My Corner 1/8/19: The Subtle Connection :)

Hello Everyone,

A lot of people have been asking me where I was in last few days and why I was missing…

Firstly – I’m fine! All is well on my side… Thank you so much for the concern. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Now –Β  I was on an impromptu family vacation to Goa for a week and reached back last night. I’m sorry for not informing you before hand. I didn’t write about it and didn’t tell you before leaving like I always do because we were not sure till the last moment.

Once it was confirmed, I booked my tickets in the evening and left by the late night flight via Mumbai to Goa. I didn’t want it to flop like last time, so kept my fingers crossed.

Time flew away and 7 days ended like they never existed. Holidays are always like that… they end too quickly. I posted a few pics on Instagram, mainly to inform people so that you don’t get worried about my sudden disappearance. So, my insta followers knew where I was.

This post is about my strong connection with all of you because I miss this place and all the people I talk to, when I’m not here! It’s like my second home. My stories keep pulling me, here…
The main source of this connection is my laptop… So I have a subtle connection with my laptop which I deeply cherish!!

I always carry my laptop and diaries on every vacation, outings etc because I find writing flows more smoothly and deeply when you are with nature and with yourself and family. So, I was really excited for this holiday as I expected to relax a lot and write a lot….

Honestly, I had hoped to write and post updates in this holiday, like I always do…
Early mornings and late nights are always for writing and when everyone is asleep, I get peace by penning a few thoughts or writing the course of stories in my mind… but guess what… some glitch has to find me by default…

I opened my laptop on the 2nd day of the vacation… a beautiful, peaceful day when it was raining heavily and the sea was right outside my window… I was so carried away by the blissful moment that I clicked a few pictures, made a video and decided to get drenched in the rain after so many years…
When I returned after 3 hours, totally rejuvenated and feeling like writing, I realised that my laptop was kept open on the desk by the balcony while heavy sea breeze laden with moisture kissed it all over πŸ˜€Β 

My bad!!!

Lost the motherboard of my laptop!!
Thankfully, the data was saved but couldn’t write a word for the entire trip πŸ™

so, while kids played and slept till late, hubby was still doing his work ( always on phone … who was getting anxious?? Me!!!
Itching to write a few words or maybe an update…

Long hours were spent watching the sea, the rainfall and the sand! If you want to know how absolute tranquility feels laced with subtle anxiety – this was it!!!

Now, I can say that I have felt every feeling in the world πŸ˜€

On a serious note, I wrote in my diary, nevertheless… But I want to write Tangles & Ties and Beyond Every Border… By the time, my vacation ended, I was quite close to getting a panic attack, wondering if I lost all my works… but hubby assured me that he will find it all somehow… lol…

I saved myself by writing few poems in my diary… I will share them some day!

Finally, I’m back home… I have given my laptop for repair and I hope to get it by evening today! I can’t wait to update as I miss my stories more than any reader can ever can πŸ˜€

Pray for my best friend, my love, my source of happiness and my connection with all of you – My laptop πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lots of love to all of you… Missed talking to all of my regulars here…

Stay blessed πŸ™‚


( PS: In the comments, tell me about THAT one ‘thing’ … ( not person, no human) … a material thing who is your love, your best friend, source of happiness – without which life would be incomplete … and were you ever close to losing it… how did it feel??
For me, it’s my laptop, my diary and pens… And I love and treasure them like my life πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Heaven to hell says:

    Handsfree, your stories,my blanket… #My_love… Good to know that you were on relaxation mode… But still worried about stories… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…… It was your time…
    I found it cute and weird too… You are so obsessed with us just like I am obsessed with your words😍😍… Magical words…

  2. Ramya says:

    My phone and laptop

    1. manitavb says:

      Phone and laptop are winning here πŸ™‚
      Thank you for sharing

  3. roselein mandala says:

    All will be well πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you dear 😘😘

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Manita,

    You always impress me, I appreciate your efforts to interact with us. Impromptu vacations are the best, and if it is Goa in rains it is the best. I could relate with you when you spoke of rainy day by beach , it is so peaceful to watch rains and sea for long hours while sipping tea from the balcony. I have been fortunate to experience such blissful moments quite often as Goa is my maternal hometown.

