Tangles & Ties: 52: The New Abode

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{ Lots of pictures in this part }



He hadn’t said it just for the heck of it. It was indeed a village which would qualify to be one of the most beautiful places on the earth, thus earning the name of the ‘fairytale village of Netherlands’ and even the Venice of Netherlands.

They crossed several houses, cottages, canal side cafes and restaurants and rental accomodations as hotels on the way.


There were absolutely no cars in the city. There were only waterways and canals to travel the city by boat or if someone didn’t want to use the canal, they would walk through narrow pathways or use a bicycle.

Designed in Medieval architecture, the cottages with thatched roofs and huge gardens facing the canal looked untouched by the ruins of urban modernity. Nature was still at it’s rugged best here. The trees, the flora added to the serene appeal of the small noiseless village.

Excited, Nandini slipped her arm around his elbow, observing the surroundings with utmost curiosity. “Manik… who told you about this place? I’ve never heard it’s name or about it’s existence, before. I could have never imagined about such a place. Not even in my dreams. Do you know how I am feeling right now?”

“No…tell me…”

“Right now, I feel as if I am inside the movie of my life, starring us!”

He chuckled and touched her forehead, “Are you fine? Sometimes, you talk as if you are on weed.”

She giggled, “I would have thought so too… it’s sooooo exotic! Is it even real!!”

“Yeah… it is…” He replied seriously.

She laughed more, “Oh God! Silly boy… you were not supposed to answer that. It was an expression of surprise… not a question…”

He huffed and nodded disapprovingly, “Someday, you need to teach me all those expressions… how to talk…what to reply and what to just agree to… basically, which ball to play and which one to duck…”

She couldn’t stop laughing and leaned closer to him, holding his elbow, “That is my responsibility… I’ll do that at priority!”

“Thank you!” He twisted his lips and signaled an approval when he was informed about the destination.

“Have we reached?” Nandini asked, standing up and looking around.

“Yep!” Manik jumped out of the boat first and gave his hand to her, so that she could hold him and step out. For this one moment, when she had held his hand casually, he clutched her fingers strongly so that she didn’t topple over and fall down in water. She didn’t have to hold him. He did it for both of them and before she could step out, he curled his other arm around her waist and nearly lifted her to help her jump out of the boat.

She almost landed crashing on him while he held his feet firm on the ground for both of them to be balanced. If this was not a sign of ‘care’… she didn’t know what this word meant… She smiled gracefully and whispered, “Thank you!”

“Anytime!” He whispered back.

“Where is the hotel?” She asked turning around and looking at age old thatched roof cottages with a beautiful lawn in each area.

he pointed towards a cottage and explained, “This is a cottage, rented by the accomodation providers. No stereotypic hotel…”



Nandini observed the beautiful cottage and her heart stopped with a ‘thud’ sound for a moment. It was unbelievably gorgeous. “Ah-mazingg!! But… Isn’t it … like really huge?”

“Yeah… this was only available at this short duration. I saw the pics on google and selected it. It is meant for two families, but I booked the entire thing for us to have some privacy. And yeah, you asked, how I knew about this place…” he lifted his brow teasingly and added, almost reminding her, “The same friend at that embassy?? She helped in selection and suggested Giethoorn when I asked about a honeymoon destination in the Netherlands.”

He could clearly see her seething in jealousy. She licked her dried lips with her tongue and murmured in a sarcastic tone, “Oh My God!!! You didn’t bring ‘her’ along?? She could have been a greeeaaattt ‘HELP’ since I can see how massively she helped you in getting the visa and selecting the destination…”

Immediately, he spoke, in a serious tone, “Oh shit!!”


“I didn’t even ask her. Sounds rude right? You are so correct. We could have brought her along!”

This time she tilted her chin up, twisted her lips as she pursed them together and squeezed her eyes so angrily that he couldn’t stop himself from holding her nose and slightly shaking her. With a peal of teasing laughter, he said, “Sarcasm… haaann???!!! We can play this game if you want… but let me tell you madam… that I will always win!”

