Little Cheers: My Corner

Hello dear friends,

It’s Saturday and from today, I’m planning to write one post under ‘my corner’ every Saturday to chat with all of you connected to me in some way or the other.

This blog is like my second home, I always say… A place where I go to every day, without fail and feel like a big part of my heart resides here. Whenever I want to pour my heart out, I know that there are some people with common thinking pattern and similar love and interests who are there to share my thoughts, pain, disappointments, happiness, achievements, and love…

Love you all for being ‘that’ circle of friends who connect to me and with each other in many ways – Our common interests, love for reading and writing, our varied passions but almost a similar fire.  

Everyone of us works – either at the office or home; for kids and for other relatives, in-laws, for society, etc… We never realize when that work becomes a duty and a responsibility to be carried on a day to day basis. Kudos to those who do all that with a similar fire every day. For the rest of all, the majority, we dwell on our passions to remind us that we are still alive and kicking.

A passion is that little cheer in life which brings so much security and warmth that you develop a feeling a belonging – To your own deeper self, to a higher being, to nature, and to the world. It gives ground for you to stand and smile, for this is YOU! This is real you!

It’s like that glowing warmth of a fireplace that keeps you hooked to it on a chilly day. This ‘me-time’ is actually the only time, capable of giving you a sense of purpose. Of re-energizing you for the rest of the day. To be back to your duties with regained energy.

You always want to go to a certain place, person, thing … again and again… for all the love you get there and the way they make you feel.

For me, it’s my desk and laptop.
My characters and my books are people, I want to spend most of the free time with. They are my ‘go-to’ people, other than my readers who often tell me that some word, some thought, some sentence from any of my story made them smile or made them think. It just makes my day. That’s my little cheer through the entire hectic day.

Last week, we were talking about the subtle connection we develop with the material things around us and find our lives incomplete without them.

This week, let me know what are your little cheers in life…
( I’m not asking about family/kids/husband/friends/ parents etc… They are and will remain our lifelines and the very basis of our existence – they are the Big Cheers of our lives )

But, I want you to write about those ‘little cheers’ where you find solace in something when you are alone… you are just you… when it is your ‘me-time’…

It can be anything – music, watching films, reading, sleeping, knitting, sketching, painting, dancing, etc. Call them hobbies, call them passions, call them timepass – the nomenclature varies only in the zest with which it is followed and the intensity of your love for them.

Let’s cheer for those little things which make our lives happier and prettier!!

Cheers everybody


Lots of love and millions of wishes for anyone and everyone reading this.

Keep smiling and make everyone else smile too :))

Take care.



{ Writing and posting update schedule – In the next separate post }






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  1. Aastha Sondarva says:

    I just read this post because somehow I wanted to read the stories that were uploaded along with this first. And then i completely forgot about this. But yes my little cheer when I am in my me-time is to read books particularly novels, which also includes your stories, see dance videos because I love dance but I cannot really dance very well and watch rom com movies😁😁

  2. Aqsa says:

    Eid Mubarak!!!!!
    I usually don’t comment but u r stories are amazing, awesome, perfect, realistic we can connect to it. I really really like really connect to the character of manik. His ideas, ambitions, priority every damn thing and I feel it.Thank u just want to say this..

    1. manitavb says:

      Thank you Aqsa. I replied to you on the last comment you wrote, below this.
      Thanks again!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eid Mubarak!!!
    I usually don’t comment but I must say u r stories are amazing, awesome, perfect, realistic we can connect to it…….

    1. manitavb says:

      Eid Mubarak dear!
      This comment means so much to me, you have no idea!
      God bless you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just a request…please keep continuing with your Manan stories…coz now this is the only place where we can have that Pani Feels along with your beautiful stories. After Niti’s engagement, Pani and Manan feels are all for stories.

  5. Nilpa says:

    Hi Manita
    For me that little cheer is dancing. Thought I was never a trained dancer, I love it. It brings automatic smile to my face whenever I am dancing. Pure bliss. I wish to learn a traditional Indian dancing form one day. Till then three cheers to my little passion. 🙂

  6. Madhuri53 says:

    Reading comes first. It stayed with me since school days. I earlier was reading paperbooks in Marathi and I was reading only Marathi novels till 2014- 15 may be I was not comfortable reading English novels as I find it little hard to understand. Then I came across India forums where I started reading FFs and found it easy. Then I started reading English novels and then it continued thru paper books, downloaded PDFs novels, mobile, diff reading platforms, etc. And now I addicted to English so much that now I almost don’t read any Marathi books.
    Then, music, watching serials on TV or binge watching some series.
    I liked to knitting, stitching but now it all left behind due to neck ache, back ache.

