Open Letter to Another Fraud

Dear Reader,

I won’t call you a writer as someone who can’t think of an original Book Title or New Character names for people she claims to love… CANNOT BE A WRITER!!!

You follow me, read my work and have commented on my books. You clearly know of how much mental agony I went through when dealing with plagiarism not ‘just once or twice’ as you claim… but many times…

Still, you shamelessly go ahead and COPY my Book Title ‘Tangles and Ties’ for a new story on Parth and Niti and also go on to name them ‘Manasvi and Anshuman’ copied from Beyond Every Border!

And then when someone points that out – You yell like an illiterate that ‘just because it happened with me ONCE or Twice… you have every right to ONLY COPY character names and book title’….What’s the big deal??!! Right!!

Niti and Parth as Manasvi and Anshuman in Tangles & Ties!!!! 

Written by you?? Am I missing something here??? Don’t they rightfully belong with me??

I am not even able to understand why someone would do this stupidity, other than an attempt at seeking attention. I am seriously appalled and disgusted… not only by the theft but MAINLY by the shameless acceptance of the same…

Another copy2Another copy3


I’m amazed, appalled and disgusted at your arrogance.


Another copy1


You JUST copied the NAMES and the Book Title — ONLY!!!

What am I supposed to do now??? Thank you??? Or Be flattered that you found them so good??? Or maybe, Thank God that you ONLY Copied THAT??

My lawyer says that I shouldn’t wait for other parts of the story to be copied too… and take an action right away!! Thanks for commenting on this blog too… I have your ip address now!

I’m writing all this here as I tried talking to you on DM but you are adamant that you ONLY COPIED BOOK TITLE AND CHARACTER NAMES.

My dear… let me phrase my lawyer’s words for you – Character names – especially a pair – ‘Anshuman and Manasvi’ fall under the copyright act. And same goes for the Book Title too.

Just like ‘Manik and Nandini’ as a couple and KYY are copyright products of BBC, VOOT and Richa Ma’m. They allow fanfictions only because that helps the show to stay alive. Otherwise, they can sue any writer any day, for writing stuff on MaNan ( This is not my assumption. This is my thorough research on plagiarism. I’ve been through more than you can think of)

And, sorry, I am not allowing fanfictions on my creations right now.

You got to take them down!!!

So my points –

  1. You cannot be a writer!! Period. A true writer will always understand the plight of other writer and will be ashamed to copy. Writers crave for acknowledgment and appreciation for their creation. They don’t go on copying stuff … a true creative NEVER does that… In fact, they try to remove things in case they accidentally come across as something similar… They cannot admit that they couldn’t come up with good names so they relied on other’s brain.
  2. You cannot be a Fan… or even a remote wellwisher… you are harsh enough to do this to me – spoil my day… my peace of mind… and resorted to cheap tactics to be noticed. So STFU on your being a fan and adoring me… You will walk over someone to be noticed.
  3. I checked that your writing style is dramatically different in this new story from your previous stories!! Trust me, I will find out from where did you source the story too… Someone who can copy title from one story and names from the other will copy content from some other third story. Simple and logical??! 


Being senior to you in age and experience, I will give a piece of friendly advice to you and everyone who copies things –

“This world may be a slightly bad place, but it still belongs to good and honest people. My parents always say that.

Karma gets you sooner than you can think.
And honey, trust me on this – Copying, stealing, cheating has never done good to anyone… they will never take you anywhere… 


All the best to you! May God bless you.

PS – When I should have been sleeping, or focusing on my stories and other things in life, I am dealing with this nonsense. You have no idea how people like you traumatize writers and hundreds of innocent, genuine readers.

Do message me after 4-5 years and let me know what a failure in life you have become. I will be waiting here for all those of you who stole someone’s creativity. You will come back, I know… because without apologizing Karma hardly lets you move on!


EDIT – Screen Shots to prove that I was right. Even her content is copy pasted from different sources.









I am amazed at this. Never knew that a story could be written like this too – Copy paste from everywhere and assemble and compile to make one story. SLOW CLAPS!!