    Hope your Laptop is repaired asap. It needs to , we are waiting for the updates. Regarding your question My best friend , THAT one thing, My source of happiness is MY MOBILE. My mobile is not a thing but my companion, a friend in need, when my near and dear ones are not with me. It entertains me, keeps me updated, reminds me , keeps me connected to family and friends, and is my helping hand. It is a boon for me . The best part is whenever I am with my near and dear one and I keep it in a corner , IT NEVER COMPLAINS. 😁😁😁😁

    Awaiting your updates. Lots of love to you and your family GBU


    1. manitavb says:

      I loved loved loved the way you explained your relationship with your mobile… it is so selfless, and yet so giving…

      And you are the fourth person here, who told me that you are a resident of Goa, and it is your hometown. I am officially jealous of all of you… I don’t know why but I feel a deeper connect with this place. Whenever it is a holiday in India, it eventually turns out to be at Goa… we cannot seem to think beyond that πŸ˜€
      Rains and beach were so surreal that i made videos to carry that little fragrance back with me… to live in, whenever I feel low…

      thanks for those lovely thoughts πŸ™‚

  5. Sarmista says:

    Hey Dr. Manita.. Welcome back.. Hope u enjoyed ur vacations..Well two things close to my heart apart from any human being is my phone n my novels.. They r my biggest frnds when I m alone or facing some tough situation in my life.. These two things give me strength…

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you for sharing Sarmista… i can totally relate to all of you who say mobile or novels… as I am one of you… only that in my case, mobile is replaced by laptop…
      These subtle things have changed and influenced our lives in a big way!!

      And yes, my vacation was lovely! Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Priya says:

    Hi di first of all congrats on having a blissful vacation and a much deserved break…Yes we missed you a lot…Missed is a very small word to inform you how much you were missed…May be to infinity…Hope your laptop is hale and healthy :)…Yes coming to your question my tab mobile n few favourite books are my best friend without which I cannot live..They connect me to this digital world where I connect with you…So they are my soul mates…We missed you and your stories… Hit back soonish…Lots n lots of love…Hope you had an wonderful vacation..Share your memories and experience with us..

    1. manitavb says:

      Of course, I want to share all the memories and pics Priya… but like I said, I can’t be regular on social media as my phone is always away… either I keep it tucked away or else my younger one grabs it … so I have to see that it is no where in sight… I wish I could post more on Instagram…

      I missed you too,,,, a lot!!
      I didn’t get my laptop today but when my laptop bhaiya saw my face, he offered to give his laptop and said – Didi, you work with my laptop, I have 2 spare laptops, return when I repair yours’… How sweet is that!!
      Kindness is not dead, afterall πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I am going to sleep today but tomorrow morning, I have an off, so I might probably write tomorrow!!
      Take care… lots of love πŸ™‚

  7. Aastha Sondarva says:

    Hey di!!
    So glad that you enjoyed your amazing trip and got time for yourself and drenched and felt rain after so many years!! It is truly a bliss drenching in rain!! Missed you so much in these days but also read the previous chapters in your absence missing you and stories.
    Materialistic thing that i cannot live without is my teddy bear. I cannot just sleep without it!! I remember there was this one trip where I had stuffed my handbag with my teddy and on the airport, when it went through security check, the people were laughing and smiling seeing me carrying the teddy with me!!( I was very young!!) And now that I am going abroad, I think I will also carry it with me!
    Also secondly it’s my phone that is my Jaan! Well it also because I am a reserved kind of introvert person and feel awkward in talking to someone new! So whenever such a situation arises I open my phone and pretend to be busy in it! Also I am most of the time reading or re-reading your stories only!!
    Lots of love

    1. manitavb says:

      Awww… I am trying to imagine you being screened on airport and cornered for carrying a teddy bear πŸ˜€ How cute!!

