New Story : Beyond Every Border


A story about bonds and relationships developed irrespective of seen and unseen borders created by humans. A knot secured by a delicate thread created by profound pain, few scars and a lot of respect…

A story of Manasvi and Anshuman, aka ManAn, as I see them…


All the chapters are posted in order here –

Beyond Every Border: Prologue

Chapter 1: Scars of The Past

Chapter 2: Awkward Relationships

Chapter 3: The Hero!

Chapter 4: Surprises!

Chapter 5: Difficult Interactions

Chapter 6: With You

 Chapter 7: Well Wishers For Life

Chapter 8: Scaling High!

Chapter 9: New Directions

Chapter 10: New Horizons

Chapter 11: Towards The Destination

Chapter 12: With Her

Chapter 13: Difficult Terrains

Chapter 14: The Long Wait!

Chapter 15: Right There!

Chapter 16: Distances Between Us