Taking A Break

Hello everyone,

On August 22, I wrote a post here – ‘A Ray of Sunshine’ — It was about how things were not going well on my side. I was trying to find some ray of sunshine in people close to me. It has been two months since then and the rays of sunshine have only been dimming at my end, with every passing day.

Things have only gone downhill. This is not a recent happening. It has been a few years now. I could see the catastrophe knocking at my door for a long time now, but like an ostrich, I kept my neck buried in the sand, hoping for things to get better one fine day. With a wide smile, I kept fighting with circumstances, till I could do it no more.

Some day, I will definitely write about it. But right now, I have no strength. I need that strength to gather my life again.

The worst part is that I can’t cry. A mother with two school-going daughters can’t cry. She has to wear a smile daily so that her kids don’t turn into a mess for no fault of theirs. A doctor has to see patients every day, treat them and assure them that they will be healed. She can’t let her mood affect her work. A counselor who talks to teenagers about how to keep up hope in every situation can’t allow her personal chaos to spill on to them.
So, it kept piling on, inside me.

I am absent on social media these days. I am not active anywhere, anymore. I’m not posting anything or replying to anyone because I didn’t want to spread despair or sadness.

So, yes, I am living through my routine every day with a smile on my face.

But the truth is that my entire world has collapsed. I have turned to ashes with no hopes of resurrection.

At this moment, I have a firm belief in only 2 things – God and His faith in Me, when he gave me these problems. He must have been confident that I will sail through them and when I look back, in hindsight, I can clearly see that HE had been preparing me for this day for so many years.
He made me stronger every day so that I don’t crumble. So that I can regain the strength and make use of it when I need it the most.

It’s time for me to reinvent and rediscover myself and make a fresh start to build my life again, piece by piece.

I Am Taking A Short Break Till Then! 

Love you all,

Take care.

P.S. 1. APOLOGIES for being silent to messages – I Am Sorry… I haven’t replied to any emails, messages, Instagram DMs, Twitter DMs, Wattpad messages or any comments on posts. If you sent a message to me, thank you! I’ve read them all but I didn’t reply to them. I couldn’t… I had nothing to say.

2. I have survived all good and bad times through writing. And I’ve always said that it had to be something really big to keep me away from writing. Somewhere, at the back of my mind, I knew that this day would come. I wish it didn’t. But things don’t go as per our wishes.

3. I hope I am away for a short time only.
I KNOW that writing will find me back. I just hope you don’t forget me, till then. 

4. Need Prayers.



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  1. chendubundu says:

    Hey Manita! Just dropping in to say hello! 🙂 Hope you are doing well and coping well.

    1. Manita V says:

      Thank you Saumya. You are a sweetheart 💖💖
      I’m better. I’ll be back soon

  2. luckysri83 says:

    Hello dear! I just read the post… I can only say you are a strong person and have a very positive thinking towards life…. I pray and hope you come out strong as always, stay healthy and be happy… God bless you Lots of love ❤️

  3. Shikha says:

    Hey!! I just read the post!! You are indeed very strong!! Please keep the strength going!! Shall surely pray for you!! Hope your and especially your daughters’ Diwali was good!! God bless you!! Stay blessed 😃

  4. Unnati Limbachiya says:

    Ok take care happy New year

  5. piya66 says:

    Wishing you a very happy Diwali di ✨🌟🌠

    1. Manita V says:

      Wishing you the same dear. Happy Diwali

  6. kalpana devi says:

    Happy Diwali Manitav. I hope every problem in ur life is solved.

    1. Manita V says:

      Happy Diwali dear

  7. gursheen says:

    Happy Diwali di
    Wishing you lots of smiles, a season of delight, memories warm and bright and the company of dear ones.❤️🌸

    1. Manita V says:

      Thank you dear. Wish you the same. Happy Diwali

  8. cancymegha says:

    Take your time, time is the biggest healer. We all know you are very strong. This phase will also pass just stay strong.

  9. lovepeehu says:

    God bless you. Praying for your happiness always. God will listen soon.

