You can turn off the notifications if you get bugged by notifications from this blog. Otherwise, please ignore my frequent irrelevant posts… as I’m reformatting few things…

I have been trying to format the blog in a way that it becomes simpler to read and the pages are easily accessible to readers, once they increase in number.

I’ve had people telling me on wattpad message box and other social media that they are not able to access this site or not able to understand it. Since it’s inception, I’ve tried to solve each and every query or problem that was addressed to me. I’m trying my best to make this blog as a simple reading experience for you. Please let me know if it is still an issue to access the blog/ to read chapters etc.

Now you can access all books on the top of the page, like you did at wattpad. One click will take you to all chapters of that story and you can read from there…

Tangles and Ties, I’m now posting under one head… please track it with chapter numbers…

For rest of the stories, I’ve created categories for them to see how it turns out but I haven’t started posting chapters of any other story. I will soon post all my stories here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing by me in every phase of life …

Love you all 🙂

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  1. Reema says:

    I am not able to see your previous stories,how to read it?

    1. manitavb says:

      Go to menu on top… there are ‘Books written by me’

  2. chandrasan says:

    I am so happy for you that you have started to publish your previous stories, which you have deleted in wattpad. It is always good to take efforts to make things better and best. If you want to do some changes for us so that this site will be user friendly then plz go ahead and format.

  3. shravyagodha says:

    Eagerly waiting for your other stories to read.Thankyou very much for the updates besides your busy schedule 🤗🤗


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