Previous Chapters of Tangles & Ties

Hello friends, I am extremely sorry. The last 3-4 days were too hectic as I had to finish a project by 30th Dec, ie today and submit it. I couldn’t upload the previous chapters of Tangles & Ties. I will begin to update them now. One more thing – I haven’t replied to the hundreds of messages in my inbox […]

Tangles & Ties to Resume on Dec 1.

Hey all, I’ve been missing MaNan, Tangles & Ties and writing fiction… and basically everything that makes me smile, including all of you… As I have said before that I will start updating from December 1st, 2019…this post is simply to add the countdown on page 1 of this blog… see it here – Click Here This will remind me every […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 80: I will follow you

Latika smiled. “Ask Manik. He just came in and is standing behind you!” Nandini immediately turned around. Manik had entered the living room and he was talking to Cabir now. The living room was buzzing with cheers for Manchester United at the Euro Cup finals. Aliya and Mukti were chatting with Trisha and Gaurvi. Dhruv was talking to Manoj Malhotra, […]

Tangles and Ties: Chapter 79: Stolen Moments

Manik’s birthday was like a big celebration for the Malhotra family as they had especially come from Lucknow to give him a surprise. Manik’s mother Latika was in the kitchen, making sweets and savouries of Manik’s choice and liking. Nandini was around her, helping her, giving her things like ghee and sugar and flour. Latika’s excitement was palpable. “It has […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 78: I Don’t Trust You

“I wasn’t judging you… ” “Oh yes!! You just did… My wife of 4 months just told me how she thinks that my entire life of 29 years was a lie.” Nandini was left speechless! His words. His stance. His clenched jaw, toughened face and darkened eyes spitting fire at her – Each gesture told her how upset he was. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 77: Judgements and Apprehensions

Manik lowered himself towards Nandini and gave her a soft, quick side hug. This was the only response he could manage after an overwhelming promise from her that she will keep believing in him even when she didn’t understand him. “Let’s go.” He quickly separated from her and held her hand taking her towards the arrival terminal of the airport. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 75: Insanely Addictive Attraction

The traffic at this blog is phenomenal! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no words to express gratitude. The number of subscribers and number of hits every day is massive such that it has started causing glitches, I am told. 75 chapters of T&T and 15 chapters of BEB and so many ‘My corner’ posts and […]

New VM: Tangles & Ties

So, I’ve made a very basic, juvenile kinda VM for Tangles & Ties… but I had to do it coz I couldn’t ‘not’ make it … I don’t know if it makes sense… If you find it cute – like I found it adorable – it is PURELY due to MaNan and nothing else… Will remove tomorrow… coz I don’t […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 74: Anything For You!

( A small update today… )   It was almost 9 pm. She was late, yet again. Nandini left the general gynae ward after checking on the last patient admitted in emergency. Her steps had become fast by default. She would normally walk fast as she was used to zooming in and out of different wards on different floors of […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 73: The Dynamics of Happiness

~ A lot of people didn’t get the notification of the last update. Honestly, I have no idea what went wrong. I’ll check what happened. Meanwhile, you keep checking for updates… I’ll let you know a schedule in a day or two…  ~ Happy Friendship Day to all of you! Stay blessed. Thank you for being a silent support system […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 72: My Happiness Is You

I’m deeply grateful for the love and response to all my stories. Tangles & Ties is set to create it’s own records for the number of messages I receive because of it. Only second next to Spark & Spice. Thank you and lots of love to you… always!! ………………………. Nandini carried her laptop to the dining table and sat on […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 71: Can’t Stop Loving You

Apologies for posting it after a long gap! It is a longggg update. Almost 6500 words… Lots of love to all of you 🙂 …………………. The morning of the New Year started on a beautiful note. It was always beautiful for her when she woke up next to him, hearing him breathe silently, feeling the soft heaving of his chest […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 70: A Sacred Bond