  10. lovepeehu says:

    missing your writings and you so much 😘😘

  11. Shivalli says:

    Love and strength your way always di! Talk and share to ur near and dear ones and other than that..bhagwaanji is always there:”)

  12. Bhumi says:

    Hi Hope you are feeling better.
    May God give you strength to fight all the difficulties in your life.

  13. Chandu says:

    Sent prayers to God to keep u happy & give strength n hope to fight the sadness always. Nothing can tame u writer.We knw that u will be back with a smile on ur face n heart..Take care Author

  14. Hi i cant abke to read sprk and spice story

  15. Anonymous says:

    Everything will go right and will be back to its place soon…you don’t have to worry just keep on fighting them coz god up there wants to check how powerful he has made you…and the time he’ll be satisfied you will yourself see the good change in your life soon…so keep calm n everything will be fine…n v all are with you 😊😊😘

  16. sd6324 says:

    All the good wishes & prayers for you on the way . May you get all the strength to fight your battles & emerge stronger than before . Lots of love 💓

  17. nakshi1990 says:

    Sending positive prayers for you…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Take ur own time, don’t take any stress

  19. Amayera Khan Amayera Khan says:

    Ma’am Mai aapki koi bhi story read nahi Kar pa rahi ho sabhi stories Mai page not found aa raha h please help me Mai aapki story kaise read karu

  20. Pritam says:

    Take your time. stay strong.we are with u

  21. Manita V says:

    I’m touched by the love and support from you guys. You are my strength and reason for happiness.
    Sorry for not replying to you individually… I don’t have that energy.
    Also, I have no idea about the names of so many ‘anonymous’ comments. I wish I knew who was sending that love and support, as I don’t forget kind gestures.

    Anyway, I hope to regain myself and be back to updating and staying in touch with you after the break.

    Meanwhile, I have taken down my books as I will not be around, and unattended, left free online, they have every chance to be stolen again.
    I have suffered plagiarism so many times, that it gets hard to not be scared.

    I hope you understand.

    I love Tangles and Ties & Beyond Every Border more than any of you. Rest assured, I will neither abandon them nor leave them unfinished forever.
    They are on hold, till I come back to be able to write and post again.

    Thanks and lots of love to all of you. Stay blessed and happy… always!!

    1. Azania25 says:

      Take your time di … and come back after becoming strongest
      May Allah bless you with happiness and gives you power to fight with problems…( Ameen)

    2. gursheen says:

      We love you so much do and you know that. Just take care of yourself and your kids. Sending you loads of wishes and prayers. Come back stronger and let no one dull your shine ever. You’re a fighter 💪 stay strong and I’m always a msg away😊

  22. sarmista says:

    Take ur time Dr. Manita..Come back whenever u feel..Until then we will be here waiting to see ur genuine smile back.. We all r like a Vartual family now who r here not only to enjoy ur writing but also to support each other wherever it’s needed.. Lots of love, strength n hug to u.. Stay strong.. U r alwys in our prayers..

  23. Anusha says:

    God will definitely give strength to such a wonderful soul….our prayers are always with you ….. Hope your problems finds a solution as soon as possible….

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don know what s going on in ur life, but sometimes its true tat time doesnt heal … some problems in our life is like tumour which cannot be cured.. how ever we try to hide it behind our smiley mask it will come around back to us.. but our breaking down should not be witnessed by some one who doesnt worthy of it…. i hope u will heal.. just like how u healed urself in ur past.. solution for ur problem will be within u.. search it.. please come back to us with much more happiness.. we will be waiting for u dear.. i miss u very very much..

  25. Meghana Karuturi says:

    May God bless you with the strength to sail through all the difficulties

  26. CHAHAT ARYA says:

    All the positivity and hopes to you

  27. CHAHAT ARYA says:

    All the positivity to you..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Don’t loose your hope Di. Everything is going to be alright soonest. Don’t feel like you are alone in this mess. You can talk to anyone of us if you want. Much more power and love to you.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Everything will be fine… I’m going through the same phase right now… But I wish n hope that everything gets better…
    I hope that everything gets well on ur side too…
    Will wait for ur come back…
    Loads of love…

  30. Pavani says:

    I don’t even know what to say di but can only wish for ur happiness . I hope this phase of yours will pass soon, and yes we are never going to forget you and your stories. Will be waiting for ur comeback.

