Tangles & Ties: Chapter 16: Let The Feel Simmer

The second night was tougher than the first.

The previous night was easier –  they had got married a few hours back, had been following rituals almost till wee hours of the morning, were tired like crazy and the hotel room in Mumbai was a closed space with no personal touch. It was a makeshift arrangement for his family to stay for the wedding rituals.

In the span of twenty four hours that followed, they had teased each other, had a teeny weeny taste of their life after marriage, fought like kids, patched up, followed more rituals and teased each other all over again, just in a span of 24 hours.

And now, they were in ‘his’ room, with every corner screaming of a personal touch… His cricket bat, his wicket-keeper’s shin pads, his roller skates, his tennis racquets, all arranged neatly in one corner telling her about his love for sports… his engineering books in the book shelf… his gadgets lying on the table, his ipad, ear plugs, bluetooth earphones, laptop, phone, so many drives, hard drives, pen drives… and so many wires that she had never seen before… she had never paid attention too, if she saw anything like that on her cousin’s tables… his guitar… nothing pink or cute…everything either black, grey or blue… and everything so hard hitting…even the books and magazines he read were either science fiction or sports…

She could almost feel one step closer to him, as his life lay exposed before her, at least to some extent…

She was on his bed this time, buried under the covers he had been using all his life, whenever he was home. All the warmth missing in the hotel room was layered here, in abundance. She felt like being in his den.

He was inside his washroom, feeling invaded after ‘his’ personal space was left smelling like her, after she had used it. Only that this ‘invasion’ in his privacy was more than welcome, for being a weirdly intimate affair. He felt as if he was getting trapped in a magnetic charm created by her.

He had teased her that they will go ahead if his grandma asked them to produce a baby and she had been red on cheeks before she told him to get lost and imagine that in his dreams. He could feel it that she was affected by their proximity as much as he was.

The air around them and between them heated up when they were together, with no respite. He talked to her like he talked to none other… he teased her and loved to find her either blushing to his teases or replying back aptly with her own customized replies… he pressed his lips in helplessness and ran his fingers along his hair to push them back from his forehead… something happened to him when she was around… he felt like touching her… smelling the fragrance around her… running his hand through her hair and feeling her skin under his finger tips…

‘Shittt…’ He sighed and ran the shower to full force to let the running water wash away his unease… his restlessness…

She was under the covers and prayed for the sleep Gods to descend their blessings on her before he came out of the washroom. It might have been just the second night after their marriage, but she clearly remembered how he made her feel every time he was around her. This time she was lucky. She fell asleep after closing the eyes for a long time and after he had spent a long time in the washroom.

He slipped inside the covers too, taking care not to disturb her or to wake her up. She had been tired since so many days and the hectic routine refused to calm down.


Early morning, his eyes opened much before her.

It was still too early for him to get used to the fact that he was sleeping near a beautiful lady who was legally, socially and for all means and purposes, his wife!

His Wife!! 

Someone like him, who would cringe at the thought of marriage a month ago was married now, to the most adorable, beautiful and kind… not to forget funny and witty… human on this earth.

He knew that he was sure to goof up…

A soft, tiny hand rested over his forearm between them. She had changed sides and her small hand, red due to the mehendi pattern all over it, was over his forearm now. Her left hand over his right forearm. He slid his forearm up, so that her hand was now in his hand.

He turned around his hand so that his palm was against her palm, slowly separating her fingers, to fill the spaces with his fingers, intertwining their hands, between them.

Her sleep was disturbed with this subtle touch. He cursed himself when she opened her eyes and found him staring at her at a short distance, with their hands tangled in the space between them. He didn’t know that she had such a fragile sleep.

Her heart was beating so hard that she couldn’t speak for a moment. He didn’t speak either. He didn’t explain their situation. He didn’t apologize for waking her up. He didn’t even care to exchange any early morning pleasantries, good morning etc… He observed her face going red from early morning pink and then to pale when realisation dawned on her.

She raised herself to sit on the bed, with her legs touching his legs under the covers and his hand in his grip, finger to finger. Blushing profusely, she cleared her throat and opened her mouth to speak something when she saw him frowning. He was still on his side, lying on the bed and with a frown and a subtle nod, he told her not to speak anything.

Surprised, she stayed quiet. Slowly, she retrieved her leg and pulled her hand from his grasp. He didn’t resist. He let her slide away as smoothly as she had intended to, before she got down the bed and entered the washroom, not leaving the blush even for a moment.