  7. Prabha Returi says:

    Hi Manita! Of course my “me time” is reading. Thanks to technology I can carry my passion on my phone. I love to read, which kind of took back seat, but now here I am trying to take time to read anything which makes my day.
    As someone has written, when in school I grew up reading Enid Blyton whose books I love to read even now. Later it shifted to Jane Austen, Shakespeare bridged versions, Robin cook , Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon … I feel sorry for this generation coz their time is spent on phones , either on social media or gaming apps , when it should be invested in books.
    I strongly feel that reading good books should be made part of curriculum to inculcate this habit.
    Now, I relax reading your works, and couple of other writers on wattapad. Thank you for making this corner to share our thoughts on things which we would love to do in their “me time”.

  8. pixiepari says:

    i decided to let you know what my feelings are regarding your stories even if it is irrelevant to the topic discussed over here but guess luck is on my side….seee…i wanted to say something and you are asking the same…so let me begin with your works…so always whenever i think that you can’t write amazing than this you prove me wrong…i am sorry to say this but i found your fire and ice book in mature category and read it just like that for passing time or you know for those starting chapters because that time my mood was so…i used to read your starting chapters only for that content…i am really sorry for doing so…i still regret for that thing and that is the reason i decided to read fire and ice in book format because i want to replace those bad memories with good ones…suddenly one day i came across spark and spice..i was not interested but few people i follow suggested it and i thought lets give it a try…it happened…it left me so intrigued that i almost forgot that i have been waiting for shaperi’s update of his ways…i was lost in some other world and then your continuous updates made me so addicted that i forgot all other works…infact i stopped writing my stories because your writing,the way you describe every character,every situation,the way you mould all made me ashamed on my own works…then your same stories inspired me to try and become like you…the way you keep us attached with your works i felt to improve myself…i am trying hope to change soon…and then…it ended…I was so sad….but immediately you announced twisted minds…i was on cloud 9 and realized that i made you that part of my life without which i may be happy but not content…it’s like you are my savior in trouble and you are my inspiration in difficulties…your every story..every character…always amazes me and makes me rethink if i made any bad decision and feel proud if i made a good decision…but the most attached one is tangles and ties…no one will believe me but i always wanted to be like nandu…a simple married woman with a job which is for necessity not my entire life…a husband who dont get irritated by continuous blabber and wont try to judge me or misuse me for my stupidity and sometimes dumb behavior…these days due to my laziness i ma not able to study for government exams perfectly and missing out on opportunities and this is being done from 2 years which made so frustrated that instead of realizing my mistakes i decided to stop writing exams…and those days there was not even a single update from you because of plagiarism issue and the moment i decided to end my career i faced a situation where i realized that i need to have a job at any cost…it’s not about being dependent on someone…it’s about being able to stand on my feet…to make myself feel proud of me whenever i see in mirror….and the day i loose my motivation and start to be lazy your tangles and ties update and then i am back again with a new zeal as nandu reminds me of who i wanted to be and what i am doing….my peace of mind changes all the time di but from past 1 1/2 year it’s just you !!! an d your works !! and now i never knew i can feel my life is much better until i read your beyond every border…it shows how much lucky we are that we can say proudly that yes !!! i belong this country and suddenly I saw how blessed i am and how god is taking acre of me from all evils…now i am much more determined to study and settle down ……you are an angel my life di….none of my friends cares to know what bothers me but your update it just makes me feel i am not alone …i have you !!! my motivation and inspiration…unknowingly you became my dream model di…god bless you and your familyy !!!!

  9. Neeraja Naidu says:

    Heyyyy, my little cheer is writing too 🙂 …I don’t mean writing books or poems but yeah I write whatever I feel that moment and when I’m sad,happy ,angry ,frustrated all is pen down in a book which Is like a remedy to me later … Like when I suddenly open that book on a random day .. I get to glance all those feelings and moments and sometimes I also see the problems that made me sad seems so small and that also gets me stronger in dealing with situations 😊 and your books are always there to cheer me up . So I chill reading them. Lots of love and wish you luck in everything that you do … Please upload spark and spice 😋

  10. Unnati limbachiya says:

    Wow superb I m excited 😍🤩

  11. Priya says:

    Wow I am loving this corner of yours di..Great way to connect…Coming to my little cheers..You know it well books books books and now seriously kinda addicted to insta…Just some random watching…Nothing specific…Somehow when surfing i try ending watching sonething interesting…It sooths my brain…But seriously i dunno how long this insta fever will be with me..I am afraid it should not be next twitter fb or any other social networking sites…Also i love reading tt …It gives me immense pleasure and happy reading all your works..