  31. Diviya says:

    Just saw ur update and dont worry di take ur time i am praying god every thing will be alright soon and we wont forget u and u we know u will back with bang love uuuuu. Always there for u and take care of uuu . Yes we are waiting more power and love to you. u will win end of the day

  32. Amanisha abantor says:

    Hey. .. I hope you are doing well now. .. I don’t know what you are giigo through.. I just wish God gave u the strength to overcome all the obstacles. .come back with becoming more stronger di… Take care.. .

  33. Anonymous says:

    Everything will be fine dii

  34. Aruna K says:

    Don’t loose your hope. God bless you. May this phase ends soon

  35. chendubundu says:

    Hi Manita….I am short of words to say…I hope you have your family and friends near you during this tough time…I know how hard it gets when things don’t go the way we plan and everything starts to crumble around you and within you…I wouldn’t say to hang in there and it will pass…because I know how it feels to hang in there and hope that it will pass…please please find someone, anyone to talk…sometimes its a stranger who would be the best person to open up to…sometimes its a friend or a family…You have been a fighter and a champion since the past year I have come to know you…you have been nothing short of inspiration to me and many of your readers…will be there to hold your back, no comments, no explanations no judgements…if you need anyone to talk, please please feel free to drop in a message to me…I would be more than glad to hear you out…Take care of you and your little kids…Wish you all the Best and sending you all the love and courage for you during your tough time…

  36. Lavina Dsouza says:

    Don’t know how can I comfort you. But praying for you, Doc. Hope this phase passes soon for you and you come out of it stronger and happier. Take care, Doc….

  37. manini20 says:

    More power to u….things will get back to normal..dhire dhire…its a phase…pls dont shut urself…talk to person most nearer to ur heart….u will feel better….take care

  38. Vihaana Myatra says:

    Whatever life gives you,even if it’s hurts you,just be strong cause strong walls may shake but never fall down 🤗.i know god will help you with fighting your problems .take care

  39. Ambika says:

    Take care Manita.. sure you have to be strong for kids but for your own sanity please talk to someone or any of us. Don’t keep it in. We will always be there for you in any form u want us to be. You are strong.. you r in my prayers.. loads of love n hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  40. ekta Semwal says:

    Take care doc… You are a champion… You will sail through this difficult time too.
    Take your time and come back with a bang.. Will pray for your happiness and peace of mind 😊❤️

  41. ushgokarn says:

    God is with you…. Don’t worry…. Every thing will be alright. This bad phase shall pass soon…

  42. ramyaballa says:

    Don’t loose ur hope keep fighting everything will be alright be strong….come back with smiling we love you….

  43. suparnap12 says:

    God gives you lots of strength… take care di..I pray for you🤗

  44. Azania25 says:

    Lots of love and power to you.. may you get over with this phase really soon ..

  45. Anonymous says:

    Take your time , lots of strength and love to you, take care and hope you will conquer your problems like the way you do in your stories 👍🤗

  46. Sanjukta Chatterjee says:

    Take care Doc. Hope you conquer your troubles and come out smiling. 🙂🤗👍

  47. Piya66 says:

    Take care di.
    God gives you lots of strength and power to you.
    I pray for you di everything is alright in your life. 🤗

  48. ms.ambivert says:

    Dear Manita
    I believe that God will test one’s patience in handling tough times..I’m pretty sure that you’ll overcome all the hurdles and inspire each of us..Lots of love🤗❤..Good vibes to you..Be strong..Takecare di

  49. someone16sh says:

    Loads of strength to you di. coming back from worst is toughest . But afterthat we come out more stronger . God bless you .❤️
    And you’ll always be in our heart 💞 . Tight hugs 🤗 I hope everything you’re going through will pass soon .

  50. weirdfascinations says:

    Big hugs to you Di! I couldn’t notice your absence because I had my university exams but now that I am here, and I read your note, my heart goes out to you. Everyone deserved a break, a detox and you definitely do too! Hope to see you back with a bang soon:)

  51. Samia says:

    Hope you are okay. I hope you will be able to overcome your problems. More strength to you.

