Every story has several versions.
We look at some and overlook the others
depending on what suits our narrative
and beliefs.

Dr. Mrinalini Sengupta is a troubled psychiatrist battling her own demons. She is supposed to testify as a witness in an unsolved murder case but she is disturbed because it will implicate her favourite musician, the sensational rockstar Rudra Raghuvanshi, as the culprit. She is further baffled when Rudra approaches her for an appointment for a consultation.

But it is just the beginning.
Soon, Mrinalini realizes that her life is in danger. And only one person can help her – Rudra.

There are many faces around her, though each is hidden behind a carefully crafted masquerade.

Can Mrinalini fight the shadows and dark secrets of the past, think beyond her fascination for Rudra, and use her mind to uncover the layers behind the masks surrounding her? 

Read Initial 4 Chapters As Sample Chapters

Watch the video trailers giving a short glimpse into each character, the story, and the city that it is based in.

The posts that I wrote while blogging about this book/ its making etc.


Rudra Raghuvanshi

Book Teaser Featuring The Male Protagonist

Dr. Mrinalini Sengupta

Book Teaser Featuring The Female Protagonist

Play Video

City of Cremona

Book Teaser Featuring The City In Which The Book is Based


Book Teaser 4: Mysteries

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