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  1. sarswati rajendra suryawanshi says:

    I m sorry manita. Because what i m going to say here may hurt u. But when i read her msgs i understood that she did a mistake. She is a school going kid and u dont understand anything about plagiarism and copy right in schools in India. And even if u have heard it, u dont understand its depth. Copying is wrong they know but if u r asking someone and then copying then its the right thing for them. I understand u have been through so much issues such as this in ur whole life as writer. And obviously her msgs irked u. But i think when u told her that she have done a fraud, she understood it and she have taken down the stories from wattpad and apologised for that. The girl have acted immaturely and have made a mistake but she also apologised for it.I think u should speak to that girl and make her understand abt the consequences of such acts.And other people, plz understand i m not supporting the girl or her act of plagiarism. I m juz pointing out some facts. Manita, plz consider my points and then take the decision. I will support u in whatever u decide.

    1. manitavb says:

      Hello Saraswati,
      I appreciate your comments and presence on all my stories. Thank you!

      Now that you have raised this issue here, I would like to add some things which I have written above but I think you missed them. So, I will write again for you and everyone else who thinks I didn’t talk to her.
      Before posting this open letter here, I DMed that girl on wattpad and as a rule, I am NEVER rude unless the person starts misbehaving. So, in my nice language, I told her that she had copied stuff without asking me and that was morally wrong. She should change the names.
      She refused to take it down outrightly. She was adamant that she had done nothing wrong in it. She misbehaved with everyone who talked to her and stayed stubborn about it that ONLY names and title was copied.
      It is THEN that I wrote this letter and threatened her for a lawsuit… She was unfazed even then.

      Next, my readers found that entire story was lifted from here and there. So I messaged her that she is caught now!! She can’t be saved because we were going to inform other writers too, whom she copied.

      After that she started apologizing so that I don’t file a case against her, which I haven’t done considering that she is a school girl.

      I am so sure that if she wasn’t stopped in right time, she would have continued copying more.

      Thank you.

      Take care.

    2. manitavb says:

      After reading your comment again – I would like to highlight –

      1. I did talk to her on DM before making it public. I really thought that she did a mistake, until she started misbehaving with people.

      2. She did NOT ask me before copying. She accepted it after someone caught her.

      3. She was explained about plagiarism and she kept saying that only names were copied while readers found the content googled too.

      4. After threatening, she apologised, not after realising the mistake of plagiarism

      5. I still haven’t taken any action. Considering that she SAID that she is a school girl… taking a risk that when you don’t take action, others get a message that you can do that with her…

      Taking that risk on me, I haven’t taken any action.

      1. sarswati rajendra suryawanshi says:

        I m really very sorry Manita. My main concern was abt her age and her knowledge in these issues. I deal with so many students who actually do not have any idea abt plagiarism and copy right even if they are doing engineering. They actually dont know that copying is an offence and people can sue them for it. And i thought it to be the same case. In this age and without knowledge, they make such stupid mistakes and as a person who knows abt these things, it is our responsibility that we should make them aware of these laws. Thats why i asked u to speak to her and make her understand. But if she dont understand the gravity of crime she have done, u should make her understand it in way she will understand and that is by taking an action against her.
        I really want say i m sorry once again.

        1. manitavb says:

          Don’t be sorry dear.
          I understood what you were trying to say. I meet teenagers every day and talk to them about their issues.
          Same way, I did talk to this girl, who was adamant not to understand even when someone is clearly explaining to you.
          Even then, I haven’t taken any action, as in her last apology she spoke about being a school girl and that she talked to her parents.
          I hope you understand

  2. Komal saini says:


  3. Heaven to hell says:

    Yup di .. karma will play it’s game… No need to worry… But it is really indigestible…. I don’t know who people got this courage…

    1. manitavb says:

      I am still trying to understand why will someone do such a thing which is very much in the public eye. How long will it sustain, without getting caught?

