Tangle & Ties: Chapter 87: The Turmoil

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Manik was left broken and disheartened. He didn’t know how to react. Nandini was scared to talk to him. She went near him and touched his arm, before she spoke in an extremely saddened voice “Manik, I’m sorry! So…so…so….sorry!!”

He didn’t reply to her. He was too numb to speak anything.


He had tears in his eyes and remorse that was so profound that he couldn’t find an outlet to shed it off. Nandini had tears in her eyes too. Still, she tried to talk to him. She apologised again but Manik wasn’t even listening. He felt so broken.

He stood up to go inside when Nandini stepped before him and blocked his way, “Manik, I know that explanations and justifications are not your thing. You have always said that so clearly. But you should have spoken today. They wouldn’t have listened to me. But you should have stopped them. Why didn’t you talk to your ma?”

He replied in a bitter, angry tone, “Please don’t tell me how to behave with my family. Because of you, I’m facing what I was always afraid of. I was scared of this traction in relationships that you enabled in just two days!”

She had never seen him so angry at her. Never. She couldn’t speak for a moment. Then, with trembling lips, she murmured, “I was talking to you. I didn’t know that they would overhear it. You are aware that I kept quiet every time your mom insulted me. I could have answered back. I didn’t because I know how to keep a person’s respect. You spoke about my inefficiency before everyone, however good intentions you had, it was still an insult. I kept quiet even then… and you are blaming me? This wouldn’t have happened if your relationship with your family wasn’t tangled. ‘You’ are to be blamed Manik…not me… I just spoke what I felt….without meaning to hurt anyone…”

His temper raised, “Yeahh??!!! My fault, right?? You come from nowhere and disturb all the balance I had maintained for years, expose all that I ever shared with you before my parents and say that it’s ‘me’… who needs to be blamed…”

Breaking down in tears, she said, “I didn’t do it deliberately… and you know that! I didn’t let your secrets out. They overheard it. It would have never happened if ‘you’ had listened to me…”

“Listened to what???” He nearly roared, “That my mom is crazy and she needs treatment… do you have any sense… how can you even talk like that?? But why would you try to understand. It is important for you to be right. Always! All the time! No matter how much it hurts others… no matter how it breaks close relationships…”

“You know that I am not like that!” She whispered through her dried lips.

“I think, I don’t even know you, at all. I hate to accept that I thought you were kind and considerate. You are not the angel that I was assumed you to be… you destroyed everything… you destroyed my relationship with my parents and family… I hate it that I allowed myself to fall in love with you and share my innermost thoughts with you… I hate you… and I haven’t hated anyone in my life, more than this… I don’t need you in my life… just go…”

She was stunned. She couldn’t speak more on a choked throat and constant hiccups. She had never cried so much in her life. All her tears till now, before marriage, had been silent and quickly covered by a smile to make her parents relieved that she was not sad. She had never let her ups and downs hamper her happy-go-lucky, fun-loving and talkative personality. She knew how to win over the situation. After marriage, there had never been a situation that she had to cry so much.

But today, she didn’t know how to deal with it. Her tears rolled down in a regular stream and she didn’t know how to stop them without being shattered. Manik didn’t stop her too. He walked past her and went inside.

He had just told her that he hated her… he didn’t need her in his life… and she had to go…

Nandini wiped her tears and followed him inside the bedroom. Manik was sitting on the bed with his face lowered, his hands resting on his knees, curled in fists as he tried to control his rage. His face was so hardened and lost that she didn’t know how to gather courage to talk to him.

But she had to…

She whispered, “Manik, we need to talk…”

“Didn’t you hear what I said, outside? Just go… leave me… I don’t need any more pain in my life…”

“Okay… I’ll go!” She stepped closer by the bed and tried to stammer without breaking down, “I won’t stay more… now that you have decided that you don’t know me at all… that all the understanding of the last four months was false… you are blaming me for destroying you and your life… so… I don’t want to impose me on you …anymore… but…”

He stayed quiet at this. He was so angry that he neither listened to her nor he wanted to understand her. He closed his eyes, waiting for her to finish what she wanted to say.

She knelt down on the floor before him, right where he was sitting on the bed, “Just give me two minutes…listen to me…and then, I won’t speak more…”

He kept his eyes closed and face lowered, with a tough grimace on his face, tears on his cheeks.