  52. farmanh says:

    Lots of love hugs to u sis. don’t worry everything will be alright…be happy..

  53. Fariqua says:

    Dii lots of love and hug to you, may god solve your all problems and filled your life with lots of happiness again. and you are always in our prayers , take your own time and come stronger like always and haa we are always waiting for you here no matter how much time you will take.
    Stay strong, stay blessed.

  54. Tanvie Sharma says:

    You have guided us so much through our bad times. You know everything better than us. You are one precious gem of a person in this world. You are very special for everyone!

  55. christinaeappen says:

    Manita di… you take all the time you want to heal, to be back again. We will be waiting for you here always. And we are always there to listen to you if you need to talk. Although I know that we cant be much of a help but if it will make you feel better or lift your spirit then we are here for you. Waiting for you to write again.

    Ti Amo❤

  56. Tanvie Sharma says:

    ONE LAST….you Are our STARRrr!!!! 🌟
    You will Shine again for sure! The phase shall pass soon. Nothing lasts forever if not good, not even bad ones!

  57. Guneet Sawhney says:

    Dnt worry n have faith time flies either it’s good or bad nothing is permanent God bless u with lot of positive energy

  58. Tanvie Sharma says:

    I have been through this phase too. At this point of life i won’t give you any motivation or hope or belief, faith, moving on because I know nothing matters. It just seems a waste and mere words which we can talk about. The reality is unacceptable. It’s extremely hard to let go and not think about it.

    The thing is we are all here for you.
    I will pray for your well being, happiness EVERyday!!!!!!!
    You are a GOD’s child.
    and you know, I know with time things are going to be alright. For now just feel whatever you feel like. Cry it out, share it with someone.
    We will WAIT!
    Forgetting you, not even our dreams!

    Manita Di you have all our blessings. We loveee you….❤❤❤❤ We Will Pray Hard!!!!! Trust me
    You mean a lot to us.

    We will miss you!!☺🌼 ❤😘😘😘😘

  59. lovelyrashu says:

    Though I don’t know what you are going through but what I know is that you are a very strong woman who will emerge out as a winner with some new experiences and some scars. The scars that will be the prove of the battle that you fought bravely both physically and mentally. Hope and pray that this Diwali will bring that ray of sunshine if not what you expected than definitely what you deserve. Sorry if this goes out of line but its better to walk empty then unnecessarily burden over your shoulder.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hi manita
    I will pray to God that you find solutions to all your problems and become more strong then before. I can understand little bit of how you are feeling as I am too a mother. So at least I know that much that even if you are too much hurt or upset about something still you need to keep a smile in front of children. If you need someone to talk I am always there to listen. As in sometime we need someone to listen to talk with someone

  61. Prabha Returi says:

    Hey Manita! I have told you before that you are one strong woman and we all look up to you and it is because of people like you that we are able to sail through so much negativity around us I really wish you all strength to endure this phase and evolve as a much stronger person.
    As you have rightly written, god challenges only those people who have it in them to figure out and fight the problems of life and I am sure you will sail through successfully. My prayers and best wishes will always be there for you. Love you.

  62. revthyagi says:

    I hope and pray that May God shower all His blessings to give you strength and bring peace into your life.
    Be strong and take care of yourself.

  63. lovepeehu says:

    My prayers are with you always Dii ❤️❤️
    All will be fine one day just be there till then. Be strong as you have been all this while and please don’t loose hope. Your brighter days are just near and you are reaching towards them soon. I know only you know how big and painful your situation is right now …..but I want to say that I love you, your kids love you and God won’t let happen more bad with you. He has planned everything and you will also get your happiness back soon. Please be strong some more days, keep fighting like you have been till now. I am there for you always whenever you need me really.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Shanayagold says:

    I just hope you find yourself in the mess of life dii. It is terrible feeling. It happens, at some point of time in life, we often lose ourselves and try to find us back. We become isolated, moody, etc. But you are a strong women who has kept a smiling face for the people around you to not get affected by it. And I also know that you will sail this phase of your life successfully.I just pray that whatever problem your facing gets scared and leaves your life knowing how strong you are. Take care di. I will never forget you and will always be by your side. Lots of love from my side……..