      That reminds me that I am yet to reply to two of your mails,.. I have been very sloppy for past few days but I need to buck up and tomorrow, first thing i will do is reply to your mails.

      Hope you are not angry about that … love you a lot kiddo!!

      1. Aastha Sondarva says:

        No no don’t worry about it! I am not angry about it!! Reply whenever you can!! I understand you’ve very busy schedule! I know you will reply whenever it’s possible 😁
        Lots of love

  8. dharmisolanki says:

    My phone. Can’t leave a second without it. I read stories or watch videos on YouTube.

    1. manitavb says:

      Phones are going to win hands down… what will happen if internet goes down… we will all lose touch with each other and everything we love …

  9. Lopa says:

    My phones…ps I have two. Working and leaving alone leaves you with dire options. So the most handy thing to help me in every situation or feeling alone. Than my plants… I love to see them grow. It’s a mental peace for me. 😊 Good that you had a much needed break… Even I am planning for same for this month holidays let’s see what happens.

    1. manitavb says:

      Wish you all the best, I hope and wish that your holidays materialize to something really beautiful and memorable!

      Mobile has become a second skin these days…

      I agree with the mental peace brought about by plants. I was planning to add more of them to my balcony but kept delaying as I was afraid that I won’t get time to take care of them… Now, when I finally did it, I feel I should have done that much earlier… they too take care of us, actually… our mind and peace gets a lift with plants πŸ™‚

  10. Anuska says:

    Firstly get well soon manita di’s laptop
    My tab is my love and even am going to celebrate the 5th birthday of my tab on bakrid 😍😍😍😍

    1. manitavb says:

      Congratulations sweetie… for taking care of your tab for solid 5 years!!
      you deserve an applause, when these days people simply change gadgets either because they are outdated or else, destroyed or damaged… Nice that you take care of it well πŸ™‚

      1. Anuska says:

        πŸ˜„πŸ˜„thanks di

  11. Anusha says:

    Happy to know you had a small break and a trip to Goa. Your description on the sea, rainfall and sand made me want to visit Goa. Glad that you enjoyed a lot with your family. May your gadget friend recover soon….The one material thing that is very dear to me is my mobile. A small scratch on it, itself make me sad for hours… A day without it is so difficult and boring .I love to see beautiful background pic after unlocking it. It brings positivity in me.

    1. manitavb says:

      Goa is a must visit. I am kinda regular there… it’s beyond beautiful… I’ll share some pics…
      Mobile might be one of the commonest answers here but the best part is people love it for different reasons – some watch movies, some read books, some listen to music and some play games… thanks for sharing the source of your positivity πŸ™‚

  12. chendubundu says:

    Hey You are back!!! Although I shouldn’t complain as I wasn’t being regular in the past couple of weeks…we have summer vacation going on here for the kids…and apart from work and home, we are trying to squeeze in some family time together.. πŸ˜€

    I absolutely love beaches and ocean! we live very close to coast, and it being summer here, we are trying to be on the beaches as many times as we can over the weekends….its just so serene and tranquil! sit on the sand, looking at the waves, getting consumed by the sounds of ocean, standing on the beach so that the waves just touch you….just amazing feeling…it just calms me down…getting lost in the waves is so peaceful and soothing….we just went to beach last weekend, and I am ready to go back again now πŸ˜€

    the one thing that I can’t live without – it used to be my paints and brushes when I was young, and there was a mechanical pencil that my dad got from Germany when he visited in 1989, I was so in awe with that while I was a kid…always cribbed him for that but he never parted with it until I started my undergrad after 12 years….it was like a great achievement for me to get that pencil from him…I held it so close to my heart…it was like a very very precious thing for me…now, I don’t think I have something like that…yeah I do cherish my books, my phone and my car (my first big purchase with my first actual salary…hahaha)…but its not that I can’t do without these…

    You have been truly missed here….just like you feel so connected to all of us here, and how you cherish each and everyone of us, it goes the same other way too :). Though I wasn’t as regular as I used to be, but in the past few weeks, whenever I got a chance, I checked this place if there is something from you, an update, a note or any random thing…