  12. chandrasan says:

    I like listening to some amazing music specially AR.Rahman ‘s 90’s and mid 90’s music they are pure bliss. I don’t like humming the song or anyone humming it while am listening. I’ll be like ” I have to listen to singer’s voice and music not yours” ( mostly to my sis hahhah ) sounds Crazy, yes am like that hehe.
    Next, I always love nature be it green trees, plants , waterfall, sun rise, sun set, beach anything which is so fresh to our eyes.. sply when wind blows and hit my face when I go out or while sitting in window seat. It feels sooo damn I can’t express that. It is love..
    Chatting with my best friends, automatically our lips curve into beautiful smile followed by laughter. Meeting them and spending entire day with them going out, sharing life’s happenings . Usually we dont use mobile, it is allowed only to take pictures hahaha.
    Reading MaNan and UR stories – It all started with manan and Ur story is like a regular thing.
    To do list mein I have added -> Buying ur book ( twisted minds ) and reading it alone with a cup of coffee or tea. PS : that will my first ever book am going to read. waaah the feellll is ahmazinggg

    1. chandrasan says:

      Can’t wait excited excited !!!!

    2. manitavb says:

      That is so so sweet!
      I just went inside kitchen to bring my black coffee to go as I sit and read all the comments. And reply to them.
      Weekends used to be busy for me, but in past few months, I’ve consciously reduced working on Sat-Sunday.

      I love AR Rahman and his use of instruments and vocals.
      Thanks for sharing all the lovely things about you 🙂

      1. chandrasan says:

        No problem, take your time to reply no worries. Yes, I did checked for your reply hehehe but that’s fine. A big thanks for asking us to share and for connecting with us.

      2. Simar says:

        Yeah I also Love A.R Ragman’s Music.My all time favourite is Title Track of Dil se.Its beautiful.And also the music and songs of the movie Taal.

        1. manitavb says:

          I love ‘Dil Se’ too!! So beautiful.

  13. chandrasan says:

    First I want to say ” love YOU” for always connecting with us and making us to think of ourselves, our passion, likes which we tend to forget in this busy world. This is much needed one which we ignore at times or should I say we won’t do on regular basis. Thank you so much for coming up with this…

    1. manitavb says:

      Love you too 🙂
      It’s so important to think of ourselves, amidst the tough routines and hectic schedules…
      I wanted all of you to think about yourselves as ‘you’ and how special creation of God you are 🙂 🙂

      1. chandrasan says:

        Virtual hug toh bantha hai Diiii. Whatever you said is 200% true. At times we regret for not doing things which we love. We be like ” I so wanted to do this now I can’t ” It happens to all of us. To be frank for me this ” Little cheer ” talk of yours is like a wake up call. Thank you sooo much .

        1. manitavb says:

          Hugs and kisses… loads of them!!

  14. aartij says:

    For me its always been reading. Right from wen i knew about books I was addicted to enid blyton stories as a kid. Its my go to thing n cheers me up always😍

    1. manitavb says:

      Same here aarti… We were given the Enid Blyton series/ Famous Five/ Secret Seven/ Hardy boys series when we were in primary, those were the days we used to imagine making a secret group…
      Reading transports you to a different world!

      1. aartij says:

        It definitely does😍 it takes u to so many places so many thoughts n increases your imagination power so much😅

  15. Anonymous says:

    For me,its reading poetry and writing too.Poetry is not just rhyming words for me,its someone’s life experience and observations.So in my me time,I love reading and writing poetry.I love to read different books.And watching chat shows of eminent personalities from which I can learn something.These are a few things I love to do in my me time.

    1. manitavb says:

      These are some deep thoughts and amazing way to learn and grow. I’d appreciate if you introduced yourself 🙂

      1. simarmanu says:

        Sorry Di, I forgot to write my name in a hurry.I am Simar.

        1. manitavb says:

          hahaha… the way you replied, I knew that you are someone I know so dearly! But I couldn’t guess as so many people I know love to read and write poetry and have such deep thoughts.
          But I could feel the connection 🙂
          Love you, simar!!

          1. simar says:

            Love you too Di…

  16. Yohanna Corin Yogeswaran says:

    My little Cheer as of now is my Poetries which I do write of my own when my heart really wants to do tat. Penning down my thoughts brings me much solace and calmness.

    1. manitavb says:

      It’s amazing to know that so many people write poetry. Do share if you are comfortable. I love to read poetry.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Listening soft music especially from 60s & 70s and then reading is my another favourite pastime be it any genre… but above all it’s just sitting in my balcony and looking far-away with only the sounds of nature thinking about life, people and places which give me happiness!!

