A blank page is nothing but an invitation.
To create, to share, to bring alive every pain, every truth and all lies
All that waited to be shared and discussed
But couldn’t leave the confines of a broken heart & closed eyes

Hello everyone,

This post is about this blog –

~ Few people were complaining about the advertisements on this blog and how they disliked it. It was just an experiment that I had agreed to when asked by Google. When I activated Adsense by Google, they suggested me to click on AutoAds – that means Automatic insertion of advertisements. So, Google AdWorks will decide where to place the ad on a blog and how. I had very little role in the decision on how to place them. I didn’t know that it will create so much nuisance for the readers.

Anyway, I have removed them now. Hope it is better to navigate through the blog henceforth.

~ I have made more changes in the blog to make it more user-friendly.

You will find all answers to your questions on the Home Page / or

It has 2 sections on the front *My Corner* & *My Works* 

My Corner —   1. News, information or latest announcements
2. All Posts under My Corner
3. About me

My Works —  1. Slider for my books – you can slide the book you want to read and click on it to go to the respective page of the book which contains all chapters of that book.
2. Scroll carousel for Recent Chapters
                         3. Contact Me

On the sidebar in laptop/tablet/ desktop and bottom footer of mobile devices, you will find

  1. Blog Stats
  2. Subscribe by email
  3. Search box.

~ To read a story / book –
Either – Click on the book through Slider under My Works and go to that book, to find all chapters,
Or – Type the chapter and book name in search box – eg Tangles and Ties Chapter No. 50 … so it will lead you to that chapter.

~ Password for all protected chapters till now is – mature

I have tried to solve almost every issue that has been raised to me.

Let me know in comments about any other issue that you are facing with this blog and needs my attention.

Thanks to all of you.

Lots of love. Stay blessed.

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Manita V

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