She continued, “Don’t get agitated, just listen to me once… My chacha, my father’s younger brother, had a bipolar disorder. He was a very happy, effervescent personality with so much of life in him, but he would suddenly undergo bouts of depression without a major reason. No one really took him seriously, until he committed suicide one day… no one knows the reason. No one tried to know him. They just assumed he was like that. I loved him so much. He was my best friend, and even today I feel guilty that I didn’t even realise that he was suffering… I could have stopped it, I used to feel… but then I read about it… read a LOT…a LOT… you cannot stop suicides if a person is having psychological issues because that is a tendency deeply ingrained in serious cases. Only medical treatment can help…”

He clenched his jaw and opened his eyes to look at her. She was relieved that he was now, at least listening to her. She added more, “I’ve had a distant senior in college who was depressed due to family issues, two pregnant patients at different times of life who had MDP… all of them committed suicides. You don’t know so much because you don’t see such people every day… so it looks like a one-off case when you read about it in newspapers… but we see such patients frequently. Some get help…some don’t… I’ve had a bad history in the family… so I was scared…I didn’t want your mom…”

“Nandini…” He started to scold her again but she interrupted him.

“Listen to me… please… please… 2 days were enough for me to see the symptoms… I haven’t wasted 10 years of my life in hefty books and patient care…I ‘know’ what I am talking –  she was happy the first day, then she started feeling distressed when she found that you were close to me… she hadn’t expected this connection in four months time… so she began to feel insecure and so her statements changed the very next day. Her attitude toward me changed. You would argue that it is normal for any mother-in-law and I was thinking the same, but her restlessness was not normal. I had a doubt when she taunted you for being close to Meera masi after you defended me. Normally, an evil, difficult person would hide the contempt but she couldn’t. Then, papa said that they can’t say anything to her, and that was what confirmed my doubt. He said that twice they tried to correct her and she landed in hospital ICU with high blood pressure. Manik, I know that your mom suffers from low blood pressure and dehydration most of the time. There are very feeble chances of her getting high B.P. after a depressive or low episode. There are very high chances… and my sixth sense says that… she had tried to commit suicide…”

“What nonsense?!?!?” He glared at her.

She nodded, “Maybe, they didn’t tell anyone to protect their reputation… how would you know? You were always away… I mean — I’m not sure, that this happened… but my clinical acumen and your mom’s history says so…your dad has always been a busy man and you were always distant from them… she had support in Gaurvi di who got married and now has her own family… Trisha is busy in her studies and I observed her, she is a baby… she might not have ever realised that your mom needs a person to share her issues… Your mom has always seen life as responsibilities and household work… she doesn’t have a life beyond this… so nothing to look forward to… It is not necessary that there are clear-cut reasons all the time… some people are depressed for no obvious reasons… It is very hard to notice for family members because you all have seen her like that… know her well… you don’t expect or imagine anything THAT serious… I could quickly notice because I have seen my chachu and patients like her… her responses, behaviour, her words, her emotions, and her history – nothing is consistent… why I needed to push you to think about it because you were not even listening to me… I was scared that this issue was an old history of a psychiatric problem… I could see her getting depressed every moment, trying to cover up some way or the other… I didn’t want her to…”

He didn’t know what to say, except to notice that even after telling her to leave him and go, she was not pleading him to be with her. She was least bothered about that. She was firm on her stand and was still talking about his mom.

He softened a bit, “Listen, Nandini…”

“No…no…no… you listen…why I am saying so much… these people need just one trigger and this was a huge one… If you are feeling so let down, imagine what your mom must be going through. She must be shattered and hopeless… even if she is not bipolar, she will feel lost. You should stop them. BUT if she is one… and we can’t take chances… then, she will try to commit suicide again. Very soon.”

His heart was pacing hard. His throat dried and he couldn’t speak anything except that he was staring at her with a painfully clueless look in his eyes. He was still stoned when she stood up and held his arm to make him get up, “Go behind them. They have gone to the airport. I don’t what you are going to explain to ma…but you have to do it…don’t turn it into a regret of a lifetime… it is better to be safe than sorry…”

He couldn’t speak after this. He didn’t know why he was listening to her and whether she made any sense, except that her words stayed with him…

It was better to be safe than sorry…

He picked up the car keys and waited for her. She didn’t need an invitation to be with him. She did it instinctively.

