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He didn’t give her much time or chance to compose her action or think more. He simply tugged at her arm that held him, so that she lost her balance and staggered to fall over him.

“Instead… I have plans to pull you in…”

She couldn’t judge the movement and slipped to crash over him on the bed. Unprepared for the sudden tug on her arm, she had lost her balance and he had used that one moment to turn the tables.

She blushed and tried to get up, but was pulled back again, only to be held close by him with his one hand holding her hand and the other curled around her back. By a small eye movement, she requested him to let her go, but when he refused to pay heed to her request, she blushed more and made a pout in disapproval. Something about her was utterly cute and he wasn’t going to stop troubling her. Once again, she tried to get up using his shoulder for support. He smirked and flipped them, over the bed. Softly and carefully.

This time, she was lying on her back, with him over her. She frowned a little. Raising his brows victoriously, he pressed his lower lip under his upper lip. She twisted her lips as if she didn’t care. He lowered further to plant a soft kiss in the crook of her neck, making her wriggle. She tried to struggle out of his hold but all in vain. He was stronger than her and definitely more determined. When he showered fleeting kisses on her neck, alternating them with a row of crazy nuzzles, she knew that she had no more strength to fight him. His kisses on her neck were not only sexy but ticklish too.

Finally, when she could neither wiggle out of his hold nor stay immune to him, she giggled. “Stop it… Manik, please!”

He continued his foray till her jawline, refusing to let her go. “No way… someone was out there planning to push me in the canal. I want to show her what she will miss if she does that…”

“Miss you??? Go away. I would have been much better if I had taken a solo holiday!” She teased him.

He raised his neck, making a face, “You didn’t like this place? I planned so much for you!”

She sniggered, “Yeah…yeah…right!! Men and their plannings! It is rightly said that men understand only about ‘their’ needs… Selfish!”

“Selfish??  Did you just call me ‘selfish’???” He smacked his lips, annoyed like an injured tiger. She enjoyed every bit of it. He had had enough of his share of teasing her. Now, it was her turn.

“Oh yes! I just did! And of course, you are selfish… All you could think of was home-made food, gym, and TV while selecting a cottage for a honeymoon. Like really??”

He left her and sat on the bed, “Is it wrong if I think of spending a few days in peace?? The way I want! Everyone has a different way of relaxing.”

She raised herself too, sitting just beside him, deliberately irritating him, “Yeah… so that means – it’s ‘your’ holiday…right?? Away from the office and useless noise? What about me?”

He swayed his jaw, “You got a fairytale destination!! The way you always wanted it to be…”

“A fairytale in which the princess is still a maid… even after marrying the Prince Charming??”

He laughed at that, “You don’t become a maid if you work at home. And by the way, that is how realistic fairytales are!! So you know what to wish for…from now…”

She couldn’t hide her chuckle anymore, “How did you guess that I believe in fairytales and would love to have one? Coz we never talked about it before this trip.”

He smirked with a mocking look in his eyes and raked his hand in his hair, brushing them away from his face, “Ha!! It’s so obvious… by the kind of immature movies you watch, stupid books you read and the romantic music in your playlist…”

“Excuse me??!!!!” It wouldn’t have sounded demeaning if he hadn’t chuckled with that. The mocking look in his eyes and the tone, making fun of her choices truly irked her. Flaring her nostrils, she huffed, “Did you just call me ‘ ‘immature’?”

His hands were now locked behind his neck, resting lazily there, as if to even out the scores. Setting his feet on the ground, he stood up, “Oh yes! I just did!! Big deal??! You called me selfish!”

“You ARE selfish!” She stood up too.

“And You ARE immature.”

“So, you knew that already?! Why did you come to a holiday with this immature girl and planned all this?”

“Coz I am an idiot!” He gave her a tired stare and walked out of the room.

She followed him out, “But I am NOT an idiot. This beautiful village must have some hotels. I am going to check in one and live ten days of my life like a real princess!”

“Suit yourself!”He walked around the kitchen to fill a glass with water and gulped it down laboriously. He rested by the kitchen slab, stretching his long legs before him.

“What does that mean? I’ll go to the hotel and you will stay here??” She marched towards him and folded her arms across her front.

He shrugged carelessly, “Well… You want to go to a hotel. You go! I want to stay here…So, I’ll stay here!”

“Fine! I’ll go… and you enjoy your cottage here… cook, clean and enjoy your sleep…alone!”

“You too! Enjoy the luxuries of house-keeping and room-service, alone!”

