. “I’m happy that we could create memories of a lifetime on this holiday!”

“And…” He lifted a brow, getting thrilled, “There is more to come…”

“Really?” She couldn’t hold her excitement.

“Yep!!!! Let’s make the most out of these last two days and let’s do things we have never done before or thought about before!!”

“Amazinggg!! I’m up for it!” She chirped, without realising what lay next for her as a surprise.It was dark by the time they were back to the cottage. They ordered Chinese food, changed into comfortable nightwear and switched on the TV.

“Whattttttt?????!!!! THIS Is Your Surprise??!!” She shrieked, absolutely horrified.

He shrugged, “Yeahhhhh!!! What?? You were expecting porn?!”

“Shuttttt Uppppp!!” She squeezed her eyes in reprimand. “I didn’t expect THAT…. But I didn’t expect THIS either…”

“I told you already – Things we have never done before!” He made a teasing eye gesture and smirked wildly.

“Manik…I’m telling you… I just look and act to be courageous. But I am a total loser when it comes to fear!”

“You dodged me in the morning and made us both skip the adventure sports. Now you have to watch this!” He held her hand and made her sit by his side.

“So, this is revenge that you are taking on me?” She frowned.

“Nopes… it’s possibly the witch taking the revenge!” He chuckled and played ‘The Exorcist’ on TV.

“No….no….no….no…no….” She almost trembled, nodding frantically, “I don’t watch horror… Manik… did I forget to tell you?  – I DO NOT watch horror… DO NOT!!! Categorically!!!”

“I know that you don’t watch horror, you hate darkness, you can’t stay alone!” He whispered.


He didn’t speak for a long moment, took a long pause and then spoke in a low compelling voice, “Face your fear! Watch it with me…” He requested sweetly, squeezing his eyes in the cutest way possible, “For me?”

She couldn’t refuse. Pressing her lips tightly, eyes opened widely, dripping with fear in them, she raised her legs up on the couch and buried her folded elbows in the space created by her folded knees and her torso. With her palms on her cheeks, she tried to move her eyes to the screen.

The very first scene she saw was enough to give her goosebumps and a chill down her spine. “Ooopssss!!!!” She buried her face in her palms and closed her eyes.

He rolled his eyes, “You watch films like that?”

“Only horror films!” She meekly whispered.

“Aww…come on…It’s just a film. With thousands of people around when they were shooting it. Now…watch it! I want someone to discuss it with me!”

Without moving her head up, she asked, evidently nervous about it, “First tell me – did that ‘thing’ go?”

“That ‘thing’ was there only for a moment… it’s daytime in the film, now!”

She released a breath of relief and removed her palms. “My God! That was so scary…”

He moved his hand in a questioning way, “The film hasn’t even started properly. Grow some guts!”

“Mmm… I’m trying!” Then she remembered that she should display the same favour that he did when he took an extra effort for. She spoke very clearly, “It’s … JUST FOR YOU… okay?!!”

He chuckled, “Okay!!!”

She started watching it with a knot between her brows, lips pressed tightly together and fingers clasping into each other, resting on her knees. He stretched his hand and held her hands in his hand. She unclasped her fingers and let his fingers intertwine with one of her hands. The next moment, she shifted towards him and slipped slightly behind him so that she could hold his arm and bury her face in his shoulder whenever there was a scary scene. He rolled his eyes.



“I have an offer for you!”


“Sit properly and watch this movie like a brave girl and I will spare you the trouble of abseiling down the Euromast that we are going to do tomorrow!”

“Hey! Hello!! I was never going for that terrifying event anyway – what even?! like abseiling down the Euromast?! Coming down through a zip-line?? Adventure is not for me. Don’t even dream about it!”

He smirked, visibly excited, as he rubbed his hands together, “This is fun!!! Out of these, one you HAVE to do… Our holiday ends day after tomorrow. Before we take a flight back home, let’s do these…”

“If I knew you will do this by the time it ends, I would have never taken you to sightseeing and markets… shopping and all… like…Ishhh!!!”

“You know Nandu… these are the few things that push your limits, out of your comfort zone… and they make a totally different experience. When we do things beyond our comfort zone, we remember those moments, forever…”

“Obviously!! Every idea you have is so so scary! Who can even forget it? Like this movie, the first horror flick of my life…”

“Which you are not even watching?” He teased her.

“I am not coming for abseiling either…”

“Ha….ha!” He teased her again and shrugged, as if he was not even listening to her.

“By the way… even I have an offer for you!” She whispered, leaning towards him, trying to appear mysterious and secretive.

“And what is that?”

“Chuck these two stupid activities…  and maybe, we can do a lot more interesting things in the bedroom…”

He didn’t believe it. His eyes split wide open and his jaw dropped. “What?!!!!”

“Some things that you have only fantasized about?!” She raised her brows teasingly, with an unmistaken smoldering look in her eyes, trying her best to deter him from his plans. “Beyond our comfort zones?”

Not even believing her, he nodded as if she was pulling his leg. “Are you serious??!”

“Pretty much!!” She moved her chin up and down, “Things we have never done before!”

He grinned and nodded hopelessly and then shrugged away, to focus on the screen to continue the horror movie, that was being played.

“What? You don’t believe me??”

“You are such a tease!”

“Grab the offer! It’s once in a lifetime, offer!” She added the effect, moulding her voice, as seductively as she could, “You just need to grow up from the horror and adventure!”

He rolled his eyes, observed her keenly, rolled his tongue inside his swaying jaw and was back to watching the film with a typical smirk.

“What happened? Not interested?” She leaned back to snuggle into him at his side. Again, she was at her original position, sitting next to him on the sofa, with her eyes on the TV screen. He curled his arm around her shoulder and drew her closer. Almost buried into him, she wondered why he didn’t reply to her. He was usually the one to jump at such offers, he teased her about every embarrassing detail between them and was almost always excited about crazy stuff.

This time, he was quiet and it confused her. The movie scared her. Almost struggling to keep her eyes on the screen, she whispered near his neck, “Think about it… it’s not a bad offer!”

“I AM thinking about it…” He smirked mischievously, like a naughty kid.

She smiled, “Good! If you have to choose one, you must pick my offer over the other two…I’m telling you…”

He chuckled, “On the contrary…”


“I was thinking – Why not all three?”


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