Hello everyone,

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a beautiful new year! Hope this festival was the brightest of all. I hope it was memorable and joyful for each one of you and your families.

It feels like a long time since we interacted with each other. Thank you so much for sending me messages after my last post. I was really struggling at that time and I didn’t know how to let that steam out. Writing is my only outlet. So, I wrote a post about it. And I was overwhelmed with the messages.

The support and love, I have always received from all of you, are immeasurable. My heart fills with gratitude when I think about the spoken-unspoken warmth I get from my extended family here.
But I was not able to reply to each message as I always try to do and love to. Thanks for understanding and being there – Just being there!! That’s enough for me!! So thank you for that!

Today, I’m here to thank each and every one of you for the messages and emails I’ve received, and also, to answer the questions asked by you, as I couldn’t reply to you.

Many people ask me about the issues bothering me. I would only say that – One day, when the time will be right, I will write about it… in detail!
It is so complicated that it cannot be explained in few words.

This is not the right time.

This is the time to keep calm, stay away from every opinion and let my mind work. It’s time to think and make decisions. I hope you all understand. It is a terrible phase and I need support to go through it. That’s it.

A lot of you ask – How I am doing?… Thank you. I’m doing fine 🙂

Life and time are the best teachers. They ultimately teach you to deal with things and make you stronger day after day, if only you decide to fight and not give up.
That is what I am doing, right now – Taking each day as it comes and trying to come up with solutions to unexpected problems that are not only new for me but overbearing too.

Some ask – Am I depressed and sad? … No! I am not!

I was in a bad phase a month back… I was upset, hurt, broken…
But now I got over that phase. No matter how hard it is, we need to keep going, make decisions and move one… I’m learning to take baby steps to rebuild my life. I will definitely bounce back – harder and stronger!!

A lot of people message me to ask me – If I will ever be back. Or whether I have left forever?
My reply is – Yes, I will definitely be back. I miss my stories as much as all of you.

I love them and I am not an escapist. I don’t run away when problems strike. I don’t leave things I love when I face harsh circumstances. My books, my stories are my commitment to you and each one of you who reads them deserves to know a justified ending. I left this space and all social media sites, not because I couldn’t handle them. I left to take a break – to take a step back, evaluate the situation and strike again. This time, with increased strength and determination.

I thank all of you for giving me the time I needed, every time I asked for it. You are the most loving, generous, adoring and caring bunch of friends I have earned here.

Thank you for everything – I don’t need any sympathy. I just need your love 🙂

Lots of love to all of you,

Stay blessed. Stay Happy.

Take care,


PS: I will continue to use this space to let out my feelings while I deal with life. I’ve learnt a lot during this phase. I hope to pass on the lessons. Maybe, it helps someone out there, in need of strength and motivation, while it helps me too.



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Manita V

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