  65. chandrasan says:

    I was happy when I saw the notification but after reading the message, I dont know what to say!! I have been in touch with but i really hoped and prayed that whatever problems you are facing will come me to an end soon. This message is so disheartening! It’s tough to keep that smile when things are going towards downhill.. We will pray for U and for ur strength ❤ My Di will come out of this issue with flying colors💖

  66. rashmi0103 says:

    Hi Manita,
    Wish you strength to face all the challenges of life. O am sure, you will come out of this, if not for anything, or anybody, for your children. I have learnt from life experiences, Never Give up, noamatter how big the problem is. It may take time to come out of this, but once you come out, nothing can break you.
    Till then , we will wait . Yes missing your stories alot. Hope to see you soon. Take care

  67. Dear Manita Di,

    I am silent reader who is absolutely in love with every story of yours. But above that I adore and respect you for the lovely and positive, uplifting person that you are! All these days I had been wondering where you are, are you fine?
    And it is such a relief to get an announcement from you! Take your time Di. All of us are here praying for you and waiting for you to return. You are a strong woman, this too shall pass.
    The Lord will never ever leave you or let you down. In times when all else fails, only hope and His love give us strength. That strength is infinite.
    Lots of love and prayers! No one knows better than you that problems are temporary. That we will ride through them.

  68. PriyankaM11 says:

    A big hug for you Di… I knew something big has happened otherwise our Di never keep herself away from us..
    Once you have said me that if God has given us problems then he also gives it’s solutions.. And I know you are strong enough to fights with every odd thing. And you are like our Guardian Angel send by God so how can he keep you sad for long time? You are the reason of smiles of thousand people so he have to make you happy and smile again. And he will..
    May be this phase is hard you are not getting what to do? How to fix everything?
    But I know only one thing Di. Nothing remain same for long. Situations has to change. This phase will also pass.
    And we are their with you Di. With every step you take. Take all the time to settle everything. You will find us here only.
    I pray to Bappa that he will give all the strength to fight back. And will keep you happy and blessed always.
    Stay blessed.

  69. pixiepari says:

    Diiii !!!! Thank godd you gave an announcement….take as much time as you want di coz you are not among those whom we forget just because you stop updating…no !!! You are one of the most important part of all our lives….infact you gave me that strebgth to fight back all problems in my life then how can we forget you ??? I know my di is the strongest in this world…just dont loose hope dii

  70. rmlatha says:

    Here comes my hugs … do know that you and your girls well being will be in my prayers. You are strong and will come out stronger. Believe in yourself.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Every prblm has to be end some day we jst have to wait 4 that day nd keep hoping that the day will come soon.. we all are with u nd we will pray that ur all prblms will be solved nd dii i know that u r a one strong person nd i blv that u will deal every prblms… dnt loose hope, nd yes u can count me any time if u want to share things with.. im always a good listner… stay strong hope 4 the best🤞🤞..
    Yur readers will always waitting 4 u..

  72. kiran+arora(Ray_Sam) says:

    God bless you. Be strong.

  73. Manvi N says:

    Stay strong. We know u are a warrior. And god is gonna help you coz u are a strong, strong person
    This time too will pass and u are gonaa get out of it with a happy face…
    May god be with u

  74. Sassytwisterroll says:

    For a human being like you..who’s not turned her back towards God in times so difficult to sustain..I’m 100% sure, Karma will bite all of them in the ___ for doing wrong to you. We as readers have faith in you..we know you’re too strong to succumb into…just look for ray of Sunshine and till then all the energy, patience, good vibes to you. Fight!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  75. sushma0025 says:

    May GOD be with you !
    Not only now but all the time

  76. kalpana devi says:

    Hi Manitav be strong. Every problem with will have a solution Definitely but we have to wait for it. In the end all will be good and fruitful.