They drove at a slightly quicker speed, reached the airport and almost went running inside. The visitor’s lounge was not very crowded as expected, in the late afternoon. After a thorough scan in all directions, Manik found his dad coming from the help desk of Indigo airways.

“Dad…” He rushed to them.

Manoj lifted his specks to set properly on his nose, almost in shock, “Manik…Nandini… what are you doing here?”

“Dad, where is mom?” Manik asked panic-stricken.

“There…” Manoj pointed towards a corner where Gaurvi, Trisha, and Latika were sitting with their luggage. He said, “There is no flight to Delhi before 7 pm. So we are waiting there.”

Manik nervously wet his dry lips running his tongue over them, and went to talk to his mom, who was leaning on her folded hand, settled on the armrest of the chair in the waiting lounge.

Gaurvi and Trisha were surprised too. They stood up when they saw Manik and Nandini at the airport.

“Mom…” Manik knelt down on the floor before Latika and touched her to wake her up. She didn’t respond. Not even, when he shook her again, “Mom…”

Gaurvi said, “Mom was very tired, so she took her medicine and slept.”

“Which medicine?” Nandini asked.

Gaurvi shrugged, “She doesn’t have a medication of her own. But she takes papa’s medicine when she feels her blood pressure is fluctuating.”

“What?!?!” This time Nandini was very furious, “Which medicine? Show me… how can you be so irresponsible… why do you allow her to do self-medication? You are NOT supposed to treat yourself…”

Gaurvi quickly picked up Latika’s purse and took out a strip of tablets, “This one…”

It was Telmisartan 40 mg. Nandini said, “She can’t be taking these … she is hypotensive and dehydrated with low water intake, all the time…”

Manoj took the strip from her, “But… in the morning, it was a complete strip… we bought it yesterday only…”

“That means, she has taken them all??” Gaurvi was speechless.

Nandini quickly checked the pulse and said, “It’s feeble but the pulse is there… she needs to go to the hospital…

Manik was on his toes by now, running to get a wheelchair to take her out and to a multispeciality hospital nearby.

She was immediately taken in the Emergency Room for gastric lavage and the treatment of overdose of medication started.

Nandini consoled nervous and apprehensive Trisha and Gaurvi. When Manoj came to her to thank her, she said, “Papa, I just want to know that last time you had a fight with ma after you corrected her, why was she admitted to the hospital?”

Manoj looked at Manik and then Trisha and Gaurvi, before replying in a sober tone –

“She had tried to commit suicide.”


That brings us to 1 year of Tangles & Ties…
I started it on January 1st, 2019… so It’s a T & T anniversary tomorrow 🙂

Thank you … each one of you … for bringing it this far…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So nandini was right again….manik needs to be thankful….we in ego or anger hurt the most important person of our life sometimes and don’t even realize…

    1. Manita V says:

      True. Whenever we speak without thinking, we end up hurting the loved ones…

  2. Anonymous says:

    eager to read the next part dear

  3. Anonymous says:

    When are you posting Fire and Ice? Eagerly waiting

  4. Part 87 – That was shocking. What nandini said about how it could be serious and how she lost her uncle was really shocking. Thank god at least manik listened to her for those two minutes and acted wisely and very fast. Otherwise what would have happened? Nandini was very right that she could commit suicide very easily and she did the same.
    His anger was justified. But his words were so painful that hurt very badly. I thought they would get separated when nandini said that she will leave and he didn’t try to stop her. I really appreciate nandini for her patience to talk even after getting insulted by manik and his family repeatedly.
    And now manik will know how wrong he was in judging her. She was only concerned for his mom all the time. Hope he will apologise to her for not listening to her and being rude to her.


    1. Manita V says:

      Manik calls Nandini impulsive but he is more impulsive and impatient than her!

  5. Dharani Devi says:

    Hey di..When will you start updating Beyond Every Borders??Eagerly waiting for that tooo…between you are doing an awesome job😍✌💜

    1. Manita V says:

      I will start updating Beyond Every Border only after Tangles & Ties ends. At present I am trying to focus only on one book at one time 🙂

      1. Dharani Devi says:

        Oh okay diii…waiting for that😍😍😍✌💜

  6. Manita V says:

    Dear everyone,

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  7. Chendubundu says:

    This was so gut wrenching update!! It must have been so hard for you to write it too!