  4. shygal9 says:

    Hey Di.. How are you feeling now?…I know this is a very difficult phase for you.. such a strong you are but please don’t think of quiting writing please… You’re a inspiration to many girls like me… while there are people who are trying to break you by throwing obstacles at you but there are more who want you to fight through every obstacles they throw out on you and emerge as a winner…i know this one more palgarism thing has left you very dishearten and I know we can do nothing about your situation but to tell you to be strong.. just keep writing di don’t stop writing.. your fans are waiting for you to come back and update your stories. 😃
    Yours faithful fan.

    1. manitavb says:

      I’m good sweetheart.
      I was upset and I was irritated but I will not quit writing. For sure 🙂
      Lots of love. Keep smiling.
      Thank you for all the love and support.

  5. Manita di's fan says:

    Oh my god
    Look at the height of stupidness
    She is saying as if she has done something great and ppl should appreciate her
    I seriously think she should be sued
    Because of people like her , the TRUE and CREATIVE writers stay away from writing
    Please stop these kinds of acts .

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s so annoying every time why kab samjhy gy yeh log writer jo hota hay jisko stories likhny ka shok hoga hy os ke pass khud ke ideas hotay hay creativity hoti hay tabhi wo writer banta hay yeh writer ban gaye story title nd story main leads ka naam lo kisi aur writer se isko chori bolty hain kisi ki hardwork ayse use mat karo plz
    Manita di ap ne sahi karma zaror dehkita hay sab nd plz be strong we all reader with you

  7. ramshidajasmin says:

    Such a stupid grl ..aftr knwng tht you hv d copyright she still copied 😇😇 height of stupidity Wah grl wah …karma vl com t u…nw sit n pay for ur deeds..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think she is a big time idiot.. She copied and is acting like she has done something mahaan and everyone should be very proud of her.. The time she took to assemble other writers’ hard work it would have been better if she would use her own brain to write something new.
    I am sure she learnt a really good lesson and is ashamed for what she did. She had no other option but to delete her wattpad account. May God give her some common sense and conscience that next time copying others’ hardwork does not even cross her mind.

  9. nakshi1990 says:

    She needs to be sued…. To learn lesson in future, to learn that she is wrong…. definitely… Go on manita…

  10. Priya says:

    First of all I am so shell shocked by such an irresponsible reply from the reader who after stealing the title n character names telling its a mere thing…It’s heights if being irresponsible immature n stupid…Where are you going to go with all these friend… Understand success doesn’t come in short cut…I know you would definitely read all the comments on this blog..The writer di has received so much love,popularity and acknowledgement because of her hard work ,passion and dedication..You think you can just get all these by just copying her title and character names..It’s really disgusting..Also copying some random work from somewhere will lead you no where..Do you think we will go ahead and read whatever you just write on the same title..It’s a sheer disgrace that at this scenario people still involve into this type of activity..Finally its an ultimatum from all the fans not only for you but for many others like you who are getting into these kind of activities for gaining attention popularity or whatever…Please restrain from such deeds further on…Or the consequences which you or someone who involves into such activities have to face from loyal readers like us will be unimaginable…Please this could be the past piece of advice from all of us..Don’t don’t don’t do this again not only for our writer also not for anyone else..It’s their precious hard work which they have put heart and soul into it..Thankyou for reading this and understanding our emotions..Whatever it is we will relentlessly support our writer di…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi manita Di please forgive me for what I am done I am really really sorry, yesterday at night it old my parents about this and they made me realize the gravity of my mistakes. I am am immature school going who thought that she could copy parts of someone’s work and get away with it. I am really sorry for what I have done I am really very sorry. Please forgive me. I promise never to do it again. I am sincerely very sorry. I have deleted all my works a double my wattpad account. Hoping that you. Could forgive me. I am really sorry.

  12. Sanjukta Chatterjee says:

    So angry at that stupid girl! Please take legal action against her and let everybody know what happens to such thieves. Because that is what she is. Take care. God bless. Love.

