Spark & Spice: Chapter 105: Love Me Tender


His lips grazed over her forehead and touched her lips in a feather-soft peck as he whispered. “I need you…inside…”

She inched a step closer to him and whispered, “Take me…” With that she crawled her hands up his chest and turned that feather soft peck to an intense kiss.

Their proximity had always been more of a communication than just sex. It was the way they wanted to and tried to take one step ahead in their relationship. Each night and each day of intimacy was a journey, an exploration, a conversation on its own. He treasured every such moment with her.

As he tried to deepen the kiss, he was surprised when instead of opening her mouth for him, she pulled apart from him, within a second. He frowned and opened his eyes, only to find her staring at him with a look of disapproval.

“What?” He shrugged.

“Manik Malhotra… you are not kissing me again, today…you smell like those shrimps and mussels and squids and lobsters that you ate…” She spoke in one straight sentence.

“E.X.C.U.S.E ME!!!” He was flabbergasted, “That’s just not possible…”

She pulled away from him and walked away to go inside the room, shutting the balcony door once she knew that he was following her.

For a moment, he didn’t know what to say. To be accused of stinking breath was highly unacceptable, especially moments before what could have been a session of passionate lovemaking.


She turned to him, after closing the balcony door and drawing all the curtains on the glass door and windows. Folding her hands across her chest, she raised her face and chin towards him and said, “Yes?? I’m listening…”

He confidently raised his hands to explain, “See, this is not even possible. Maybe, it’s something else… maybe you got confused…”

“Hmm?” Nandini loved the cute, confused look on his face and tried not to smirk. “Then, what do we do?” She asked sweetly.

“Check, once again?? Please??” He requested.

“Err… Okay!” She agreed as if she was doing a big, big favour to him.

He turned her around to settle her on the working desk near the TV console and made her sit at it to bring her to ‘his’ height. Placing his hands on the table, one on either side of her, he slightly lowered his face towards her and brought his lips right before her lips, closing his eyes.

She impulsively caressed his cheeks with her fingertips, carefully hiding a smile… How lovable he looked with eyes closed, waiting for her to check and tell him if there was any residual smell of seafood in his mouth…

Which obviously was the biggest prank on him, by his very own wife…Β 

She bit her lower lip with a visible grin, which he couldn’t see as his eyes were closed. Holding her smirk, she moved closer to him and took a deep breath near his mouth. She wished she could sigh evidently, as her heart beats were rising higher!!

Goshhhhh!!!! He smells so divine… so tempting… almost irresistible…

Softly touching his lower lip with her lips, she teased his mouth to open, held his face to steady it and dragged him closer before she passionately kissed him. Surprised, he kissed her back, so sensually, that she was stirred. Every little cell in her body wanted to explode at the touch his lips over hers. For a moment, she was lost in his kiss and wished for it to go on…

He quickly detached from her and raised his brows to ask about it, as if dealing with a technical issue at work. THAT serious he was about perfection!!

“What, now?”

“Hmm!! Yeah!!” She sighed sadly, “I’m sorry, Manik… It’s the same shrimp one…”

“Really??” He had a shocked look on his face. “Yuck!!! Noooo!!!! I had a pint of beer after that… and that is supposed to wash down every smell of sea food and non-veg food…”

“Ohhh… now I get it…” She made a face, and jumped down from the desk to move away from him, appearing very serious, “So, this weird smell is actually the beer mixed with ‘that’ smell ?? Look, it’s really unbearable… we are not sleeping together tonight…”

“What The Hell!!!! What’s that supposed to mean?? I took a shower and brushed my teeth twice after coming back and … I even used that mint mouthwash… How can… it…”

He had no idea how adorably he was trying to explain himself, almost like a school kid who missed homework. Nandini tried hard to hide the smirk that dared to appear on her face but she kept her end strong for some time. He went on and on to argue how he couldn’t be smelling bad as he couldn’t smell it. It had never happened with him. She pressed her lips to hide the grin.

“Will you be comfortable on the couch, tonight??” She asked him, turning away to pick up a cushion, pretending to arrange his bed on the couch.

Too late!! He had already noticed that little smirk of tease on her lips…gave it a thought and realised that she was lost when kissing him… It was ‘him’ who detached this time…

In one quick move, he grabbed the cushion from her hand to toss it again over the bed. She tried to walk away but grabbing her wrist within his fingers, he yanked her close to him, “Uhh-Ohhh!! So… my breath stinks??”