She was irked and she could have spoken more but a knock on the glass door at the front disturbed them. The agency staff who had welcomed them before was on the door and asked them to accompany him to the reception for formalities.

The guy at the reception asked Manik to fill their details in a register and asked for their passport photocopies. When Manik was filling the details, Nandini observed the cute little reception and the beautiful flowers in the garden. Her attention was distracted when the reception guy told Manik that while booking online, the payment was rejected.

Manik was surprised. “How is this possible? I’ve received a confirmation of booking at my email.”

“Yes sir. We sent the confirmation which was subject to realization of payment which was later rejected. So we sent a follow up mail to you, but we didn’t receive any intimation from you.”

“But the amount was deducted from my bank account. And I didn’t receive any follow-up mail.”

Nandini stepped closer to him by this time and said, “It happens. Check your spam mail. Sometimes, official emails from hotels and commercial set-ups end up in spam.”

Manik checked his spam mail and found a mail from this accommodation agency that the payment was rejected and the booking was not confirmed now.

“I’m sorry. I missed this follow up mail.”

“It’s okay. We held the cottage for you, nevertheless. If you want, you can pay now.”

Manik thought for a moment and asked, “Thank you. The payment was withheld but you still continued to retain the cottage for us. That is a commendable gesture.”

“That’s our policy, Sir. The tourists should not suffer due to a technical glitch. In all circumstances, your comfort is our prime priority.”

“In that case… can I make a request?”

“Certainly, Sir!”

“Will you be able to arrange one suite room in one of the hotels which are linked to you?” Manik asked casually, as if it wasn’t even a big deal. Nandini immediately shot a glance in his direction. Manik was busy scanning the brochures kept at the display over the reception desk, trying to find a good hotel that suited them. When Nandini realised that  he was not even looking in her direction, she intervened, “No, we are good with the cottage.”

This time, Manik turned to her, confused at her changed stance. The reception guy had responded by then, “Sir, we have 3 hotel tie ups. If you want, we can arrange one for you…” Then he looked at Nandu as she had interrupted them and then he looked again at Manik, to ask, “Do you want me to find one??”


“No!” Nandini firmly declared, almost at the same time. She turned to Manik, and stepped closer to him. Holding his arm this time, she said, “I love the view from the living room and the lawn…”

Manik gave her a stern stare, and nodded hopelessly, “We are getting the hotel!”

“We already have the cottage!” She raised one shoulder.

Twisting his lips, as if to say that he failed to understand her, Manik handed his credit card to the reception guy, and said, “Please deduct the amount. We’ll continue with the cottage!”

Once again, the card was rejected. The technical glitch did not allow the transaction to be completed. The receptionist tried twice, before he nodded with a click. “Sir, I think you should talk to your bank regarding this credit card. It seems to be blocked.”

“I’ll give you my international debit card.” Manik fished for the card from his wallet. But before he could take it out, he saw Nandini taking out her card from her handbag, “Here!”

The man took her card and tried again. Manik looked at Nandini and spread his hands in air, questioningly. She raised her brow, “Didn’t you say that you don’t mind if I pay at any place?”


“But… nothing!” She declared raising her brows to close the discussion and took back the card when the guy deducted the said amount and returned both the receipt and card to her.

Manik treated her with a simple shrug and walked out after thanking the receptionist. Nandini stuffed her card and phone and receipt in her bag and followed Manik almost running behind him. The weather had grown colder by now. The breeze had been hitting hard, especially on the cheeks, nose and fingers. The night spread it’s dark sheets to cover the unassuming world on this side of the planet.

She walked faster like him… almost trying to walk next to him… almost failing!!
He was so tall… so agile… so quick!

She struggled to match steps with him. Hardly a few yards ahead, he eventually slowed down his steps to let her catch up. She heaved a relaxed breath making a pout of her plump lips, now  that she walked right beside him. He couldn’t stop grinning.

They kept walking towards the cottage without talking. When she rubbed her palms to ward off the growing cold, he slowly let his hand out of his long coat and held her hand in his own. His hand was so warm and assuring that she could feel the chill dissipating away from her. Her cold fingers seemed to melt inside the grip of his hand.

“Please… this one too…” She showed him, her left hand which was freezing in cold.

He smirked at the way she had requested him to take her left hand too in his grip. Swaying his jaw in a tease, and moving his tongue across his lower molars, he used his thumb to show her the door to the cottage. They had reached the cottage. With that he freed her right hand too, and said, “Sorry! Kindly warm your hands at the heaters provided in the cottage. I’m not available for such favours.”