  13. Tarana Satwath says:

    Majority of people in the world now a days are like these people.. selfish and insensitive.. with this kind of people around us things(like plagiarism and many more such wrong things) are very likely to happen every now and then.. we just need to be strong and overcome these things and move on with life (this is my mantra of survival otherwise life will become too difficult to live).. I jst want to tell u is I love U and ur writing.. stay strong and dont let people like her control our life and decisions.. Im sorry if u find my message dissappointing.

  14. chendubundu says:

    I am so sorry for you have to go this mess again and again! I really dont understand what part of “No Copying”, “Plagiarism is crime”, “Copy Right” do people not get. Living in the US far past 15 years I know how serious of an offense it is to copy some body’s hard work. You are being too kind and just giving a warning, here they would get their behinds kicked and put in jail for that.

    Its not “just a title” or “just character names”, it is considered as plagiarism if the original author is not contacted and given you permission to use(as in for citation purposes only!!!!) the names, characters or titles. In India we are not taught about how to value and respect originality in anything – be it writing, movies, songs, ideas. We need to teach our children to respect the creativity of other to use it as an inspiration and not to copy.

    I am truly sorry for all the stress and anguish you are being put through with no fault of yours.

    1. chendubundu says:

      And we will always be with you!

    2. manitavb says:

      You have put it out so aptly.
      It is almost considered a norm in India to plagiarise and get going with it as the rules are not that tough. Things are changing though.
      I hope parents teach their kids to respect someone’s creative property and consider it as valuable as material possession.
      A theft is a theft. Period.

  15. Aayushi Pithwa says:

    This is just not acceptable… People need to understand the words CREATIVITY and WRITING… These has to be a writer’s own thinking and perspective only… It can be inspired by someone but not bluntly copied… !!!

    Dii.. i just wish that all such incidents don’t effect your genuine readers… Because your stories have become our bedtime routine…

    But atlast whatever decision you take.. I am with you… ♡♡♡

    1. manitavb says:

      Don’t worry. I care about my readers a lot!

  16. Shipra Jha says:

    This kind of people deserves to be in jail at least for a weak and I am truly amazed the way of her coping stuff

    1. manitavb says:

      Me too… I was shocked at blatant acceptance and then thinking that she did nothing wrong.

  17. Srija says:

    Oh God!! Just can’t understand what’s wrong with this kind of ppl.. why can’t they just read stories n appreciate it… Instead trying to earn love for what they do not own it… Just hope that this issue gets settled faster n the action tajen should be a threat for any other ppl who even think of doing it… Loads of love n support…

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for the support. I’ll see to it that such people don’t get away with this kind of behaviour and attitude

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think she deleted her wattpad account.

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes. She did.

  19. ekta Semwal says:

    Hey bhagwaan🤦 such copycats have no shame..

  20. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Woww!! Can’t believe like how can someone be so shameless nd stupid too!!!if she doesn’t have that much thinking power to create her own story title nd character name why the hell is she writing?!this is not called a real writer!!totally ridiculous this she knew how much u went through during wattpad time still she has to do it wow man slow claps for her👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻if u were her favourite na she couldn’t have done this in her thoughts also..copying someone’s hard work won’t get u anywhere in life at all…nd dii u have done the right thing by writing this note she should be punished for this thing..nd we all are with you in this🤗we stand by you always❤️

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much.
      That’s what I made as points too – Calling herself a fan and then tormenting the one you look up to. I don’t even understand.
      Also, she is a regular reader since wattpad days. She used to comment too. I remember her.
      One needs guts to do that to the writer you are interacting with.

  21. myworld_myrulz says:

    I’m speechless.. How can someone be like this.. Covering her mistakes instead of accepting it takes her no where… A true writer is someone who writes his/her own thoughts n imagination in words not coping from someone else… I know how much effort u have to put to write these stories n to protect them from plagiarism. U had faced alot before moving them to WordPress.. Don’t be disheartened.. Stay strong… We support u.. 👍✊

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you dear.
      I’m good. And will soon get over this. It’s like becoming an everyday thing, these days.