    1. manitavb says:

      That’s just so surreal… letting your thoughts wander without any boundaries is another form of meditation… thanks for sharing 🤗🤗

  18. maniknandini1 says:

    Di whatever you write seems beautiful like always…💞
    My little cheers in life are- when I read update of my favorite story I don’t know how but some unknown happiness consume me and I become happy.
    Second is when I meet with my best friends who are my school friends.we work at different places and also lives at different places but in the same city so we don’t get time to interact that much but after every 15 days we surely meet and spend the whole day chattering.
    Third is sometimes me and my roommate go for long walk after dinner have coffee at our favorite place and spend some time sitting on the but stops sometime on the dividers of road. I specifically like seating on divider and watching people moving around me. It gives me an unknown peace.
    And yeah watching rain.

    1. manitavb says:

      You are very lucky. All those who have such close friends are lucky… letting your heart out is luxury not everyone has… so cherish it 🤗🤗 God bless you!!

      1. maniknandini1 says:

        Thank you Di.. 🤗 but now one from us is getting married in November and shifting to another city. So we are just thinking now how will things change but we have decided one thing no matter what we will meet whenever it’s becomes possible.

        1. manitavb says:

          That’s really good. it might be difficult but when you deeply feel about something, you do it!

          1. maniknandini1 says:

            I just hope everything will remain like this always.

  19. Anusha says:

    For me, it’s definitely reading( manan stories and a big part is yours especially spice and spark and now tangles and ties) and watching shows ( current fav: erkenci kus -Turkish serial). The k- pop band -BTS ‘s songs and concerts too is my favorite. While reading or watching or listening music I prefer to be alone and if someone tell me a negative comment about any of these, I feel very angry and possessive.

    1. manitavb says:

      I loved that possessive streak about these things. It says how deeply attached you are to all those things you mentioned…
      It is so important to find your source of peace in a busy day… I’m glad you found yours 💖💖

  20. weirdfascinations says:

    Binge-watching sitcoms, reading and organizing my room give me a high that no drug can ever provide!

    1. manitavb says:

      I’ve always found organizing room, cleaning and organizing schedules extremely satisfying. It suddenly lifts my mood too 😊

  21. Komal says:

    Dancing…like no one’s watching…dancing to any and every kind of song…i just love doing that when I’m all alone

    1. manitavb says:

      Oh wow!! Dancing is a super stressbuster. I save dance videos on my laptop for there is a certain beauty when people dance.💖💖
      I have an entry in my bucket list- to learn spanish dance 😊.. do you love any specific form of dance?

  22. Kavita menon says:

    I love to have my daily banter with like minded Friends.. may it be the stupidest of things but it’s a place to unwind from daily stress.then of course music is another favourite along with reading your ya a day with these little things fill it up and its time to windup after a tiring day at work.

    1. manitavb says:

      Music is love 💖💖 let me know what do you love to hear most…

  23. hinuthakkar11 says:

    Whenever i m in my me-time i love to read some stories,love to sit in front of water related place river or waterfall or anything🤩beach place is still left for me to go but even if i watch it somewhere i feel peace❤️nd i can sit there for hours without caring for anything😁just 2 days before i was sitting at ganga ghat at rishikesh nd my legs were in the water nd that sukoon vali feeling😍😍i sat there for 2-3 hours constantly nd now i wish to stay here forever🙈😂

    1. manitavb says:

      Few days back when I was in Goa, I realised how water plays such an important part in healing and happiness. It deserves a separate post… 😊😊
      But yes, like you said, rivers, waterfalls, rainfall, beaches figure in so many people’s stories…they heal…

      1. hinuthakkar11 says:

        Yes dii it really deserves a separate post😃nd those places play such an important part in our lives😄the sukoon vali feeling i can get is from there only😍

        1. manitavb says:

          True 😍

  24. lovelyrashu says:

    Well my little cheer time is when I read stories or more particularly manan stories. Reading manan light hearted romantic story lifts up my mood whenever I’m sad about something, it makes me forget everything whenever I’m tensed or nervous about something and it cools down my temper whenever I am angry about something. So basically reading stories is my me time which relaxes me and makes me happy and it never bothers me even if I am alone.

    1. manitavb says:

      That’s beautiful… I have been a reader too… all my life…

  25. krinal310 says:

    Music and reading is like my little cheers..I don’t need anything else while I have either of these…and yeah, without my one pillow which supposed to be with me more than 3 years now,let me tell u that without that ,I can’t sleep…I just needed it with me to hug tight and sleep …. that’s sukoon …

    1. manitavb says:

      Awww… how soft is that… I’ve seen many people with same pillows and quilt for years coz it gives them sukoon 💖💖

      1. krinal310 says:

        Yes….it gives me honewali feeling in abroad….so yes… it’s peace to use it for sleep

        1. manitavb says:


          1. krinal310 says:



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