    Those words Manik said to Nandini that he hates her and asked her leave – I know he is under distress and angry and uttered them…but once things settle down a little, and he understands the gravity of them, he will breakdown! Poor Nandu…even though she was shattered to hear what Manik said, she held her ground to help Latika out…Her calmness in thinking thru the situation has helped her convince Manik that Latika could be in danger, and how right she was.

    How lightly we take any mental health in India. People equate anything related to mental health as bad and they aren’t ready to get help either for themself or for a friend or a family. Growing up, we always joked around about being ‘pagal’,’mental’,’screw dheela’, but now I know how wrong we were thinking about such things so lightly, I feel very bad. Living in US has taught me lot of things, one being accept yourself and seek help if needed, there is nothing, NOTHING, to be ashamed of. We should be proud of it infact.

    I have seen close family and friends suffer from different psychological issues – Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, PPD. I have seen how different people approach the situation differently. The people who embraced the problem and were willing to talk to doctors, therapists, counselors were having steady and balanced life so far. The people who didn’t want their reputation effected are the ones suffering now – how I wish they took their kid to the doctor, therapists while there was still time…now that the person’s parents are no more and is in late 50’s, they do not have any support system. The siblings take care, but for how long? They can’t even do basic daily chores by themself.

    How I wish talking about mental health isn’t a taboo anywhere…


    1. Manita V says:

      Each word that you have written is powerful and important.
      Hope we get the similar clarity regarding psychological disorders in India as we have in foreign countries like the US and UK.

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    You write amazingly well.. Loving the stories 😍😍 I am so waiting to read what more is instore for us 😍 and also, where can Spark and Spice since the start??

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      Spark and Spice is offline and now being edited. Not online currently… sorry 🙂

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      Thank you for the lovely wishes… they are so so valuable for me…
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    1. Manita V says:

      You are right. Communication is the key… somehow Manik developed it with Nandini … all thanks to Nandini’s transparent personality… otherwise he is not someone who would go close to anyone… not even his family…

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    This is the bestest gift i got this new years reading all these updates together as i was not here for longest…. thankyou di for giving me this pleasure and joy..i can’t describe how happy I am…also heartiest congratulations for all of us in 1 year of this tt journey..i cant beleive how this 1 year passed away..seems its yday i saw the promotional video of tt and how i connected with you and your stories..how much you n ur stories are impacted in our lives and how you bring happiness to us ..this is you…be the same..never change and thanks for tt and being there for us always..i am speechless about all the updates which i read after the gap…u r like Mani Ratnam sir..such unpredictable and lovable love stories what you write for us…manan always in these stories and combination of you makes it a huge success…we love you loads di..happy new year 2020.happy tt first anniversary too…

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      Yes, it has been an eventful year Priya. I remember your long reviews after every update and you telling me how you got attached to the story.
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      Please… you’ve compared me to a legend… I am a very amateur writer who has been telling stories in her own way. Hope someday I reach even a trace of grandeur that MR sir has in his stories.
      Thank you for all the love
      Happy 2020

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        You are fantabulous…need to get into creative side soon..as i have always told you this..n u r the best..

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      Awwww… thank you
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    Nandini was really sensible and mature through in last chapter she did a blunder by specking without notice her surrounding but in this chapter it surprised me that how she calmly explained to Manik through she was hurt.
    I really can’t wait for next chapter to see Manik expression knowing Nandini had prove right about Latika,it will be one hell journey for Manik to make her mother agree for her treatment.

    1. Manita V says:

      Yes, mental health issues are a taboo even now and it is difficult to explain the patients and family both that they need treatment.

      1. sumaia sara says:

        In most of asian countries people take mental issue as bad thing like a bad disease,I wish some people have aware that it normal to go through mental break down,As Nandini told Latika became alone after all of her children hot settle down in their life and also after crossing a age many adult facr this issue.So I hope Latika will understand this and will take help.

        1. Manita V says:

          I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes, relatives and family avoid depressed people calling them clingy and attention seeling… while all they need is someone to understand their issues.

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