  22. Ashadeepthi says:

    We are with you Di… have been kind to all those copy cats till now…. It’s your goodness and maturity….. But now plz take necessary actions.

    1. manitavb says:

      I will do that, certainly

  23. Prabha Returi says:

    Manita! This is really horrible and just goes to prove how pathetic this person is and I feel sorry for her for having chosen this path to carve a niche for herself. I understand how it affects a writer when their work is copied. My heart goes to you for having faced this problem time and again and you being a fighter have always bounced back with more vigour. I just wish you loads of love to be strong enough to deal with such negativity around you. Love you and God Bless!

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much Prabha for all the wishes. I’m so glad to have you beside me since years now. You know how I shifted from india forums to blogspot, then wattpad to wordpress. No site is safe, I guess.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Feel really bad for you..stay strong di.. please take necessary action against such people.

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for the wishes. I’m fine 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is so disgusting aise log bade hi dhit hote hai, you should take action so that next time wo log jo apne aap Ko so called writer’s Bolte hai unko achha sabak mile aur aisa karne se phele wo 100 baar soche. We all know how much effort you put in all your stories aur jab aise things hote hai to aapke mental peace par kaisa farak padta hoga , don’t worry everything thing will be alright and we will support you hamesha . Stay strong always ❤️

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for the support dear. I will make sure they don’t do it again.

  26. Asha says:

    I don’t write BT I can feel what you have been through that too again and again.. I am and will always be with you.. more power to you..❤️❤️ please take necessary action against such persons

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you dear. It means a lot to me 🙂

  27. vedaanand98 says:

    Hey writer do whatever you want to do with her , we all are with you and i too have noticed that story. , it has same tittle and characters as yours
    This is the limit of plagiarism , first they copy your work and then shamelessly accept it. I am tottaly done with them and yes i request you to please take actions against her so that they got to know the true meaning of copyright
    And yes thank you to introducing me from wordpress , here some are very good writers and awesome bloggers .
    I actually fallen in love with their works and offcourse yours too
    Thanks once again

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes, I agree, there are really talented brilliant writers at so many places. It’s just that we need to open our eyes and hearts for them 🙂

  28. rajirath says:

    To people who copied
    SHAME ON YOU !!!

    MANITA ,
    All your efforts taken before moving to wordpress has been fruitful! You now have her ip address and i think that you need to take action against such people.

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes, I have her ip address and email id too

      Thank for the support

  29. Leena says:

    This is really unfair… ..she is so shameless…
    We strongly support you..

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you.

  30. rajirath says:

    Feel really bad for you.. no words can bring any peace to your troubled mind. But we are here for you as your pillar of support. Pls stay strong .We love you and your work a lot

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you. Means a lot to me.

  31. ~Shiv~ says:

    I’m appalled at the fearlessness of that girl. Or her stupidity that she went ahead with it despite being warned of the legal repercussions. This is beyond terrible. More power to you Manita, your post could tell the anger in you. These people won’t understand unless an action is taken against them.

    Do they not have an iota of information on plagiarism rights, rules and tools to identify fraud?

    1. manitavb says:

      I’m too upset right now. But I know that I’ll be fine. I’m afraid I’m getting used to it

  32. roselein mandala says:

    I don’t write , so I might not understand the depth of your agony .. but I would like you to tell you .. love you .. will always be there for you boo 😘😘🤗🤗🤗

    1. manitavb says:

      Love you too. Your ‘being there’ matters to me. Thanks

  33. Narmeen Kaosar says:

    Allah apko sabar de

    1. manitavb says:

      Aapka bahut bahut shukriya!