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed. Stay happy! She laughed hysterically when he spoke in a husky deep baritone, not to say ‘shut up’ in a husky, sexy voice. He grinned but didn’t speak anything else till he gave her all the time in the world to laugh and rejoice in the glory of his arms around her slender frame, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 69: Resolutions

The only purpose of removing stories from different platforms is to safeguard them under my name. Nothing else! I’ve written MaNan stories for MaNan fans and after I get them copyrighted and published, I will post links to all Manan stories in Manik-Nandini version only.  You can download and keep them with you forever. No one needs to buy my […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 68: Going With The Flow

I haven’t been replying to comments and messages except when it was very necessary. Apologies for that. I’ve missed you all. But, I am tied up in my clinic and with kids as schools opened and holidays ended too. I read each and every comment, and press like to show that I have read them and loved them and thank […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 65: Closer Than Others

Thank you for all the comments and likes on the last part. It means a lot to me. I’ve tried to reply to all, but if I have missed anyone, please do remind me. I would love to write to you! Stay blessed. Take care. ………………………………………… He grinned gloriously, “Forget that stupid game now!” “I need you to do that!!!” […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 64: Made For Each Other

Thank you for all the lovely responses to the last few parts of this story. I have read each and every comment and all messages… but I am not able to reply to you… I have been caught up in lot of other things, apart from my clinic, family and kids. I’m not active even on sns…except the DMs that […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 63: No Bounds

Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for the comments and likes too. It means a lot to me. Love you all. Apologies for posting late. It’s a long chapter… really long… :))) With lots of pictures…   They followed Nandini’s itinerary and took a bus to Zaanse Schans first. It was a village near Amsterdam famous for recreated […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 62: Yearning For You!

Overwhelmed with the response to the last chapter. I don’t have words to thank you. It seems easy to write chapters and updates, but I become uneasy and tongue-tied when people comment on those. I don’t know what to say – ‘So, thank you! Life is beautiful with you girls around me. Stay blessed. Stay happy. Lots of love.’ Wish […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 61: More Than You Will Know

{ No words can suffice for expressing gratitude for the love my stories have received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your support. A really long update, double the size of usual updates. Happy Reading! } ……………………………………………     He gave her a warm squeeze before separating from her and softly murmured, “Hey! What happened? Why […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 60: Incurable

It was quite dark into the night. There was no sight of human habitation at a long distance. Tall trees lined the narrow deserted road till as far as eyes could see. The branches and leaves swaying due to the cool breeze made a swishing sound, chilling her blood till her bones. Other than these sounds, there were only night […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 59: Addiction

Next Morning… The sunrays seeped inside the bedroom through fine creeks in the shutters at the tall windows along one wall. Manik was the first one to open his eyes. His body was yet to move as he couldn’t decide whether to move, at all… or forego the thought of it… Nandini had been sleeping blissfully on his left shoulder […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 38: A Window to Soul

“But you smell so good!” “Why are we still smelling differently? Make me smell like you!” One word of assurance from her that he was smelling fine was enough to boost his confidence. It had been a tough call to get up from the living room and come inside to shower and change. Leaving her back there in the living […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 37: The Scent Of Love

“Its not love!” Nandini scrolled through the websites that masi had sent the links to, with a subtle shrug and a whisper, convincing herself, ‘Of course, it is not love!’ She chose a blog where the Chef had used a lot of pictures to illustrate the simple steps for beginners to prepare quick healthy meals for working professionals. The recipes looked […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 36: Not In Love

Nandini finally gave up trying to go back to sleep. She spent a long time in the bathtub, scrubbing and shampooing and preening herself, simply to kill time… wore a beautiful long floral skirt and baby pink ruffled top that made her feel like a princess… and settled on the couch with Dobby and the morning newspaper. Later, she read […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 35: I Need You

For the next two days, Manik remained immersed in work, going through the last minute details of the project before handing it over to the executive committee and the client, so that it could be taken ahead for final execution and completion. He would leave home early in the morning and come back late at night. He would eat either […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 34: She Is The One!

