Fire & Ice: A Word from the writer

I’ve decided to make available my first Manan ff – ‘Fire & Ice’ on this platform for all the readers who had missed it before when it was first published at wattpad..

I am skeptical about posting it as this story was plagiarised word by word on wattpad. Also, this was the first one to be sent for publishing but suffered delay due to my other commitments.

The book format which I am still editing ( like since forever ) is going to be VERY VERY Different… with better writing, crisp editing and fewer chapters.

This was my first book on wattpad… too amateur… I really have no idea why and how it maintained a position on Rank #1 in Manan FFs… apart from the fact that it was regularly updated, like everyday.

It is my boldest writing so far and first 12 chapters ar so bold and immature that they make me feel awkward, even now. I guess, it was more of an experiment kind of writing- Please don’t judge me :))

Thank you so much! Lots of love to you…

PS : Last but not the least – Even if you don’t subscribe my blog, every click at any page on this blog, every read sends me the ip address of the user… any attempt at copying in ANY form will land you in a lawsuit. And I’m really serious about it.

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Manita V

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