  34. piya66 says:

    Di take action against her than she will never do anything like this… stupid and shame less girl just wait Karma hit you back very hardly

    1. manitavb says:

      I will do that Piya

  35. Madhuri53 says:

    Oh….Why this always happens to you….that too so frequently. now she agreed that she stole character names and title and eventually she will try to copy some parts or scenes from your story. I think you should take a legal action against her and stop her doing this. And hope this taking action will scares others too.
    I just wish god that he will help you to be strong and find strength to cope up with this


    1. manitavb says:

      She has already copied the rest of the story from different writers… googled the stuff and compiled at one place

    2. manitavb says:

      see the edited post for more screen shots — copied content

  36. sassytwisterroll says:

    Why is this person being so stupid?
    Don’t they know, that while creating a story , building characters and naming them is a crucial part , also the title.🤦🏼‍♀️
    It’s an open fraud. And we support you because this is all your hardwork, your thinking, your plotting. And if you want you can take legal actions also. Whatever might be we’ll be there for you!👍🏻

    1. manitavb says:

      She has copied the content too… from other writers from various websites and facebook
      Story title and characters are mine… rest from here and there

      Look at the edited stuff for screen shots of the copy.

      1. sassytwisterroll says:

        Oh my! Why even assembling parts and presenting it as a brand new story. When there are no inputs from her side.
        What’s the need!! Arrghhh! Is she insane?
        You toh take action.

        1. manitavb says:

          I will do that!

  37. chandrasan says:

    In the world manan ff writers where they use arranged marriage, arranged saga, arranged love etc etc. U have come up with unique and beautiful title ” tangles and ties ” She is stealing ur creation and shamelessly defending her action 😡😡 this title and u both are so spl for us too that’s y we can’t tolerate this shit. more power to you di 💪💪

    1. manitavb says:

      Edited my post for more screen shots of the content she copied from other websites

      1. chandrasan says:

        Just saw it, this is so ridiculous and unacceptable!! Copying someone’s hard work she may never know or understand what a person go through to reach this point.. Their struggle to get things right and in a way they wanted. It takes time to creative such amazing stuffs. I still remember ur tweet for beyond every borders that this story was in ur mind for abt 2-3 months. She just within a second copied the characters name. I can’t digest the fact that out of all ppl she being a reader of ur stories done this such a looser..

  38. chandrasan says:

    It’s happening to you like n number of times. It’s so disheartening to know such cheap ppl can go to this extent. Ur anger is understandable and we support ur decision of taking legal action. Please go ahead, these ppl should be given reality check varna they will keep on doing shits and at the of the day U will be the one who get affected by someones cheap stunts. Stay strong di we are there for u always❤

    1. manitavb says:

      Actually, it happens with everyone. Some writers don’t even get to know that their stories were being copied at some other place.
      I’ve been lucky that I was timely informed by readers. I am thankful to them.

      1. chandrasan says:

        Perks of having loyal readers who love ur books and U like anything!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    This is too much!!! Such shameless people!! And look at the way she is talking…. No sense of guilt!! She isn’t even aware of what she’d done!!

    1. manitavb says:

      She is shameless enough to even realise that it IS a big deal!

  40. chandrasan says:

    How could she say it’s just “title ” and “character”.Dont she know what it means to a writer here u are dedicated a blog for aspiring writers there she is copying ur work. Good ppl always face worst things. Look at her audacity to defend herself 😡

    1. manitavb says:


  41. AnanyaDas23 says:

    Shameless nd Cheap people!! Its highly disgusting!!!
    Do take legal actions !!
    We’re there with you Di ♥️
    Your sincere reader,
    Wattpad id-AnanyaDas23

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much Ananya. I’ll take care of her.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Not again, this is the third time it’ll be happening. Just because of this reason previously we lost touch to stories like spark and spice. Had miss “writer” taken your permission for using your title before starting her story it would have still made a slight sense, but she did that after being threatened by someone so obviously it’s just an act of damage control. But now it’s high time you do something serious and severe because you definitely deserve more than the mental harassment of changing platforms again and again with your huge chunk of books.

    1. manitavb says:

      Plain insensitive and Harsh.
      Especially when she reads me and knows everything that happened in the past…

  43. Heart882 says:

    Fully support you these kind of people should be taught a lessons, and the guts of this person calling herself your fan after knowing the plight and distress you have faced due to plagiarism is appalling. Stay strong as you are truly loved by many and supported too.

