Gratitude. Patience. Growth: India Lockdown

Hello everyone,

I wish for good health for each one of you and your family. May this catastrophe of coronavirus subside soon and the human race wins over it with as minimal damages as possible.

I hope the quarantine is treating you well. However it goes, please do not panic. Do not give space to negative thoughts and people in your life. Let’s be patient in these times of distress.

I have been reading all the comments on my blog, on various posts, including the finale of Tangles & Ties. It overwhelms me to have you all reading my work and feeling connected with it. I have nothing but deeply felt gratitude and love for all of you.

I wish I could reply to each of you. But I can’t.
During this lockdown, as maids, helpers, cook, and staff are sent on leave, I am currently cooking, cleaning, washing utensils, washing clothes, teaching, and entertaining kids like all of us are doing ๐Ÿ˜€
Not that it is any problem. I am okay with doing all that stuff. But it takes away a lot of time and leaves you tired. I am not able to type individual replies.

When I am free, I love to write and edit my stories. Reading your comments and emails brings a wide smile to my lips but I am unable to reply to each one of you. Hence this post ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Your comments, big, small, detailed, one-liners, pouring all the love for me and my stories is the major earning that I made with my stories and I treasure and cherish all of you.

Today, I’ll share with you three principles of life that I always try to achieve and improve at. I hope I am able to practice them and make them shine brighter in this period of lockdown as well.

Gratitude has always been the first thought whenever I do something. I begin my day with gratitude. And it has increased in this period. I am grateful that my family and I, and all those who I care for are safe and healthy. I am grateful that our country is doing well so far. I am grateful that we have food and water supply, we are safely locked inside our homes, with family, with electricity and wifi still working. Things are not bad. Let’s pray for those who don’t have these basics and those who are still going out to work as frontline warriors.

Patience is the second most important thing that rules my actions. We can achieve nothing without patience. If we are patient, all that is meant for us will slowly sway towards us. Do your best and let it be. Your hard work will bring you results. Equal patience is required to shun away negativity from our lives. We cannot explain what we really feel if someone wants to deliberately misunderstand us. We cannot make them understand. Let’s just be patient. And wait. Things will fall into place.

Last but not the least – Growth. If we wish to attain anything in life, especially experience, expertise, and excellence, then we will have to focus on consistent growth. If we are getting time now and if we are safe and healthy, we should give it back to God and society by doing our duties well and be the best version of ourselves.

I hope I can practice these three values and become a better cook, better mother, better writer, and a better human being in these few days.

Other than these three abstracts, I am planning to –

Write more
Read more
Cook new recipes
Catch up on sleep
Pay more attention to my health – exercise regularly, meditate
Pray more
Read stories for my kids

The list is endless ๐Ÿ˜€

Do write to me about what you have planned for yourself while you are locked down in your homes.

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

Lots of love to all of you.



Written By

Manita V

Comments :

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Regularly or can say after every hour checking this page …
      Long time no update
      Didi we are connected with you threw your creativity or stories..
      Sometime your updated some kind of relief for us that you are doing great or encouraging us with every line of your stories..
      Or whenever you are not able to update you informed us…
      But this time long time …
      Didi I hope or pray you good ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
      Everything is good or whenever you free please write small words for us that “how are you..?”
      My comment is just concerned for you โค๏ธ
      Please forgive me if my any single word hurts you or any reader..๐Ÿ“š
      Orr Yess guys ready for #5th_april ๐Ÿ˜Š
      For everyone
      Orrr our #writerdidiโœ๏ธ
      Your fans , your readers
      Waiting for you ๐Ÿ˜˜

      • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

        I’m fine dear. Just a bit worked up during the lockdown. Things are finally getting into a mold and we have settled down.
        Hoping to post something soon.
        Hope all is well at your end. Stay safe and happy.
        Love you!

        • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

          Thank you so much Didi๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ
          For reply ๐Ÿ’
          Take your own time for Stories ๐Ÿ˜
          Love you too ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•
          Manita Didi โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ“š

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      When will you update….???

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Di when will you updated further chapters of BEB

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      I have started reading Bhagvan Gita. And ofcourse plan to learn some basics of cooking

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Thankyou di! The more I read your post, the more you inspire me!
      I have always been a spoilt kid. Never messed with studies, but always got what I wanted. I am not even close to the words such as Gratitude and Patience. I never even felt the need to feel such things. For me, that’s how it works.
      But now, I am genuinely trying to be a better version of myself. I think this lockdown has helped me so much. Before, I used to be engrossed in my work and studies and always took my parents for granted. Now, when we are doing everything on our own, I feel like the little girl again. It’s like another chance for me, to be a better daughter. A better person in general.
      And I can’t say that you don’t have a role to play in my change of mind. I really really wish I could be just one percent of what you are.

      All the best di! I hope you are able to manage everything that you are doing and continue to shine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Totally and completely agree with the three things – Gratitude, Patience and Growth!

