Spark & Spice: Chapter 1: Nandini, the-sweet-and-simple, Murthy

Please note that this is exactly the same story that was plagiarised at wattpad, word to word.


“Nandini,” Meera Murthy called her daughter from the living room hall.

Nandini Murthy, 22 years old, a pretty face with expressive eyes, left her work and rushed to the living room like an obedient daughter. Meera Murthy was sitting on the sofa with her hands folded before a man who looked like a saint. She spotted Nandini coming there and asked Nandini to bow before him.

“Panditji… Nandini is here. She is going to Paris tomorrow. She has a scholarship for a training in Fashion designing. Bless her so that she is saved from every evil eye.”

Panditji looked at Nandini and smiled before he closed his eyes, chanting a mantra which was hardly audible. Then he took out a black thread and rotated it over Nandini’s head while she folded her hands and bowed her neck before him. He tied the thread at her arm and blew some air around it, saying, “Never take it off your arm. It will save you from every harm. Behave as per your culture and values, nothing will come in the way of your success. May God bless you!”

Nandini nodded to agree to his words. Panditji blessed her with his hand on her head and then addressed to Meera, “Don’t worry about her. She is simple and a sweet child. Nothing evil can touch her as she is a pure soul.”

“Thank you, Panditji.” Meera smiled and was relieved.

After Panditji left, Meera went to Nandini’s room to help her in packing her bags, with loads of motherly advice for her, to which Nandini kept agreeing with a soft nod of her neck and a simple  smile on her lips.

“Nandini, you are going to stay at the Malhotra mansion. They are stinkingly rich and extremely influential family in Paris, a completely different class from us… please take care not to let your parents down, there.”

Nandini smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, ma.”

“To be honest, I didn’t want to send you there. I was scared for you but when Gayatriji got to know of your scholarship and training, she insisted so much that I couldn’t refuse. She was your grandmother’s best friend and she had promised your granny that she will make you a part of their family. This is the reason, when she was here, two years back, she wanted you and Harshad to meet.”

Nandini blushed, “I know.”

“But, both of you couldn’t meet. And this is the first time you will be meeting him. Are you excited??” Meera probed her.

Nandini lowered her neck and blushed more, “I’m nervous.”

“Why?? You have been in almost-a-relationship with him since two years. Gayatriji made both of you talk on phone… you exchanged emails, write mails to each other, chat and talk on phone and have seen each other’s pictures. Now, they want to announce your engagement… I have asked you before as well… I am asking again… do you like Harshad??”

Nandini shrugged and nodded, with a soft smile on her lips, “I don’t know much about him… but yeah… He’s nice.”

“Are you happy, beta?” Meera probed again, “You may be my adopted one, but you are close to me like my real kids… don’t think that I will leave you to fate… I really care! Malhotras might be rich and high society people, but we are not sending you there just because of that.”

“I know.”

“Now tell me clearly, how do you find Harshad?”

Nandini sat down on her bed, folding her dress, “Ma, he is nice. He is soft spoken and usually talks about his music album and international travels. I don’t think I will have any problems with him as he is a chilled guy with no proud airs around him.”

“Thank God! I was hoping to hear this. Now my tension is relieved. Ever since Gayatriji chose you for her grandson, I was really anxious about it… whether you will be able to match up to their expectations or not? whether you will be able to understand their lifestyle and will be able to adjust according to them or not?”

“Don’t worry, ma… I will try to do my best.” Nandini assured her.

“Okay, look at these clothes that I bought for you. Do you like them?”

Nandini threw a casual glance at a bunch of kurtis and jeans that Meera had taken out from a jute bag. She was not used to buying things for herself. She didn’t even know what her choice was. Whatever Ma bought, she liked. She never complained.

Looking at the clothes, Nandini smiled, “They’re nice!”