Nandini sent a message to him at lunch time — ‘Finished meeting three HODS of different hospitals… tired now… going back home!’ Manik replied back — ‘Great! How were the hospitals? You like them?’ ‘Loved them! Applied to all the places. They have openings. I hope I get it.’ ‘Awesome. I really hope you do!’ ‘I hope so, too. I’m dying […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 33: Beyond The Fears

The night may have ended with both of them sleeping side by side, her hand between them and his hand over hers, as softly as he could manage so as to not wake her up. But the next morning found them sleeping in each other’s arms. His strong muscular arms wrapped around her. Her delicate form curled up within his […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 32 : What Do You Call It?

“So, basically you are giving me the liberty of being ‘me’…” She chuckled and squeezed her eyes as she nodded, “Exactly!!!” “Then, why don’t I feel happy about it?” He had slightly murmured, walking behind her for the billing of their selections. She turned around to look at him again and grinned, “Did you say something?” He nodded to refuse, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 31: Everything I Ever Wanted

“Sure, you are talking about our home?” “Of course!! You only said na, that I shouldn’t expect anything like that from you!! Or… should I??” He lifted one brow and smiled mysteriously, before coming up with a soft, husky whisper, almost lowering down towards her shoulder, “Expectations are the fixed frame, inside which, we bind others and ourselves too… and keep […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 58: The Measure of Care

Manik and Nandini got off the boat and walked in a particular direction, as suggested by Nandini. He rested his hands on his hips after walking for quite some distance and huffed. “Hey! Where are you taking me? Should I be alarmed that I have been officially kidnapped?” Nandini giggled while Manik dragged his feet behind her, making statements as […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 30: Breaking The Rules

Manik had asked Nandini to pick him from his office at 3 pm as he had sent his car for her. She finished visiting 3 nearby hospitals by then. All she had to do was observe the patients load and see OTs and OPD. She met the HODs of the hospitals, introduced herself and asked to be called for the […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 29: Sinking In

The early morning sunshine seemed to caress her cheeks, sieving through the creeks in the window pane, kissing her eyelids, coaxing her to open her eyes… Nandini frowned. It was too early to get up but sleep evaded her soon. The uneasiness of being displaced from her own world … and being in a new place, new bed had been […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 28: Not An Easy Drive

“I was wondering what would be more profitable to count, from now…” “Like??” “The number of times you leave me stunned with your spark or the number of dissimilarities between us?” With a slight tilt of her neck, she observed him, adoringly! He didn’t appear like he was going to leave her eyes for long. She wasn’t going to lose […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 27: Dissimilarities Galore

Dhruv gave him a weird, disbelieving look, evidently smirking with that, “Manik, you are an engineer, right? From IIT? And if I’m not wrong, you manage all your transactions, mails… even shopping… practically your entire life online??!!!” “Tch… Don’t try to become another Cabir, mannn!!” Manik was in no mood to entertain Dhruv’s jokes. He was already irritated. “I know, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 26 : Thinking Of You

At the office of Phoenix Adlabs Pvt. Ltd. Manik entered his cabin and pressed the buzzer three times at one go, a signal to his subordinates that he was in mood of no-nonsense and commanded them in his room at the earliest with the work they had finished. The staff stood up from their seats and rushed to his cabin […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 25: We Gel Like No Other

“You want to do something to prove it?” “Yeahhhh!!” She nodded cutely. In a real serious tone, trying not to intimidate or force her, he requested. “Then stay with me in this room. Choose my room!” She grinned and teased him, “You missed a chance, Malhotra! You could’ve asked for something else… as I didn’t even consider the other room… […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 24: New Experiences

The plane was finally flying high in the sky, leaving the older avenues and hoping to kiss the new destination. Bangalore! Manik switched on his laptop and studied a proposal saved by him. He spent an undistracted hour with his laptop almost burying himself in it. Nandini logged into pub-med website and read the latest articles about preterm labour. She […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 23: The Deal Is On