Her smirk refused to go, so she turned her face away for a second, tongue-in-cheek, and tried to break free of his hold. She tried hard not to grin but she couldn’t stop it. There was no point in teasing him anymore. He had caught her, already.

“You think I should sleep on the couch, tonight??”

She grinned more when he twisted her wrist to bring her close to him. He pressed his lower lip under his upper teeth and grinned too, before he said, “You really got me on that… There, I was explaining myself like an idiot…And here, madam was teasing me… ”

She smiled gloriously from ear to ear, as he held her close to him in a hug and she tried to break free, “That makes the scores even…”


“You teased me mercilessly at dinner. I thought you should taste the after-effects too. Go…go… go… please go and eat those octopuses and sharks…”

He laughed. “You’ve named every edible sea animal with that…”

She tried to retrieve her hand from his hold and jerked at it but he turned it towards her back bringing her closer in this process, not leaving the sight of her eyes, even for a moment. She used her other hand to hold him at his chest, to balance her. He cupped her face with his free hand, and whispered in a seductive voice, “By the way, I loved the way you checked it… Why don’t we do it again?”

“We are not kissing again… and we are definitely not making love…” She challenged him, with a visible grin.



He loved challenges. And when the person posing the challenge was none other than his sultry wife he was turned on beyond any limitations. With her hand captivated in his hand, behind her back and his other hand on her cheek, he held her gaze with the most intense look in his eyes, with their eyes locked into each other as if the world ended at them.

He murmured almost over her face, “Sweetheart, you have no idea, how you’ll have to pay for this…”

She loved this look in his eyes. This look was precious. This look was hers…
It belonged to her. He held it exclusively for her!
It said that she was his propriety and no one could look at her like he did!

Even she was hoping for a kiss at this moment. But she couldn’t let go of the impulse to tease him when she got the chance…Β How she loved to test his patience and fuel the fire… He kept pulling her closer and she continued to struggle to break free.

“So, tell me how I breathe? You nearly crushed my self-esteem to bits and pieces.”

Clutching the fabric of his vest in the grip of her free hand, she raised one brow and twisted her lips, “You smell too tempting to resist…”

He was obviously pleased. “So why are you even trying to resist??” He whispered before claiming her lips for a kiss, so possessive, so soulful that she could stay lost in the flow of sparks it created from his body to hers, from his mind to hers and stirring his soul as much as hers.

She blushed. His moves on her lips, the way he possessively stroked and caressed her lips through the kiss and the way he kept drawing her close to him… everything was such a reminder of how he sparked up all the electric wires in her body… making her feel paralyzed within his hold… leaving her with no will of her own.

She separated from him and moved away towards the wall, as leisurely as she could. She was in no hurry and he was impatient. Her hand moved sideways to switch off the main lights. Only a soft glow of a golden fairy light lined by the window and balcony remained on.

He followed her. His fingers created magic on her shoulders, her neck, and her cheeks, raking through her skin, eliciting sweet impulses. Mesmerized by the spell, she tilted her neck slightly letting him delve deeper, step closer, kiss her neck intensely while he tucked her back to his chest.

His hands reached her front to undo the sash of her overall and slid the over-all shrug, away from her shoulders, so that it dropped down on the floor, leaving her in peach, satin, spaghetti strap camisole, and satin shorts.

He turned her around and gave a strong peck on her lips. She moaned in pleasure and opened her mouth for his tongue to explore her as it roved through the insides of her mouth. He didn’t disappoint her. He kissed her deliciously, only to pull away after a few seconds. She leaned towards him, for another kiss, but he made a cute pout.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!! Didn’t you say we were not supposed to kiss tonight??”

She rolled her eyes with a sheepish grin on her lips, “But…You never listen to me…”

Before she could step away, he held her elbow to stop her. Sliding his hands up her arms, he slightly tilted his neck, observing the flawless glow on her cheeks. She reveled in the glory of his heated gaze over her. She lifted her chin up and squeezed her eyes.

He grinned, drawing her closer. She didn’t speak. Simply moved her head up in a questioning gesture.

He murmured, “Somehow, you always seem to know how to spice up even the tiniest moments of my day… God!! You never let me be by myself… you occupy every recess in my mind, every space between the breaths I take, you rule sigh and smile that I ever have…”

“Do you love it? Or do you hate it?” She asked, moving closer to him, their noses almost touching each other.

“I hate it that I love it so much!!!”

