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25 books to be given as promotional event. 

Announced on the day of Book release ie 15.07.2020


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Most frequent questions and answers

Well, it is a promotional event. And since it is my debut novel, I am hoping to increase the visibility and reach through this giveaway.

By an unbiased random lottery system. They will be announced on this space as well as the Book Launch page on July 15th, 20202

Since we are living in uncertain times due to Covid 19 and lockdown. Also, the terms of book delivery are being revised every day. For Indians, we will ensure sending the physical paperback copies. But if there is a delay or technical issues, you will be sent ebooks.

Intenational winners will be sent ebooks only.

It will be posted on the official page on July 1st. I will also read some excerpts on podcast, in the coming days. Join the official page to know more and stay in touch.

Please Write All 4 id's used to follow the above social media accounts and enter. That's it.

Other Winners of the Book -

  • Beta Readers
  1. Anchal Shukla
  2. Samvidhan
  3. Dhvani
  4. Tanya Garg
  5. Puspita Das
  6. Akriti Tiwari
  7. Rakhi Mehta
  8. Shreya Rana
  • Winners of The Teaser Quiz – 
  1. Tanvie Sharma
  2. Bidisha Mohanty
  3. Haripriya
  4. Rosann

Rest of the winners will be announced here on July 15th, 2020. Kindly check this space.

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