  77. kshamaapurva says:

    Hello Dr. Stay strong. Just remember Phoenix…… Lots of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  78. Anonymous says:

    stay strong.
    hum sab aapke sath hai

  79. kshamaapurva says:

    Hello Dr. Stay strong. Just remember the Phoenix …. Lots of ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hum aap ke sath hai. Kabhi kabhi life mai ese phasre aate hai jo humari inner power ko tod dete hai,parantu us time per apne aap ko strong rakhne ki jarrort hai aur hume psta hai aap bahut strong hai.phir hum sab reader jo silent hsi humarei tarsh vo bhi aapke sath hai.Apne life mai jo bhi negeti vity hoti use hope ki choti si kiren ko pakad kar dur kar dakte hai. Bhagvaan aapke honsalon ki pariksha leta hai .Hume pata hai aap sabka samna ache karengi.kabhi akela mat samghna.aapki ek silent reader

  81. Anonymous says:

    Stay strong dear ALLAH sab thek kariengy

  82. Nishi Purani says:

    I know u r strong enough to handle every situation still telling u don’t ever be weak and have a firm faith in God. He truly loves us. Be positive and strong.

  83. Muskan says:

    Stay strong dii
    Sometimes in dark you find stars . Everything thing is temporary. Very soon things will fall into place . My prayers are with you . Lots of love and positivity on your way . Just have faith on god .

  84. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni says:

    Thnx for the note. Relaxed after reading from you.
    I pray to God to give you needed strength to face the problem you are facing and wish to see you rise again like Phoenix.

  85. roselein mandala says:

    Was worried for you.. wish and pray whatever is bothering you goes away .. all is going to be well soon 👍

  86. Anonymous says:

    When I was in a bad state of my life, my brother told me , always imagine virtually 10 minutes in a day how u want your life to be and start believing it is going to be so, and always imagine it to be positive, reality might be anything ur not going to lose anything by thinking good and positive , so I gave it a try and has been working out great for me. Please think so, for example my kid and my husband were poles apart , so I used to imagine , they have sorted out their issues and both have got the love and affection a dad needs from his kid and the kid gets the due love and affection it deserves from it’s parents , 10 months down the road they both have started talking and sometimes eat together

  87. Ruchi says:

    Hi Manita,

    Hope you find the strength to fight against the issue you are facing and also hope you find all the happiness in the world at the end of this ordeal.

    Take care 🙂

  88. ~Shiv~ says:

    A big big and warm hug to you Manita 🤗🤗🤗 You are a strong woman and God will give you the strength to fight this through. Lots of love to you and your daughters ❤️

  89. Anonymous says:

    Was and always with you Di❤️ i pray that all your problems vanish into the thin air. And everything to be back to how you’d always wished to be.
    I pray for all the Optimist things in your life. And that you find your way back.
    You’re right. God’s with you. He will let you sail through the ocean. Just some testing times. Don’t know how grave it is. But i know you’ll pass it soon. If possible talk it out with your friend or any family member or any one be it stranger ,you’re comfortable with.
    Praying for you.
    Be back soonish.
    Lots a love to you from this end.

  90. Salriz says:

    I pray wat ever you going thru inshallah il get sorted lots of love n hugs ♥️

  91. Eraj Amir says:

    heyy!! whatever it is just dont lose hope and dont worry everything will be alright In Sha Allah. Love youu loads♥️♥️

  92. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Hey dii i was gonna msg you that what happened that you are not active anywhere and here is your post…i don’t know what are you going through right now but i really hope that you will be fine…bad phases do not stay for more time so i am sure and pray this will also get over very soon…stay strong dii everything will be fine❤️and we all know how much strong you are:)we all are with you and I’ll pray that this phase of your life gets over very very soon…we will be waiting for you to come back soon and much stronger…take care dii❤️lots of love and hugs for you🤗🤗❤️❤️

  93. Pooja says:

    Hugs to u Manita… I will always pray that whatever it is, God gives u all the strength to face it and it gets resolved at the earliest… I really miss u a lot but cannot be selfish to oversee everything.. I really hope the next note we see is a happy note from u.. that’s how we always wish to see u.. always happy and smiling .. lots of wishes and prayers dear❤️

  94. Anonymous says:

    God bless you ma’am♥️

    1. Anonymous says:

      alll d best u will be winner at the end of dayyyyyy u are bestttttt and yes u will be sunshine alwaysss and definitely u will get peace at the end of day


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