    Happy and glad to have you back here…hope your laptop would get fixed

    1. manitavb says:

      What a lovely write up!! I’m floored…
      And how beautifully you have explained the feeling of tranquility around sea, waves and sand…everything I felt in last seven days…
      You never want to part with these and they are never enough.
      Every purchase from our salary, small or big, is precious. So kudos!
      I’m in awe of people who sketch and paint. I used to love doing sketching and painting as a kid but don’t have that patience or say vision anymore… love to witness the way people play with colours and find peace in it!
      Do pick up this hobby once again

      Thanks for missing me… like I said, I missed you too πŸ™‚

  13. Mishikastarflies says:

    Well there is list of things but the top most is my kitchen and cooking equipments and after that my mobile not to forget with internet… If there is no interest or Wi-Fi available… I’m afraid, I will die out of anxiety πŸ˜…

    1. manitavb says:

      So many girls have an obsession with their kitchen… including my mom and Ruchi on this page… I can totally relate to that… but with small kids, careless husband, and useless maids, I never got the hang of having a nicely maintained kitchen or utensils… everyday something or the other breaks, things get burnt or handles get dislodged and masalas get mixed…
      Mobile is not my obsession… I hide it away so that my little one doesn’t whine for it… so I am not regular on social media…

      but without laptop, my life stops…like literally πŸ˜€

  14. Simarmanu says:

    In my case,its my laptop and hard drive in which I have my e-book library.Its so close to my heart,I can’t imagine a single day without it,as I love to read and write poetry.Once I lost it.Though I found it after a day…but that day,my heart was so panicky and it was as if I have lost the savings of my lifetime.

    1. manitavb says:

      I know that feeling… damnnn!!
      I remember writing Fire & Ice directly on wattpad and never saving it anywhere as it began as a challenge by a friend who said that I can never write steaming intimate parts. When I started writing it, I honestly felt that it was trash and never thought about saving it.
      Until one day when almost 25 parts were over and I opened wattpad to find my story missing… I felt that sense of loss and realised how much I loved it…
      i literally cried… but was assured by everyone… finally, after a message to the admin, I got that story back…
      God! That feeling was terrifying!! I can never forget it…

      People keep saying that the habit of reading is dying… I would say, they should come and see here, who says reading is dying… All of us love to read…

  15. Kirti says:

    First of all congratulations for your pending holidayπŸ˜›..
    Hope you have enjoyed a lot😊😊
    Now, answer to your question, my first love is my books.. I read a lot specially history and mythology.. so books are my first love and lelt me tell you a secret, my family members are quite jealous of themπŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.
    Also I have a diary in which I write down my own thoughts and quotes I like. She is my best friend, though we don’t meet oftenπŸ˜…..
    And also my dance notebook where I have written stuff about my dance is too close to my heart❀️
    Wish you all the best πŸ‘πŸ»
    And best wishes for your best friend aka laptop🀭🀭🀩🀩

    1. manitavb says:

      yes, I enjoyed and the holiday was simply beautiful. It will stay with me for long πŸ™‚

      Books and diaries have now won by majority as so many people love and treasure them like precious possessions…

      but I am pleasantly surprised to read about your dance diary! i would love to have a look into one… how does it look like… what do you exactly write in it…
      It must be deeply rejuventing to go back to it in times of distress!

      Do let us know more about it!!
      Thank you for sharing about your loved ones… We all connect on that level, right πŸ˜€

      1. Kirti says:

        Well not too much!!
        Just some stories related to Kathak Dance, my thoughts and as it is classical I am more of spiritual belief..
        As I have been leaning dance for 10-15 years, everytime I read it I find going through the memory lane🀩
        I have too many memories with it of people, of beliefs, of achievement,of almost everything..
        Would like to share it with you 😊

        1. manitavb says:

          It will be an honour for me if and when you decide to share it… I would love to go through it someday and learn more about it…
          I’m amazed and moved!