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much.
      I agree, you can’t cause so much pain to someone whom you call your favourite. It’s inhuman and insensitive to cause so much mental distress.

      1. Heart882 says:

        Yes totally support you in this.. like this is just the limit of shamelessness …. hope u are mentally relaxed and do not worry you have thousands on your side and the truth will always win… love u di

        1. manitavb says:

          Love you too dear. I’m doing good. Thanks

  44. Diviya says:

    And dont let affect this things doc, and yess these things only make you more stronger and yes please dont forget to take action as this cheap people needs to know what happen when someone steal someone hardwork.

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes. They make you stronger and I am doing good.

  45. Diviya says:

    Suchh shameless creatures😤😤 as they copied pls doc take action against him and they need to learn that what will happen when someone try to steal hardwork. Pls take action against her

    1. manitavb says:

      I will take an action

  46. weirdfascinations says:

    It is so heartbreaking to know that some people take your efforts for granted. As someone who has been reading your stories since more than a year, I can understand how you feel. Some dimwits really don’t deserve to read the great stuff that you write. :/

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much.
      I’m glad you are with me since so long 🙂
      Lots of love…

  47. Keyura says:

    Since you had copy righted everything,you can take action against her…we all are with you …
    At the end your hardwork wins..
    Take care

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes, it does. Thank you dear!

  48. krinal310 says:

    Such a sick minded ppls …. Don’t worry di, everything will fall at their place. We are with you

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you dear!
      Your support is my strength

  49. Deepa says:

    Hey manita Di ek Kam Karo aap apni sari stories wattpad pe se delete Kar do yahi ek tarika hai inse chhutkara pane ka. They r shameless and heartless unko koi farak Nahi padta par apki mahenat waste ho rahi hai plz do it I m always with you take care

    1. manitavb says:

      Saaru stories wattpad se deleted hain.
      They are not on wattpad 🙁
      Thanks for being with me.

  50. Sujata says:

    I just don’t understand…. if they have time to copy word by word as they can’t copy paste or copy names and significant things. Why don’t they give just few thoughts to write there own. They can even fathom hardwork I guess…. I feel so awful that you have to go through with same thing again and again. Please do take serious actions. If you will not take serious actions now they will not you seriously.
    You love writing don’t let any one come in between. This war is not only yours but of every writer who has pen Downed anything and others have taken acknowledgement for it.

    Please don’t feel stress. We your fans not parth and not but your fans are with you

    1. manitavb says:

      No, I won’t let anyone come between my love and me. And yes, I am working on what to be done next.
      Thank you.

  51. prachipandit says: hurts to know that someone is copying ur hard work….We r there for u…. Always remember that there are many true fans of ur work ….Who respects ur work….I m one of them….Never stop doing it bcoz of these nonsense people….#manan #pani

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much. It means the world to me 🙂

  52. Priyanka Biswal says:

    I jst dnt understand why the hell they are doing this with u again nd again, cant they jst think of their own stry if they wnt to write something.. my advice to all those copy cats is that, if u dnt know how to read a stry then plz dnt write, dnt copy 4m another strys, they give there all the things to write a stry nd plz guys by doing all these u can not achieve anything in life..u gus wnt to writer so 1st understand a writers point of view .. nd its jst shmefulness totaly…
    Much more power to u didu😇😇, i jst cant imagine how strongly ur deal with these things.. so so proud of u always.. nd rememer we all are with u always nd forever😍😍

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so much sweetie. I am fortunate to have so many people supporting me. What else do I want?
      Lots of love to you.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is really bad. I just hate these type of things. I can understand how you feel.

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Seriously how someone so low ND how can do this rse log bhi hai yaha really

    1. manitavb says:

      Exactly. Low self-esteem and poor morals and values.

  55. Pooja says:

    I am glad about the actions u r gonna take.. such ppl deserve it .. it will just serve good to her.. she will learn a lot of lessons very early in her life and may be she can make use of it in a right way.. it’s disgusting to see how ppl can be so insensitive and irresponsible and moreover defending their actions with such confidence..

