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Hello people,

I was supposed to update the next part of Tangles & Ties on Tuesday but couldn’t. Apologies.

With so much happening in the country right now, I devoted all the time I had to serious reading and research to get my facts right from RELIABLE sources like –

The Constitution/ CAAct originally published in the Gazette of India/United Nations Human Rights Laws/ Immigrants and the laws which govern them/Proposed NRC and its impact on the residing citizens of India.

My only appeal to all of you —

  1. Get every fact right by reliable sources and not someone else’s opinion – Instagram videos/Tic toc videos/ Opinions of prominent journalists/ writers/film actors etc. are NOT Govt. circulars. They are only assumptions.

  2. Protest if you must. It is a fundamental right of every citizen in a democracy. We are taught to ask questions and the Govt. MUST answer. But please know what you are fighting for. Don’t be a ‘Farhan Akhtar’ who was actively instigating people and calling them to protest but when asked the details, knew nothing about the Act. It is not such a casual issue. Communal issues are VERY serious.
  3. Do not engage in social media fights. They are meaningless. They won’t change laws, acts or bills. Fighting online with each other will only lead to hatred. I have always maintained one thing – Let UsΒ Agree to Disagree!
    You can’t force someone to believe or follow your version. You can only highlight your own point of view. That’s it.

Do that!! And do that strongly!!!!!

And peacefully!!

Take care.


~ I am fine. Thank you for asking πŸ™‚

~ I will update tomorrow πŸ™‚

~ Closing the comments section of this Appeal… I refuse to allow any unwanted element to hijack my cause πŸ™‚


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Manita V

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