Spark & Spice

**Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you who celebrate it and believe in it.

Belief is the only thing that drives us forward and makes our inner support system. May our belief in goodness, love and humanity never die.

May Lord Ganpati bring peace and happiness in the lives of every one of us** 

~ Ganpati Bappa Morya ~



Spark & Spice is the story of two seemingly perfect people, both quiet and reclusive, both calm and composed before the world and satisfied with what life has given them.

They have stable careers, relationships settled by elders in which they are supposedly happy and content and they have a cool routine life…

But when they meet by chance, they realize what had been missing in their lives till now.

He is Spark! She is Spice!!
Together, they are Explosive.

He rocks and shakes her quiet life; She brings his stable life upside down.
He adds spark to her plain life; She fills spice to his mundane routine.

And they are unable to ignore it, no matter how hard they try!


~ I’m excited to post this story once again.

~ I have loved and lived this story for almost six months from Feb 2018 – September 2018)
That was the time that I used to write one story at a time… I used to post daily updates of this story and Fire & Ice. Sometimes, twice a day too I have updated.

~ Spark & Spice is too special to me because people started taking notice of my stories with this story. I made friends with most people along with this story and most of the readers know me by Spark & Spice!!

~ Also, it was kind of a star for me 😀

{ At Wattpad, this story was Highest #1 in Fanfiction/ #5 in Romance

It had 1 M+ Reads and 164K likes… ( ignore this bit of show off :)) }


I’ve decided to post the exact story that was posted on the wattpad and not the edited version. This is exact, word to word, the same version of story posted at wattpad…

Thank you for all the love and support… I’m here for all of you…

Love you all…. sooooo much!!!


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Spark & Spice: Prologue

Chapter 1: Nandini, the-sweet-and-simple, Murthy

Chapter 2. Harshad, the-dude, Malhotra

Chapter 3. Alya, the-diva, Saxena

Chapter 4. Manik, The-Rough-n-Tough, Malhotra

Chapter 5: The Last Word!

Chapter 6: Relationships, Not-Meant-To-Be

Chapter 7: Cabir, The-Cool, Dhawan

Chapter 8: Angel on Earth, or Not?!

Chapter 9: Not Your Fault

Chapter 10: Justifications & Denials

Chapter 11: Hate You!

Chapter 12: Valentine’s Day 1

Chapter 13: Valentine’s Day 2

Chapter 14: Valentine’s Day 3

Chapter 15: The Party

Chapter 16: Matters of Heart

Chapter 17: Nothing Called Love

Chapter 18: Burden & Pain

Chapter 19: New Avenues

Chapter 20: Adorable Challenges

Chapter 21: When Eyes Betray

Chapter 22: It Matters

Chapter 23: An interesting job

Chapter 24: Ouch! It Hurt!!

Chapter 25: Pangs of Jealousy

Chapter 26: Happy Place

Chapter 27: The Presentation

Chapter 28: Clubbing & More

Chapter 29: Mr. Boss

Chapter 30: Difficult Road Ahead

Chapter 31: Checking In

Chapter 32: Towards You

Chapter 33: Lips Don’t Lie

Chapter 34: The Feels

Chapter 35: Formidable Flames

Chapter 36: Unstoppable Us

Chapter 37: Adorable Acceptances

Chapter 38: Careless Whispers

Chapter 39: Differences & Difficulties

Chapter 40: Let Go

Chapter 41: Retrospections

Chapter 42: Compulsive Impulses

Chapter 43: Arrangement of Convenience

Chapter 44: Another Step Forwards

Chapter 45: Let’s Get Talking

Chapter 46: Hold Me Tight

Chapter 47: Another Proposal

Chapter 48: Pride & Prejudice

Chapter 49: Confusion & Contemplation

 Chapter 50: The Final Decision

Chapter 51: A Pain That Connects

Chapter 52: Presence in Absence

Chapter 53: Major Missing Happening

Chapter 54: Rockers & Shockers

Chapter 55: The Response

Chapter 56: Escapist Malhotra

Chapter 57: Make Me Feel Alive

Chapter 58: Avoidance & Acceptance

 Chapter 59: Love You… Forever!

Chapter 60: Love You More!

Chapter 61: The Bliss

Chapter 62: Few Minutes More

Chapter 63: A Rough Patch

Chapter 64: You Are My Remedy

Chapter 65: For Me?!






Be Continued with More parts tomorrow…