Nandini wore a designer light orange saree in net, sequins and glass work with a blouse studded with glasswork. As always, she looked gorgeous. Manik’s mom, Latika and Meera masi loved the look but also said that she could wear any casuals of her choice.

“It’s just ‘us’ today. Older people are not going out with us. They get tired with factory visits. You can wear anything you like today…” Meera suggested.

“Masi, I love sarees. Also, once I go to Banglaore, I won’t be wearing a lot of them … so I’m having a ball of the time…” Nandini giggled. They loved the way Nandini dressed up – stylishly yet elegantly. She had grace in her dressing and poise in her walk. Almost everyone was left swooning over the new bride.

“I’m so impressed by your style, Nandini. You left everyone speechless!” Meera masi chuckled as all three of them entered Manik’s room. They had left his parents’ room and before going down, Nandini wanted to take her handbag and change the footwear. Masi noticed that her wedding necklace was missing. She pointed out, “Nandini, where is your mangalsutra?”

“Oh!!” Nandini suddenly remembered, “I forgot to wear it after I took it off during shower. I’ll just get it from the washroom.”

“Where is Manik?” Latika asked moving around the room and observing Nandu’s jewellery. Nandini called her ‘ma’…

“Manik must be downstairs, ma. He said he wanted to spend some time with kids.” Nandini spoke, while Meera picked up her diamond neck piece from the dressor, “This is gorgeous, where did you buy it from?”

“Mumbai – Tanishq!” Nandini turned around, replied and entered the washroom, without looking inside.

Manik had to be inside, when she was least expecting him there. Thankfully, he was in his denim jeans. Though only that! But still… his jeans was a saving grace.

He was shirtless, with a towel around his neck, standing before the mirror, applying a lavish spread of shaving foam on his jawline and cheeks.

Nandini almost gasped. He turned slightly to look at her and smirked when he heard the gasp. She was shocked to find him there as a while back he had told her that he was going down to play with kids. Maybe he changed his mind and came back. Nandini had been with Gaurvi, masi and ma, so she didn’t know that he was back.

She timely realised that Meera maasi and Ma were inside their room. Without making any sound, she closed the door and peered around to spot her mangalsutra… on the slab near the mirror, on towel shelf, around other shelves but couldn’t find it. She even bent down to see if it had fallen down.

She stood up and clicked her tongue in frustration, “Tch!’

Manik had been busy with the mirror and the shaving foam. He observed her searching for something all around and when she stood up, he slipped his hand in his jeans pocket. When the hand came out, it had her mangalsutra, held between his fingers.

“Searching for this??” He whispered in a low voice so that it didn’t leave the washroom.

Astonished, she opened her mouth wide enough for it to be evident. He had noticed her mangalsutra and slipped it inside his pocket was reason enough to blush. To top it, he was looking at her as if Sun shone over a glacier, melting it drop by drop…

She took two steps ahead and stretched her hand towards him, but he took his hand away.

She folded her hands across her chest and rolled her eyes. He chuckled and used his eyes to ask her to take it from him. She nodded, and whispered, “No!! I’m not playing any games!”

He sighed and stretched his hand to give her the mangalsutra. Victorious, she grabbed it, only to realise that he didn’t leave it at his hand. The poor neckpiece in black beads and diamonds in gold pendant lay between them. She pulled one end towards her, trying to pull it from his hands, but he didn’t leave it and pulled it towards him, yet again.

Irritated, she frowned in a reprimand. “Manik, leave it…it will break…”

He teasingly rolled his tongue inside his mouth but didn’t relent. In fact, he pulled it in a way that she was pulled closer to him. She wrapped the threads around her fingers and pleaded, “Manik, please??”

He grinned, absolutely loving it. She knew that he loved it… the proximity as well as her helplessness. She tip toed and reached higher, in a subtle tease, “Meera masi and ma are outside. Please let me go?”

“Ask them to leave!”

“Manik…” She couldn’t believe it that he said that. Of late, he had become a hopeless tease.

“You want this?” He whispered, looking at the mangalsutra between their hands. She nodded to accept that she wanted it. He continued, “Then tell them to go…”

“I can’t…” She was nervous, as her throat felt sticky. They would guess why she was doing so. Teasing him before his sister and masi was one thing. To give any such hint to his mom was to be mortified.

Meera called from outside. “Nandini, you went inside to get the mangalsutra, na?? Is all well!!”