      In all this, one thing I have been noticing, compassion! I have seen and heard of so many stories where strangers are helping strangers! How cool is that! I just wish we continue to be considerate and compassionate towards others even after everything settles down.

      We have been home bound for almost 3 weeks now. It is always a challenge to find balance between work, home, kids, spouse and oneself living outside of India where we don’t have house helps. It would have been harder to balance if everyone is home. Juggling between cooking, kids, work, cleaning would have been tough! I am seeing my friends how hard it is to be in that situation right now. I can’t thank my parents enough. They are visiting us for a few months and I cant be more happy to get to spend so much time with them. Them being here is a blessing in disguise. They have been a constant support and help.

      First few days of in-home was a little difficult to get used to. Once we settled with our daily routine, its getting better. We miss going out for a walk, hike, dining out, meeting friends and family. Kids are missing out on their activities, school, friends. But it is important that we stay in and help the vulnerable and the healthcare professionals!

      Somethings I am currently doing, now that I don’t have to drive for 2 hrs to work and back ๐Ÿ˜ –
      Spending more time with kids playing board games, reading to them, just snuggling
      Spending more time reading which was very hard to manage earlier.
      Exercising! getting into daily exercise routine…working out with kids most of the times so that they too have some physical activity
      watching TV, movies, series, cooking shows – Netflix, prime, Disney plus are truly a blessing ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      and most importantly, there is no constant stress of getting things done in short period of time – less yelling and shouting๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ฌ
      And also getting to spend so much time with my parents. Staying out of India, its very hard for us to meet regularly. Sometime we don’t meet in 2years too. They have been visiting us regularly since my dad retired, but with job, I hardly get to spend time with them even when they are here. Now that all of us are home, its amazing!

      Please stay inside, not just for you but for your loved ones for your family and friends and also for strangers! If you cant due to the nature of your work, please practice safety precautions.


    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      i dont think you remember me but three years back when i was in a dilemma whether to go for my college placement or write government exams you asked me to follow my heart..though my heart never asked me to go for banking sector but i was never made for software and i am no where guilty for lettting that opportunity go where i could have made myself a good place in techmahindra,..i was always careless when it comes to working hard..whether reading or anything…the only thing which never made me lazy was writing and reading books that hook me up..yet…when i know that i have left placement for banking i couldnt work hard for it and it resulted in two years waste of time before i finally landed in a govt bank..i am happy but something is missing like i m not satisfied with my life…my parents are proud of me and that matters alot but i want to achieve a bit more..may be a better job..i decided to wgive my 100% once…though i doubt it but i feel god gave me this opportunity this quarantine of 21 days to work hard and prove my worth…i know one thing for sure that i deserve much more than what i am doing right now and its hardly matter of few days i will be able to achieve it if i listen to my brain instead of my lazyness…so…wis me luck and bless me that i will work hard and grab this job which i think will help me in growing in my life

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Yes….we all will pass out this stage bravely n safely. Your stories are very much relief. Even I have staretd reading untouched books from my collection. Thank you for your concern. Regards…

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Before anything else it’s you. Take care of yourself and your family di. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Hi dear, i would prefer you write or upload BEB chapters, rather than replying to individual comments.

      I am working from home and i am feeling gratitude for having a job, whilst thousands in Australia lost their job.

      • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

        Yes. That is what I meant to say. The daily work tires us all. My clinic is closed and I am consulting selected non-emergency patients through mail and whatsapp, but the household chores adds up to it and it occupies the entire day.
        So, though I read all the comments, I am not able to reply to everyone
        Decided to write updates instead ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      I totally agree with everything you have said, I am also trying to do those things,
      As well as on my off days, spend time with family, watch movies, play games and pray!

      Off to work now, will catch up later

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Love you dear.. your words always gives little more stregth.. and makes me remember who am i .. we usually forget our own self during our busy shedule of looking after our kids and family..

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Thank you for sharing this.
      I have planned to :

      Complete an online course that will help to boost up my skills

      Complete watching the originals on Amazon

      And I am slowly taking baby steps towards writing. Thank you di for helping me out.

      – Keyura

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Work from home so kind of occupied with my ofc work for abt 6-7 hours. Apart from that reading stories, doing small small works at home.

    • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

      Thank you Doc for your inspiring views. I pray you and your family members remain happy and healthy
      As for lockdown, I am in the same boat. All household chores do wring out energies. I, for one, miss my evening walks (my daily exercise routine).
      I think people had started taking privileges as granted, as birthright. May be this lockdown will make them understand that most of us, especially those on sns have a more comfortable existence than the daily wage earners. If they are abiding by the regulations, so can we, w/o whining that our freedom has been curtailed. We must also show gratitude to our parents that they provided for us to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
      Patience is a virtue most people preach, but seldom follow. Twitter a prime example. Often problems resolve themselves if dealt with patiently. This 21 days, cooped up within homes, will surely test us all. Just hope after the lockdown India emerges victorious.
      Take care. Stay blessed. ๐Ÿค—โค๏ธ


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