Nandini stood in front of the washroom mirror for some time and blushed hard. Her face, her eyes, her cheeks looked different today. Even a long bath and thorough scrub couldn’t take away that squishy feel from her cheeks and her body. Each feature of her face held a distinct glow. If felt as if each cell of her body […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 19: Like A Dream Catcher

Someone wanted to see how Manik’s tattoo must have looked – It’s on his chest – around 15 X 7 cm… something like this…. …………………………………………. She frowned, pretended to cry and closed the door behind her. They could hear ma and masi busy in their gossip, giggling like teenagers. Manik pretended to stretch his hands outwards, and lifted the sleeves […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 18: Sassy Secrets

Nandini was back to their room and was selecting the outfit to wear for the Grand Reception in the evening. It had to be a big formal function so the dress had to be the designer one, fit for the new bride. It was so confusing. She decided to take help from Meera. Just then, Manik entered the room. Manik […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 17: So Much Unspoken

The factory visit to meet the employees and distribute sweets to them, was followed by lunch and then back to Malhotra mansion. Manik asked his cousins, “Anyone up for a match of football?” His cousins jumped at the idea. They were nearly five boys of different ages… the girls were allowed too, so it made them eleven. Akhil and Gaurvi […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 16: Let The Feel Simmer

The second night was tougher than the first. The previous night was easier –  they had got married a few hours back, had been following rituals almost till wee hours of the morning, were tired like crazy and the hotel room in Mumbai was a closed space with no personal touch. It was a makeshift arrangement for his family to […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 15: Untamed Attractions

The plane finally found it’s destination. It landed smoothly at Lucknow airport, making the newly weds too busy to even talk… Relatives surrounded them and took them to Malhotras’ ancestral house. In a suburban colony of the small city, Malhotras owned a bungalow, with three floors, huge spacious ten bedrooms, large dining halls and living rooms, big garden at the […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 14: We Are All Broken

“Nandiniiiii…” He dragged the last part of her name in an irked chide. Next moment, he turned to her and asked in a very stern, terse, serious voice, struggling with himself and almost upset with her. “Is it so difficult to mind your own business?” Hurt – was a small word! His words pinched deep, like a stab! She was […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 13: Getting Used To You

“I will say that…” “That?” “We were busy?”   She replied with a mysterious grin and raised her brows to add to the effect, making him frown in anxiety, before he stopped her. Immediately he stretched his hand, held her elbow to bring her back from her track. Astounded all over again, gritting his teeth and glaring at her, he hissed, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 12 : Partners in Crime

“No one messes with Manik Malhotra. Coz people call me fire. You have no idea how dirty it is going to turn.” “Bring it on, Malhotra. The fire is pitched against fire, this time.” This sentence made him lift a naughty brow with a lopsided grin. He smirked slightly. He was standing right behind her with her wrist in his […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 11: A Tease For A Tease

He chuckled, with another irritating tease, “Such things are not planned… Nandu…” One sentence from him was enough to make her cheeks burn. She closed her eyes tight and thanked God for the darkness inside the room as he couldn’t see her blushing. The room was immersed in darkness, with only a faint source of night light, somewhere from near […]

Tangles & Ties: 56: You Have No Idea

You can comment on any post without logging in, without writing any website name or even your email id… you can simply comment without writing anything… but I highly appreciate a name coz I remember them and love to interact with you, instead of an anonymous comment. If you are not able to ‘like’… forget it… I don’t write for […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 10: Two Souls Tied Together

With his assurance that he won’t let her fall, she was relaxed. She smiled and turned to flash that smile for him. He grinned. “Ready?” He whispered, taking a deep breath. Her heart was beating hard when she whispered back, slightly singing her response, “I think soooo…” “Let’s face it, then!” He chuckled. “Yeah!” She sighed. The wedding ceremony began […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 9: When Two Worlds Meet

They were two individuals, belonging to two entirely different worlds and were not yet ready to form one distinct Universe of their own. Marrying each other appeared to be a better prospect than a tiring routine of meeting a row of prospective boys and girls and letting their parents down every moment. At least, they had liked each other enough, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 8: Marry Me!