“Yeah…masi…” Nandini cleared her throat, “I’m in a kind of situation here… I’ll take some time…”

Ma replied, “You take your time. We are going down.”

“Err… alright!” Nandini replied, her eyes fixed on Manik, who held a teasing smirk on his face.

“Pleeeaaasssseee??!!!” She whispered when masi and ma left.

He let go of the mangalsutra. Happy with her efforts, she smiled and put it around her neck before she turned around, with the ends in her hands, as a signal for him to tie it, the way he had done it a day ago.

He held the ends in his hands and fastened the hook of the mangalsutra at the nape of her neck. But with that he lowered his hands over her shoulders leaving her frozen. She stood rooted to the ground when he took his hands down further from her shoulders to her arms and pulled her a step close to him. Her back touched him, part his chest, part the towel around his neck. It was less of a startle and more of an awareness…

Awareness of his masculine scent… his strong manly hold… his bare skin… his cool breaths…

He touched her shoulders and subtly turned her to face him. She closed her eyes tightly but when he didn’t speak anything, she opened her eyes one by one… his rich hazel orbs locked to her dark chocolate ones… she took a step behind towards the wall, and was about to trip. He curled his hand around her lower back, tucking her close to him. She tried not to touch his chest and deliberately rested her hands on the towel hanging through his neck.

Thankfully, his hand around her slender waist balanced her… for she was not able to hold her balance any more. His eyes held her eyes, weaving an unbreakable spell of attraction. She closed her eyes to break the spell. He bent further till she could smell his shaving foam and then feel that foamy lather on her cheek as he rubbed his cheek over hers.

“Manik…” She stuttered.


“Ma…” She tried to speak again, but he stopped her, lazily dragging his index finger on her lips, pressing those rose petals with his finger. His arm held her close to him and the fingers of other hand found her mouth.

“Do you need to speak about everything? Every time?”

“I was just…”

“Ssshhh!” He exerted the pressure on her lips through his fingers, “You should just ‘feel’ some moments… !!”

Any effort to speak any more was curtailed through the sensations his fingers elicited over her lips. He struggled in a voice, so low, that it was audible only to the two of them, “Don’t you ‘feel’ this ‘something’ between us? Don’t you feel what I feel?”

She opened her eyes and found him smearing his shaving foam all over her face, giving her a row of goosebumps, one after the other. A lopsided grin danced on his face. She lowered her eyes and sighed.

That sigh !!! 

It made his heart do a flip flop… it made his heart beat to an erratic rhythm… to her tune, her song… it made him push back his apprehensions, his worries and his doubts and send them for a leave… all of it could wait… right now, it made him want her…

“THIS ‘feel’…” He rubbed his ragged jawline with a day old stubble over her smooth cheek with the foam between them.

She stammered, “I … I feel it…”

He smirked, “I knew that.”

“I know.”

“Now tell me, what should we do about it?”

She blushed and looked away, but didn’t reply to him.

“Hmm?” He prodded. “I won’t let you go before you answer.”

She turned her eyes back to him with a shimmer of confidence and a sparkle of new found intimacy, “Manik…you are a good cook, right?”

“I hope so…” He rolled his eyes, wondering what cooking had to do with them.

“Do you know what ‘simmer’ means?”

He didn’t understand the context but went along with her to answer the technical definition, “Simmer is to leave the contents for some time just below the boiling point. When the temperature is high enough to continue the cooking process, but slightly less than the boiling threshold…when we leave at that… it is called simmering!”

She giggled cutely, taking his towel in her hands and rubbing off the foam from her cheeks. “Mr. Malhotra, all that is cooking between us needs to be tested for some time… Let’s leave the ‘feel’ to simmer!!

She cleaned her face, slightly eased away from him and turned to go out of the washroom. He held the free end of her saree and raised it to his face. Her beautiful designer saree was next to be sacrificed under his shaving foam.

Panic ridden for her saree, she immediately spoke to stop him, “It will get dirty!”

He leaned by the wall and with his eyes fixed on her, he replied, “Exactly!!”


Tangles & Ties: Chapter 17: So Much Unspoken

{ This story is about a married couple and at a LOT of places, it is mature by content… It may or may not get intense, depending on the flow of the story, but if physical intimacy, sexual content, suggestive innuendos and flirting offends you, then this story is not for you

If you consider all of the above as an unavoidable aspect of life, just like I do…  and understand that most of the times, sex between a loyal couple is as beautiful as love itself, you can continue the journey!

I hope you don’t judge me on this content. 

Love you all… }