      2. Kirti says:

        PS : I love this interaction “My corner” 😁😁

        1. manitavb says:

          Me Too πŸ˜€

  16. pixiepari says:

    i am so happy that you enjoyed your trip…you deserve it for doing so much for us….someday we wish to see your and your husband photo…if possible your kids too…can we get them

    1. manitavb says:

      Yes… I’ve been posting pictures on insta stories… not regularly but just here and there sometimes… if you are not on Instagram, I will make a post here and post them on my blog πŸ™‚

  17. Ruchi Tengse says:

    Goa is my hometown!! Hope u enjoyed your vacation to the fullest. I bought this mechanical pencil with so much excitement when I got my job, its been 6 years I still have it. Also its weird but I am extremely possessive about my cooking utensils πŸ˜€ , I got really mad when my husband burnt it once.

    1. manitavb says:

      Haha… it’s not weird you know… that’s how my mom reacts when someone uses her utensils…like she is so particular to tell us which gas mode to use with which utensil or else it will be burnt. And which spoon to use so that it doesn’t scratch it. It goes on till the maid is instructed how to wash them πŸ˜€
      She has a deep love for her utensils…

      Wowwww!!! I’m jealous of everyone who was born and brought up in Goa. Like I am a regular to Goa and hop on a flight every 6-8 months to be by the beach… how lucky of you guys to live in that bliss all the year round…
      I enjoyed like never before as rains were heavy and super indulging…
      We were in South Goa.

  18. Sanskriti Singh says:

    Finally you’re here!! Missed you so much yaar!!
    Now coming to your question……….for me those three things would be my diary, my watch and my books( I’ve a good collection of books and I can’t afford to lose any one of them!! I freak out when I find any of them missing)
    And about my diary……you know I’ve always been very introvert so my diary is my secret keeper! And I simply can’t stand the thought of someone reading it…’d be like someone looking through my soul! And my watch…ahhhh…given by someone very close to me. That’s it!
    So yeah these are the three things that are very dear to me and I can’t afford to lose them!

    1. manitavb says:

      Introverts write their deeper self in their diaries and extroverts pen down extra thoughts … in all, a diary is our best friend πŸ˜€

      Books, I love too! I used to be paranoid when people borrowed them as I don’t like how some people handle books, fold the pages, tear the covers, turn the open book upside down instead of using a book mark, while I keep them very delicately, like babies… so my BP used to fluctuate with every loaned book.
      I’ve become much patient and calmer now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Thanks for sharing all 3 of your loved possessions with us … take care πŸ™‚

  19. Ahmed says:

    When I was in teenage age I M totally obsessed with my pen … my friends used to threaten me for their work by my pen… hahhahahahhahah …. what a lovely memory ..
    And now a day’s only and only mobile is become my life … I try to change my this habit or obsession but can’t.. hahhahah… if I can ever save my money I love to buy books .. I love reading… crazy when it comes to reading …

    1. manitavb says:

      Pens, mobiles, books… some things have a universal connection πŸ˜€
      Thanks for sharing them…

  20. Anonymous says:

    A bracelet ❀❀❀

    We missed you… Take care and be safe… Be back with a bangg and dont worry… Your laptop will be fit and fine 😍❀❀❀❀

    Loads of love Di


    1. manitavb says:

      I missed you all too
      Yes… I’m back!
      Lots of love to you too πŸ™‚

  21. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Finally you’re back dii yeyy🀩Seems like u enjoyed alotπŸ˜„u needed it the most nd finally u went to Goa nd enjoyed itπŸ˜ƒnd glitches do happen when we really want to do something but it’s alright shit happensπŸ™ˆbut now waiting for all the updates hope your laptop repairs soon😁
    Nd for me my pencil, my paint brush,sketch book nd ofcourse my phoneπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚these things gives me happiness in different ways…

    1. manitavb says:

      you sketch & paint??
      wowww… I would love to see them someday! make a blog if you are comfortable and share them with us…
      Yeah, I enjoyed because most of the work was done by the place, the sea, the rain… I just had to immerse myself in the serenity πŸ™‚

