Hello Dearies,

I’m late for this week’s ‘My Corner’ post, supposed to be posted on Saturday. But this Saturday, 3rd, was my birthday and so I didn’t get time to write a post.

I make a lot of resolutions, every now and then – on New Year’s eve, on Diwali, during Ganpati festival, on random occasions, etc. So, doing that on birthdays is another ritual for me 😃
I love making to-do lists and writing resolutions in my diary. I achieve some of them, while break others, and carry them ahead to next list😃😃

So this birthday, once ah-gainnn, I’ve made a longggg list to resolutions, hoping to stick to my schedules, related to work, family, health, routine, and that includes this blog as well.

I hope I can do some of them!!
I believe that all human beings work differently. And so are their ways. The best way to achieve your goals or do your work is to identify what kind of person you are and then keep reminding yourself that you should follow your natural instincts and mannerisms. Following someone blindly will never lead us anywhere.

As for me, I am someone who lives by deadlines and to-do lists. If I have a task before me, I will stay disciplined. I make a list, assign task and deadline to each and then work to finish it. When I had to finish ‘The Masquerade’ I was working day and night to get it on track. Once, it got published, I became too relaxed. And since then, I have been fooling around, too busy(read, lazy) to make a new target. The same happened with my blog, stories, and every creative work. Because obviously life is such a whining, cribbing baby that it wants your attention all the time. You only realize it later that while you were attending to life, as such, you missed out on a lot of things you needed to do for yourself.

When I am not following writing deadlines, I am definitely much relaxed, more eager to follow up on other important schedules, more available to friends and family, but on the other hand, I keep missing out on my stories, my thoughts, my readers and my blogs that keep me grounded and calm.

The truth remains – that life is too big, too wide, too deep, and too enormous to be grasped in our little fists. It’s like flowing water, like dry sand… No matter how hard you try to hold it, it keeps slipping away. No matter how much you want to have a slice of everything, something will keep missing out. You cannot have everything of everything…

And the essence of life lies in the manner how you find the balance to stay happy in this chaotic mess.

So, finally, here I am, another year younger, hopefully wiser, trying to become better than myself in every way that I can. But with a promise that I will keep writing. And I’ll be here with my posts and my stories, first here on this blog, and later as books.

I have made some schedules for my stories and upcoming books and hope to stick to them. I will share them once I am sure that I will be able to live up to them. Don’t want to keep you waiting until I adjust to them.

Thank you for being patient with me. Love you for your support and encouragement. I try my best to appreciate the love and kindness that I receive but many, many times I am not able to do so. It is hard to give individual shout-outs that people ask me to do, every single day. It’s tough to reply to every mail and message. But please know that I care. Apologies if I haven’t replied to your messages or mails.

Hope all of you are doing fine in your lives. All my best wishes are always with you.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

Lots of love. Always.


PS – I have a surprise as my birthday gift for all of you. More about it in subsequent posts.



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