His voice was the huskiest when he said it, turning her spine into an aching arch. She sighed. Almost as a cue for him. She wanted him as much as he did and none could wait anymore. There was no point speaking more to reply to him. She was craving to show her love in gestures and moves.

“Nandu…” He whispered so softly, it felt as if even his words were desperate to caress her. He wanted to say more before she stopped him with her fingers on his lips, surprising him. She tiptoed to curl her hands around his neck and kissed his cheek. A lopsided, teasing grin danced on his lips.

They knew how helpless they felt at this moment.
A fire had lit through them, consuming them equally in a slow burn. She knew that she couldn’t wait longer than this.
He knew that too!
With increasing urgency and decreasing patience, they were both struggling to take their love a notch higher, deeper and more intimate than just holding and kissing.

In a smooth but strong move, he lifted her and carried her to the bed, his eyes unable to leave her and his hands holding her delicately and carefully, like she was a doll.
This unspoken connection between them was what they had earned in last few months. They didn’t need to spell out each and every word to communicate. They understood the language of gestures, eye-locks, touches, and kisses.
This was insanely beautiful.

He settled her over the bed, teasing his lips over her ear lobes and her neck, knowing very well by now, that they were her sensitive spots. She writhed in pleasure, moaning his name. It was more than enough to work up to stir his desires. Taking off her camisole was always his favourite part coz it made her blush and lower her eyelids. Even after so many moments of intimacy. She squirmed. Her shorts, his vest, and tracks followed.

When they kissed again, each kiss kept getting more urgent, more fiery and passionate, driving the breath out of them. His hands worked on her body as if a craftsman molded wax around a petite statuette, measuring and smoothening every curve to its perfection. His lips followed his hands, urgently and passionately kissing her everywhere on her soft skin, nibbling and licking over the spots that made her moan slightly louder, finally leaving her throbbing in need.

She couldn’t fathom why every moment of lovemaking felt like their first intimate moment of love. She could still feel the same heat, same intensity, the same feverish eagerness coursing through her veins.

She flipped them over to smear over him, the same love and pleasure that he had been showering on her with his touches, kisses, and caresses. He lay on his back and she leaned over him. He closed his eyes. One look at his face and she found him so vulnerable and so unguarded that her heart skipped a beat.

For one moment, all the fire and intensity and urgency inside her, calmed down…

This was the moment, when she felt so drawn, so tied to his baby-face that if someone asked her for her life to bring some peace on this man’s face, she would have given it readily.

How he always pretended that everything was fine, just so that everyone around him was safe and secure. How he took all the stress and worries on himself. And now, his world had been limited to her. He protected her and cared for her more than his life.
How on earth can anyone not love him. She realized that she had fallen in love with him all over again…

And she was going to do that for her entire life – fall in love with him again and again…

“Manik…” She moved her fingers lovingly, on his lips.


She took a deep breath and sighed, with a barely audible confession, “I love you…” She whispered with her nose caressing his cheek.

“I love you, too!” He opened his eyes, only to be locked with hers before she kissed his forehead, his cheek, and his neck so intensely that he couldn’t stop himself from kissing her all over again. Kisses and caresses followed one after the other till it left him feeling more aroused.

He flipped them again. But this time, the intensity went several scales higher… her hands roving on him showered all her love on him as she stroked his back and combed through his hair, struggling to bring him as closer as possible… so did his hands and his legs around her, sneaking so confidently as she was right below him… his foot brushed her sole, tickling the softest spot on her big toe.

Making mindless, crazy, passionate love wasn’t about a physical madness for them. It was an emotional connect at a level where the two of them could be craziest with each other physically and yet be in sync emotionally. It was so private a moment that it was almost spiritual. She respected his wishes and he almost worshipped her.

It was a magical, mesmerizing, fascinating journey which sometimes felt like a fire burning them and consuming them… and sometimes like a shower of first rainfall in the dry desert… as if gestures of heated demands alternated with cool surrender…Β  as his intense passion merged with her calm tranquility… it was about all the contrasting feelings, existing together, woven, amalgamated seamlessly into one… just like these two individuals in love were always blended together to form one, despite all the differences between them…

This night was a beautiful journey where the physical forms made love and the formless souls made a connection that was much beyond any definition of love!


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    I love conscious Manik πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. He was so scared to even think that he smell bad .

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      He is THE MANIK MALHOTRA… the elite, classy, high fi hunk of Paris. It must have felt like something unimaginable even in dreams, to him :)))

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