      1. hinuthakkar11 says:

        Yes dii..πŸ˜ƒfirstly it was just a hobby but now I converted it into my profession nd wants to learn many things in that😁 nd i would love to share them with you☺️ i have my art page on Instagram also😁nd how can i make a blog of that here?πŸ€”

        1. manitavb says:

          Nothing much you need to do…. just make an account at WordPress… it will ask you if you want to create a blog… choose a template that you like and off you go… it’s simple and easy to post!
          I’d love to see your work πŸ˜€

          1. hinuthakkar11 says:

            Okay sometime I’ll definitely
            make a blog here nd will let you knowπŸ˜ƒnd some of my work is in this page on Instagram @hinal_thakkar11

            1. manitavb says:

              I will certainly check it dear!! Thank you πŸ™‚
              And wish you all the very best!!
              Rise and shine and make us all proud πŸ˜€

              1. hinuthakkar11 says:

                Thank u soo much dii❀️❀️

  22. Madhuri53 says:

    Not only yours but my life also depends on your laptop. πŸ˜‰πŸ€­LOL I definitely wish that your laptop get fixed and I am saved from some more long haitus from reading your stories.
    For me earlier it was computer as I don’t have laptop. Now it is my mobile where I read lots, lots of stories. I don’t indulge in playing games or clicking selfies or watching videos. I read from lots of reading sites, PDF novels, etc.

    1. manitavb says:

      Such a cute answer…
      So, just like me, there are few others who are dependent on my laptop… it better gets repaired soon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      On a serious note, I don’t play games or watch videos either…never had that sorta time… nor do I read books on digital space… I am still old school… I read paperback formats…holding the book in my hand and flipping pages with coffee …
      So, I use laptop only for writing stories…and of course, official work, mails, bills etc.
      And phone for keeping in touch with family…
      I’m boring like anything πŸ™‚

  23. Srija says:

    My phone would be really close to me then coz I find many answers to the unanswered questions of my life .. n sometimes helps me to deviate from the troubles of my life… I keep reading stories watch series n also related to studies as well.. N yeah once I was about to lose it in my trip.. I’ve actually lost it.. but after a hell lot of drama I found it… That was a memory though.. uff answering this one I realized how imp it just became in ma life.. haha..

    1. manitavb says:

      Yeah…I know right…
      When it comes to losing something, we realise how life would be so incomplete without it.
      Not that we can’t buy it again… but the connection takes time to develop. And the lost data is the added loss of a slice of life!
      I remember losing my phone soon after a trip to Paris. All my Eiffel Tower and Louvre pics are gone… and so many more… I whine whenever someone is there to listen … haha…

  24. Salriz says:

    Hey hope you had a lovely time

    1. manitavb says:

      It was out of the world πŸ˜€
      Thank you

  25. weirdfascinations says:

    I am so jealous!!! Goa, that too in this season, wow! Here I am, waiting for college to cancel lectures due to rain://
    Coming to your question- when it comes to people, it’s my Mother! And to things, stationery items and my phone, like every teenager!

    1. manitavb says:

      Almost everyone told us not to go to Goa as it was raining heavily. But then, everyone has a different idea of a holiday… so we were very clear.
      Since we didn’t want to roam around, so rains were a bliss…

      Phone is the universal answer, I guess πŸ˜€

  26. lovelyrashu says:

    Happy to know about your whereabouts cause it’s very rare that you don’t update frequently so getting worried was obvious. By the way vacations are supposed to be stress free and definitely with out any gadgets to spend quality time with family maybe you won’t be so anxious if same had happened with your hubby tooπŸ˜‰. I also love getting wet and dancing in rain but get to do it now lucky you 😊. And one thing which is my best friend is definitely my mobile without which I get anxious like youπŸ˜‰ though I don’t write but I love to read good stories or e books and to tell you they are like drugs and I’m happily addicted to it. πŸ˜ƒ