He unlocked the door and pushed through it. She made an irked face, “Jerk! You are so… ”

“Selfish??” He completed it for her, tucking his lower lip inside his mouth, “Didn’t you call me that?? An hour ago?? Why do you want my specialised services now?”

She rolled her eyes, entering the cottage behind him, complaining like a baby, “Now, you will say that I am complaining and expecting things… but the truth is that you ARE mean!! And very selfish! And I was so right when I called you selfish. See, my hand are sooooo cold! Can’t you just take them in your hands??”

He smirked, thrusting his hands visibly inside the pockets of his jacket, “Of course! I CAN do that… If ONLY… you take your words back and say that I am not selfish and instead, you accept that you are immature!”

“Keep dreaming!” She rolled her eyes.

“See! Immature!”

“No! That’s ‘you’… not me! You always do what you feel like. You decide terms and conditions of our marriage and get to break all of them, one by one… and you call me ‘immature’…”

“Wow!! So in every fight, you will bring back the ENTIRE past, starting from day 1 ??”

“Why not? You are being so mean from Day One !!! And even if you want to skip that…we can talk about this trip too…”

“Go on!” He yawned, and slightly rested by the headrest of the living room couch, just facing her and signaled her to go on… letting her speak.

Irked, she pointed her index finger at him, “First, you skip Paris and Rome because you don’t want to scurry around looking at heritage buildings and touristy places. You want to sleep even on a holiday. Next, even in a country where you ‘thought’ there won’t be many places to visit, you skip Amsterdam and choose a remote village. Look at me!! I’m happy even with that… My God… how mature and understanding a wife can be !!! And even here, you chose a cottage…why?? Because you want YOUR comforts… YOUR routine… YOUR relaxation…Tell me… Who is selfish here and who is immature here??”

He narrowed his eyes and murmured softly, “Don’t you dare point your finger at me.”

“Oh yeah??? What if I do?”

“Don’t challenge me!!” He immediately straightened himself, held her finger and curled his palm around her entire hand, carefully enclosing her tiny hand in his huge one. He, then, twisted her arm to take it at her back, thereby bringing her close to him. One simple move brought them so close in proximity that they could hear each other breathe. Their hands stayed locked at her back, and their faces were inches away. She could see him gulp harder with his eyes fixed on her.

He was a charming puzzle. On one hand, he fought fiercely with her and on the other hand, his eyes were always checking her out. She had felt his heated gaze on her so many times, leaving her cheeks blushing and pulse throbbing. He looked at her as if he could consume her as a whole and still won’t feel enough of her. But on the surface, he stayed non-chalant and difficult. He was so enigmatic and mysterious that she didn’t know how he will manipulate things to get his way, still making her feel as if it was her who was receiving the special treatement. His dark eyes were a pool of chocolate… dark, bittersweet and addictive… enticing her every moment to indulge in them.

She appeared to be lost in his eyes. The spell broke when he blinked once.

“Your charm won’t work on me!” She teased.

“Sorry, I called you only immature… that was so less… In fact, you are ungrateful too.”


He bent closer to her, as if he couldn’t resist hearing her breathe or trying to smell her perfume. Softly, he murmured, “I planned so much for you… googled the fairytale villages…”

“Googled?? … So… that friend in embassy?”

“She just helped with the visa… nothing else!”

Nandini could’t stop a visible display of glee on her face in form of a crazy chuckle.

“See!! How happy you are!”

Her eyes twinkled as she spoke and her voice didn’t even hide that thrill. “Obviously! I like that. On that note, I forgive you. You googled for beautiful, fairytale-like places for this immature wife?? Awwww!!!”

He held her other hand too and curled it behind her back, taking both her hands in his own, behind her. She was tucked to him now and he couln’t be more thrilled.

He gave her a lopsided click of his lips, “But, what’s the use… you didn’t like it!!”

She sighed, “Manik… I loved it! But I still want to know the reason behind choosing a remote village instead of happening destinations and then choosing this cottage instead of a comfortable hotel.”

He loosened his hold on her hands but not on her. Slowly, he slid his hands up towards her elbows, while she was still tucked to him, so close that he could hear heartbeat. Not removing his eyes from her, he sighed. He brought her closer and squeezed her shoulders to bring her so close that even air escaped the space between them.

“You really want to know?”

“Yes!” She sighed.

He sighed too, and whispered, just before softly brushing his lips over hers.

“I wanted all of you… your time, your attention, your focus… all for me! Yes, I am selfish!!”


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