Spark & Spice: Chapter 18: Burden & Pain

Nandini was not willing to talk more and Manik was not willing to let her go without forgiving him. Roaming around Eiffel Tower around couples celebrating Valentine’s Day was no fun either.

They were sitting on another bench at far end of the stretch before the Eiffel Tower. Finally, she raised her hands in air, “Manik, my mind is too messed up right now. I can only talk after a few days.”

“Nandini, please don’t make me feel more guilty than I, already, am !!”

“See!! Once again, you are bothered about yourself. You need to know that it is not always about you… Your feelings, your apology, your guilt!! So, basically… Nandini Murthy should forgive you, so that ‘YOU’ can sleep well at night, free from all the guilt! Right??”

He gave her a look of disbelief, “I think your sensors are all damaged. Do they always pick up wrong signals?? Why don’t you do something about it??”

“Wow!! Manik Malhotra!!! What a joke!! But I’m so not amused!!”

“Your problem!!” He stood up with a jerk and paced around the bench, to and fro, to release his frustration, “I haven’t apologised to this extent, to anyone in my life. Now if you want to show attitude and take it on your ego… that’s upto you!!”

“I think ‘your’ sensors are damaged … for you clearly didn’t understand what I just said… I just said that my mind is messed up ‘right now’… I can only talk ‘after a few days’… and if you really want to do something for me, please drop me to the hostel, or else I’ll book a cab!” She stood up too.

“Wait!! … I’ll drop you…” Having no choice left, he called his driver to bring the car to a specified spot at the square, sent him back walking and took the car with Nandini to the area that she had mentioned.

“You don’t want your luggage? Change of dress? Personal articles??… I mean… You can’t just shift at a new place without your stuff? Are they even open at this hour?? Have you talked to them?? Will they allow you to shift right now??” He kept asking so many questions, one after the other and when she didn’t reply, he turned his neck to her. She was observing him with her lips pressed.

On normal days, she would have been floored with ‘this’ care and concern!

But not today!! She hated him today!!

She hated him for she knew that he was an amazing man, still he had hurt her terribly!! She hated him for being soooo good to everyone, except her!!! She hated him for being soooo amazing to Alya!! She hated him for being the more responsible one, more qualified one, more respectable one and more accountable one out of the two grandsons of Malhotra family!! Why was she not chosen for him???!! Why did he have to be taken already… by Alya??!!!

Why did he have to lie to her, about Harshad?? Why did he keep alive her hopes regarding Harshad?? Why didn’t he tell her before?? Was he confused?? Why did he have to think of ‘everybody’… each-and-every-body…except her!!! He was sooo caring… why?? He came running to look for her? He didn’t need to search her and apologise? But he did!! She hated him for hurting her!! And then taking care that she was fine!! Why?? She hated him for affecting her to this level! She hated him for being so attractive! In fact, she also hated herself when she was not accepting his apology!! What was she thinking… Truly, she was not in the right state of mind…

She just knew one thing – that she truly, truly hated him!!!

“What are you looking at? I asked you some hundred questions?”

“I have only one reply to all those questions – ‘It’s not really your business’… !” She clicked her tongue looking away in disgust.

“Yeah! You are right! I’ll first make sure that it becomes my business, then!”

“What does that even mean?” She stared at him, clueless.

“You won’t get it!!” He shrugged and pulled the car at the parking spot near Rue Hassard. They walked holding the map and she pressed the bell of an old looking building.

A senior lady opened the door and scanned them from tip to toe.

“Bonjour!!” Nandini wished her and opened her mailbox in the phone and showed her the mail interactions in last one month between the company and her, about her training and internship, hostel accommodation etc.

The lady smiled and allowed her in. She spoke English. “Please come in!”

They were taken inside to reach a small reception area where she was asked to sign a document and given the keys to a room which she had to share with two other girls.

Manik, looked around in the meanwhile, made weird faces and shrugged when she turned to him.

“Nandini… I think you should give it another thought!”


“It’s a dingy, little building and by the state of the maintenance, I can guess that the rooms will be small and messy… and sharing that with two other girls?? It’s going to be awful!! Please come with me to our mansion. This place is going to be difficult!!”

Looking at his face, she nodded and smiled, without answering him. He shrugged to ask her what she meant by that. She smirked, “You have no idea what ‘difficult’ means!”

He was speechless after that. She had a weird bliss on her face after reaching the hostel and he couldn’t understand why she had to be so different from every other girl he knew of! She was willing to struggle and accept a difficult path… for her dignity and self respect!

He nodded, “Okay! If you have decided, I ‘respect‘ your stand!!”

She smiled, “This is the ‘first‘ sensible thing you have said in a long time! Good going!!”

“I’ll send the driver in the morning, with your belongings and luggage!!”

“Okay!!” She accepted that. He turned to go, but she called him, “Manik…”

“Yeah!” He stopped and turned back.

She gave him his phone, “Your phone… I don’t need it!!”

“Please keep it, Nandini. We’ll be assured that you are safe. And you might need it at night…or anytime…”

She opened her mouth to refute his offer but he interrupted her in strong words this time, almost on the verge on getting angry, “Keep it!! At least, till your phone starts. Return it after that!! I hope, this much you can do for me!!”

“Alright!” She kept the phone in her pocket, “Goodbye!!”

“Did you forgive me??”

“I haven’t thought about it. I need some time…”

“Nandini, I explained to you about my thoughts and feelings… I had to do it… I was…”

She interrupted him, with her hand raised flat before him to stop him, “Manik, I’ve heard all that…”

“But you refuse to understand!!”

“I’m tired. I’ll think about it and tell you!!”

“Excellent!!!” He clapped before her, “Wow!! So… When, by the way, are you going to tell me?? You are coming to meet me or am I supposed to roam around your hostel and training institute??”

“We will meet some day… maybe!!”

“Maybe??” He huffed in disbelief. She got to be kidding!!! … what did ‘Some Day’ even mean??

“Yes… Maybe…” she shrugged.

“And what am I supposed to do till then?? Hope that Miss Murthy will forgive me and relieve me of this burden… One Fine Day!!!”

She became very serious, “Why not?? … You hold this burden for a while, while I will hold this pain…


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  1. This is so thrilling for me as I am reading this book for the first time…My dream come true…As i have heard a lot about this work….It gives me kyy feels when I start reading this book…No words…I can imagine your power of writing….As many years down the lane you wrote this book and it still remains as fresh as tt n beb.thats your power di…Keep up the spirit…Just can’t stop boasting about you and your work di….Amazing…fantabolous…Speechless…I have not commented on other chapters as i was too curious to read ahead…I would be giving my experience through comments when I am reading it again ….What a title spark n spice….That prologue was mind blowing…Love you di..

    1. Same feeling same excitement to read further 😍😍 magical writing it is. MaNan are true love ❤️❤️❤️

  2. It was just awesome.. 👌 and I am soo amused about what will be next things which Manik will do for the first time. 😜
    Hope Nandini’s pain will be reduced and they will meet soon. ❤

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