    1. manitavb says:

      yeah… phone is something which is part of our lives now…
      I agree, holidays are meant to be gadget free so we stay away from Netflix, social media, chats, whatsapp and friends… but for me, laptop is a part of rejuvenation… When I write, I’m the happiest… so I always write on every holiday… my late late nights are spent like that… in the company of my stories and characters πŸ˜€

  27. Akriti says:

    I treasure my pens and diaries like anything . I don’t know if I have some dimag ka locha but i have this stupid habit of writing things at odd hours . I would get up at 2-3am to write a poem or some feelings of mine and when I don’t find my pens or diary near me, I get anxious. I am so obsessed with my pens that I go to stationery and say bhaiya Sabse Sundar vala pen Dena toh writung and having my pen and diary with me gives my andrenaline rush for sure πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    1. manitavb says:

      Awwww… you are so much like me!!!
      I do exactly that!
      Sometimes, I get up in the middle of the night, switch on side lamp and write… initially hubby used to think that I’m crazy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Now, he is used to it…

      I collect diaries and pens too… love to write with ink pens…

    2. manitavb says:

      I sooooo loved your ‘sundar vala pen’ remark to Bhaiya!!
      Really want to know Bhaiya’s thoughts on that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      1. Akriti says:

        So earlier the stationery vale bhaiya used to think that I am mad and have this crazy habit of wasting my parents money over pens even though I have hundreds of them but sadly he didn’t knew that buying a β‚Ή3 pen made my day and I felt excited that I managed to get myself a new pen πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ but by now he has adjusted to my way of living and just shows me the entire collection of pen he owns β™₯️

  28. Anonymous says:

    Happy you enjoyed time. And sorry for your laptop.

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you dear!!
      No worries… such things are a part of life…
      Hope I don’t lose the data… rest all can be managed πŸ™‚

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi Manita,
    I missed you so much! Good to hear that you had a nice holiday with family. Sorry about your laptop. Hope your laptop returns to you with all your data for which you have worked very hard.
    And please update ASAP.

    1. manitavb says:

      Missed you too Mercy!
      I finally feel like home after tending to all the chores that I did since morning, resuming clinic and by God’s grace, if I get laptop by late evening, I will begin writing and updating…
      Feels so good to be back πŸ˜€

  30. Pooja says:

    Seems like the nature was also on ur side this time.. lovely weather.. Blissful 😍

    Such weather along with hot filter coffee and pakodas would be like a complete setting I would die for any day ☺️☺️ this post gives us all the happy vibes and excitement u experienced in Goa ❀️

    I wish I had atleast one talent and I could say I couldn’t stay without it☹️☹️ unfortunately there is nothing.. u see how useless I amπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    1. manitavb says:

      Haha… no… I refuse to believe that Pooja!
      I tell this to everyone. No one is without talent.

      And those who haven’t explored enough are still connected to me, because you are an avid reader, I guess.
      Try staying without your books/kindle/phone and without reading, you will know what I am talking about!

      Yes… about the holiday… you are right! When last programme flopped, I had deeply wished and hoped to go in rainy season as I love rains and it was raining heavenly in Goa.
      My and hubby are not really sight-seeing kind of people. So rains didn’t bother us…
      We love our peaceful corners, sea breeze, rain, coffee for me/tea for him and pakodas…
      It was out of the world… just like you mentioned…

  31. Shubhada Mandavi says:

    My diary nd my pens… They know everyshade of me.. i love them!

    1. manitavb says:

      Such beautiful words – they know every shade of you!!!
      loved it soooo much!!!
      Keep writing… keep sharing…

  32. krinal310 says:

    Ho jayega laptop thik dii….don’t worry πŸ˜€

    1. manitavb says:

      can I pull your cheeks??
      thank you soooooo much for this cute little assurance πŸ˜€
      love you…
      and I’m not worried… it happens… ho jayega πŸ™‚

      1. krinal310 says:

        Yes…u can πŸ™ˆ…and ur most welcome


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