He picked up his bag and dragged his trolley as he showed her the direction. She huffed and puffed a huge bout of air and followed him, dragging her trolley bag. “Someday, I’ll be the reason for your bruised arms, for the whacking you are going to get from me!”

He laughed loudly and without turning towards the back, he replied, “I would love that…”

He walked inside and waited for her to follow him before they were greeted by a staff of the agency that rented these cottages. Thankfully, the staff, a man in his sixties, spoke English. He instructed them to follow him and gave him a tour of the house, the interiors and the surroundings. After that the guy left telling them to join him at a nearby cottage for formalities etc as that was the reception and central office of the agency.



When they were left alone, Nandini raised her brows disbelievingly, “Living room…gym… kitchen??? What is that even?? Our home?”

“Our new abode!”

“Looks like a new home where we shifted today!”

“That is how it is supposed to be in a rental cottage…” He shrugged, dumping his luggage in one corner.

“Wow!!” She nodded, without trying to sound mean, “Isn’t a hotel a better option?? I mean, there is room-service, all day cafe and restaurant, house-keeping services and so much at your disposal… you can actually enjoy a holiday…”

He shrugged carelessly, “By every means… Even this is a holiday!!”

She chuckled, trying harder not to sound disappointed, and walked closer to him. Softly, she spoke, “Really Manik?? What is your idea of a holiday?? Just change of location???”

He smiled and rolled his eyes, “Honestly… if you ask me… I’ve never had an idea of a holiday. In fact, this is my first holiday after we stopped going with mom dad, for out-station excursions. Never thought about a holiday before. Whatever travel it was before this, was business and deal.”

She almost forgave him. Who wouldn’t?!

When he accepted everything about him so honestly. Every flaw, every inexperience…

“You don’t like it?” He became serious.

“I love it… theoretically, it’s perfect!” She had to be honest too. When someone is honest with you, then the least you can do for him is give him the same respect and be honest with him. So, she stuck to what she had felt about it. “It’s so gorgeous…right out of a fairytale or a movie… like a said… and then suddenly the picture gets messy and blurred when I imagine myself cleaning the washroom, making the bed every day and cooking!…Β  Like… we could have taken a break from that routine for a few days… by opting for a hotel…”

He nodded, “I know that… but I can’t eat hotel food or outside food for so long… straight ten days…”

Her husband was hopeless… and so was she…

Teasingly, she replied as she walked away, taking her trolley inside the bedroom. “I can see how you actually have a clear idea of a holiday, dear hubby!! Gym, kitchen, TV… nothing to actually keep me indulging in site seeing or behaving like a tourist… what else?? …”

He smirked and followed her inside the bedroom and almost throwing himself on the bed, he sprawled on the bed with his hands and legs stretched out. She was still gawking at him when he chuckled more, looking at the shocked expressions on her face – Mouth open, eyes popped out and a visible movement of her chest when a heavy bout of air exited her lungs, excaping through the pout of her lips.

He couldn’t have loved any other sight more than this. He replied with another tease, “Sleeping!”




Nandini winced and frowned, “Puhhleaaseee!”

Manik knew that she was getting irked now and her taut muscles and clenched jaw were worth every whack, so he took another chance at teasing. “Okay, tell me… isn’t the bedroom gorgeous??”

“It’s beyond beeauuutifullll!!” She mocked at him when he appeared to bury himself inside the pillow.

“Do you mind if I take a quick nap?”

She marched upto him and held his arm to pull him, annoyed like a kitten who had just lost his prey. Pulling his hand, she threatened him, “I’ll push you in the canal outside!”

“Insteaddddd….” He dragged the word ‘instead’ for long… flirtatiously… seductively… and slowly…

She raised her brows in apprehension, almost sure what was coming next. He didn’t give her much time or chance to compose her action or think more. He simply tugged at her arm that held him, so that she lost her balance and staggered to fall over him.

“Instead… I have plans to pull you in…”


Tangles & Ties: 53: All of You!



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