Manik arrived by the afternoon flight, and reached Mumbai by 3:00 pm. The way he had boarded the flight in an emergency had Nandini panicking at the situation. The last words spoken by him that they will be getting married this week, added to it. She reached airport to receive him. Nervous & fidgety. When he walked out of the […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 7: Innocent Lies

“Don’t worry. It won’t reach that stage. You and me are never going to get married!” Nandini had spoken very confidently. Manik couldn’t stop grinning. He slightly bowed his head to thank her, “I’m really grateful, Madam! Thank you. Now, please pray to God that we don’t get married to anyone in this year… I mean, I plan to shift […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 6 : A Murk Called Marriage

{ If I had time and if I had my way, I would have replied to each one of you separately. I still try to do max… That is the extent to which I value each of my readers. Love you all. Thank you a just a small word before my love and gratitude…  Stay blessed! “Cool. But you don’t […]

Tangles & Ties: 53: All of You!

I thought I will be able to manage so I didn’t inform anyone that I was shifting my home this week. Thank you for all your lovely wishes. Love you … I really assumed that it will be easy as I’m just shifting floors in the same house that I am currently living in. Previously I used to live on […]

Tangles & Ties: 52: The New Abode

I’ve tried to reply to all of you on the last post. That is a small token of my gratitude. Can’t promise that I will always be able to do that, but whenever I can, I WILL get in touch. Never think that any of your message / comment was ignored. Also… most of the comments have username as ‘Anonymous’ […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 5: And We Meet Again

Thank you for all the love dearies…   Early morning 6:00 am, she called him. Their parents had been talking about their marriage quite seriously, she told him. “My parents and your family have been in touch, finalizing dates, discussing the wedding plans and all the other stuff related to it, trousseau, jewellery… etc…assuming that we will be saying ‘yes’…” […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 4: Slightly Damaged

All these older chapters are the unpolished, unedited versions of the book which were originally posted on wattpad. Exactly the same content, I’m posting here, without making any changes to the narrative.   She thought about it and was disappointed as she wondered aloud, “Yes. Arranged marriage is ‘exactly’ that… You sleep with someone you don’t even know properly… Yeahhh… […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 3: Sharing A Bit

Kindly switch off the notification button if you get bugged with constant notifications on email as I will be posting all 48 parts of Tangles & Ties one after the other, as and when I get time. Can’t thank you enough for all the love and support! “I am a Gemini and I’m a virgin.” *Cough… Cough* … He almost […]

Tangles & Ties: 51: Fairytales Are Real!

Apologies for posting so late. I wasn’t sleepy so I was writing and so I posted. I’ll try to post earlier …. thanks for considering my comfort too when asked to choose what you would love to read… rather how would you want me to post… It’s the same for me, actually… I’ll see how and when I am able […]

Tangles And Ties: Chapter 2: Arranged Meeting

Manik threw a glance at his wrist watch. He was summoned within 10 minutes at Oshiwara. That was the time given by Nandini to him, if he had to meet her. He had hoped to fix an appointment for dinner, go back to the hotel to freshen up and change. But she didn’t leave him with much choice. He looked […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 1: New Beginnings

{Please Note that these chapters 1-48 are the same as the ones posted at wattpad. I’m grouping them under ‘previous chapters’ to avoid confusing with new parts. These are unpolished, unedited chapters in their first draft form with all the mistakes and glitches. You don’t need to comment 🙂 }   “I’m still clueless about what made you say ‘yes’ […]

Tangles & Ties : Blurb and Cover

Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy liked each other almost immediately when they decided to entertain the idea of marriage arranged by their families… But they are yet to understand that to get along with each other, feeling attraction and feeling love is one thing, but to spend life with a near-stranger is an entirely different business. One difficult situation is […]

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