    More power to u Manita.. these plagiarism attempts have just made u more stronger to deal with such copy cats and I can’t be more happier to see this side of u ..

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you Pooja. Yes, these attempts have kinda hardened me. I used to be too soft. But now, I’ve become stronger.

  56. Amela Khan says:

    Shameless creatures…take actions against them…

    1. manitavb says:

      I will do that. Thanks.

  57. Saba Khan says:

    Genuinely upset !

    You should take some serious action against her 🙌🏻

    Every fan of yours are standing beside You 🙏🏻

    Lots of love,respect and strength Di You got this ❤️

    1. manitavb says:

      Thanks a lot. I really needed this support. Means so much 🙂

  58. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what people get by Stealing stuffs like this??One shd alwys use their own creativity when it comes to writing..Don’t they feel little shame by copying ideas n stories like this just to get some followers, likes and comments.. Seriously. These people r beyond my imagination..
    I fully support u Manita di, in this matter.. N I m really sorry that u r facing all this due to some immature n shameless people.. You anger is fully justified.. Whatever step u will take.. As a reader, I m alwys with u..

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you so so so much.
      Love and support poured after a setback helps to push away the darkness creeping in. Thanks again.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it enough for them that uh have stopped writing on wattpad gone through so much and still came up with a solution only for ur readers that now again they have to do this . I MEAN HOW INSENSITIVE one can get …nd man I would just like to tell that girl that uh are nthg but just stupid to every possible height .. copying content from claimed blog and then also accepting it so casually .slowclaps ….
    We people are toh stupid and even manita is .Now I seriously feel she needs to stop writing here I MEAN HOW much will she suffer bcoz of some random dumb ppl .

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for your love and support. It really pushes me forwards and motivates me.
      Much love to you too.

  60. Azania 25 says:

    This is totally ridiculous. If people don’t have enough thinking power to think and creat your imagination into words , then why the hell people need to become a writer . Stealing r coping someone’s work doesn’t gives you fame r success . U need to earn it through hard work instead of stealing someone work .

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for your love and support. It really pushes me forwards and motivates me.
      Much love to you too.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Crap people , god knows how they can even sleep after doing such stuff

    1. manitavb says:

      Thinking that it wasn’t a big deal and they did nothing wrong

  62. Revathi says:

    I am Sorry that you have to go through this issue of plagiarism repeatedly.
    I cannot even imagine how someone can do this. Instead, Can’t they use their brain?

    1. manitavb says:

      No, they won’t.
      You need to have a brain for that.

  63. AMaNan's Fics says:

    Hey. Just saw this. Chat to you soon.

  64. Saiasmi says:

    Way to go Manita.. U showed her. I can read the anger in your words… U must be seething and trust me, totally understand.. Hence dropping in this comment, tho it’s very late… Hugs.
    Getting inspired shows adoration.. But blatant copying shows disregard and is an insult to creativity. What more, she shamelessly agrees to having done that under the cloak of fandom!
    U r right.. And so are your parents.. Good always wins, because there is no fake coat of paint over it, that will fade away with time.

    This is for the person.. If she happens to read this comment! – you may see no harm or fault in what you have done. May seem like ‘no big deal’.. But the very fact that someone recognised the name and the plagiarism.. Shows.. That you may gain a 100 readers by piggy-backing on other writers, but there will be 1 in that 100 who will know you are a fraud writer. Bring out your own creativity, it may take 2 more years or may be even 5.. But the satisfaction of having even 10 followers for your own hard work, is WAY more valuable than this fradulant 100!

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for the support. I’m too upset at this girl’s arrogance and shamelessness.

      1. Saiasmi says:

        Some people are like that Manita.. Leeches… We can only take our precautionary measures and carry on.
        If she has any sense, she will retract her use of your copyright material.

        1. manitavb says:

          Yeah. Hope so.

  65. Anum says:

    Be Sharm loag
    Aap action lo inke against
    All ur sincere readers r with u

    1. manitavb says:

      Thanks Anum. Means so much.


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