Thank you for the tremendous response to this blog and my stories. It means the world to me. I have nothing but gratitude for all the love and support I have received from my readers.

I hope I keep writing without any hindrance, now that I have a place of my own 🙂

I want to do something for you, in return…

~ I’ve decided to post Spark and Spice and Fire & Ice, one after the other, as a token of love and gratitude towards all of you.

~ Tangles & Ties and Beyond Every Border is available on the blog with every chapter online.

~ Sometimes, I feel that I update faster than people are able to read :))

You can take your time to read. You don’t need to respond in any way. I’m doing no favour to anyone by writing. I love to write and so I write.

To all those who read and appreciate and connect with me – I’m immensely grateful to you. My love for you only grows every day. You have no idea how blessed and privileged I feel to have you with me on my entire writing journey.

To all the silent readers – I have no complaints. I truly, honestly understand you.

To all those who don’t read my books – I really have no idea why you apologize for it. It’s your life, your choice…
Do you really think I will feel bad that you don’t read my books? I’m not writing for you, in the first place. So, Chill honey :))

I’ll be away from all social networking sites for some time.

Don’t worry about the updates. They will continue as before, at a regular pace.

Nothing but love and gratitude for anyone who is reading this.

Lots of love for all of you. Take care. Thanks again :))






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Manita V

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