Till Eternity And Beyond: Chapter 1 – Flutters of Apprehension

August 2018 Military Hospital, Jodhpur Major (Dr.) Sameer Singh Rathore finished the morning rounds after examining all the soldiers admitted in the general surgery ward. He returned to his cabin and sat down on his chair as he was informed that there was a call for him at the landline phone of his office. “Haan, ma?” Sameer spoke in an […]

Till Eternity And Beyond: Choose The Cover

Hello everyone, I will start updating ‘Till Eternity And Beyond’ in a few minutes. In the meantime, choose the cover – I received 2 covers for the story and one I made myself. I will use all of them one by one. My heartfelt gratitude to Haripriya and Ishi for the covers they sent me. I will post all three […]

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