Spark & Spice: 2. Harshad ‘the-dude’ Malhotra

“Guys, the bar is about to be closed.” Friends informed the group who had been drinking non-stop and dancing to the tunes of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’…

One of them advised others to move out of the club and head to their homes, when one strong voice stopped them.

“Guys, when Harshad Malhotra is here, no bar can dare to close down.” He danced his way to the bar counter where the bartender refused to entertain him. Harshad treated him with some innovative cuss words and called for the manager.

A phone call, a cheque and a flash of his card did the magic and the bar was kept open till the Sun of Malhotra kingship chose to shine on the face of the Paris party scene.

“Dude, you are awesome! So hot and so powerful!” These were the words girls used to stay in his good books and managed to ease into his car and sometimes to his bedroom. He didn’t complain. He didn’t mind. He had everything to make him the most desirable, eligible, irresistible bachelor in the town. If a wannabe girl was trying her hand to get her future secured, she had every right to do so. And if Harshad used that instance to his benefit, he was not forcing someone to go by his wishes… His simple theory did wonders for his male libido!

“What are you plans for tomorrow?” One of his friends asked.

“Tomorrow, I’m busy. I have a modelling assignment to finish… I’m leaving for Versailles tomorrow and then I have to finish recording the last song of my album. Then we are done. So this coming week is going to be crazy man!” Harshad informed his guy friends who were about to disperse after a long night of partying.

“Amazing!! I would give my right arm for a life like yours.” One of them commented with a twinge of envy.

Harshad smirked, “Even Harshad can’t buy that life selling his right arm… You can only be born with that kind of luck!!”


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