Tangles & Ties: Chapter 107: Tangled & Tied With You!

This is a really, really long update – of the size of 2 updates. Happy Reading!! …………………………………   Three days! It was simply three days that he had asked for them to spend together without whining and complaining about being separated. She didn’t even think twice before she agreed. She would have done anything for him. And it was just […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 106: Dreams & Us

“Those three lines on your forehead, that fake smile, that twitch of your lip and this tub of ice-cream in the morning, instead of coffee – all this is not you, Nandu. These are the traits of that disturbed side of Nandini who sometimes takes over my girl!” Nandini didn’t know what to say to this. The way he had […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 105: Togetherness

After a long time, Manik and Nandini were together for the entire day. Without any stress of work. Without the rush of following the ticking clock. Without the pressure of deadlines or hurrying to the office. It was nothing less than the bliss of fresh air. Nandini helped Manik with everything that he needed. From little things to big. From […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 104: You Make Me Happy

Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages after the last part. I am always indebted to you for being there, reading what I write, waiting when I am busy, and patiently reading every twist and turn that I add. One can never be grateful enough. And I am forever grateful to all of you… each one of you… […]

A Small Note: Tangles & Ties

Hello everyone, I haven’t been able to finish writing the update and I am busy in too many things this week. My kids are having exams, my younger one celebrates her birthday on 26th, I have to wrap up all aspects of The Masquerade, including blurb, bio, cover, and acknowledgments, my clinic has loads of appointments, and some paperwork is […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 103: Like My Soul

~ Apologies for keeping you waiting. Next time onwards, I will update by evening itself – Wednesdays and Saturdays. ~ Thank you for comments on last part. These days I’ve become bit busy so I’m not able to reply to each of you separately… thank you for sticking around. ~ Thanks for participating in the contest question on the teaser. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 102: I Trust You

Apologies for keeping you all waiting yesterday. I had written most of it but couldn’t finish it on time. So, I slept.  Overwhelmed with the response to the last update. Thank you. You have no idea how you make me feel so special and privileged. Love you people! …………………………………..   “The girl sitting before me, right now – This is […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 101: My Girl

Thank you for all your wishes on the last update. They are closest to my heart and I cherish them like crazy!! Love you people! I had thought that I will reply to everyone on the 100th post, but alas…something kept coming up and I couldn’t! I always reply to everyone on my personal post, as that is the basic […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 100: Talk To Me

It gives me so much happiness to share that today is the 100th update of Tangles and Ties. After Fire & Ice and Spark & Spice, it is my 3rd story to reach a 100 updates mark. All thanks to you guys!!! Love you all. Gratitude is all I feel when I share things like these. Also, we have another […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 99: I Won’t Let Her Go

It was great catching up with you on my post yesterday – Let’s Catch Up… I’ve always loved to connect with all of you. And I feel privileged to have my dearest bunch around me. Love to all of you!!  …………………………………….   Nandini looked at them, cluelessly and waited for someone to introduce them. She didn’t say anything, so the […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 98: The Shock

Love you all…. always remember!!! I have the sweetest bunch of readers! *Short & Quick Update* ………………………. She grinned and giggled for the first time in so many days – “Shut up! You already know that I’ll choose you!” He couldn’t stop grinning at the way she said that. Also, she was grinning after so many days. She was bliss […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 97: I’ll Choose You

I know each and every one of you. If you have ever left a comment here, or at Wattpad, or mailed, or messaged me at any place – remember that I cherish our interaction and you are special to me. I’m saying this because these days I am not able to reply to the comments. My kids have exams this […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 96: Love is…

First of all, I apologize for posting so late. I was stuck in a lot of things and didn’t get time to write. But I wanted to write it, so I started writing late… School exams, clinic, some minor things are keeping me busy… I’ll be free soon, hopefully 🙂 Thank you for all the love and support… means a […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 95: Let’s Find Out

~ I am trying to keep up with the schedule – Wednesday – Saturday – Hope I am able to continue… ~ Also, I will try to stay online on Sunday afternoons – after lunch, as I am not able to reply to all the comments from the readers, to the numerous emails and messages – and I will reply to […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 94: Towards You

Thank you for your love… you have no idea what it means to me. Apologies – for not replying to each one of you( I try my best to keep up but I keep missing some of you)… – for not reading when you forward me your books (I can’t, I’m loaded with work, and writing and publishing-related stuff but […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 93: One Step At A Time

Thank you for reading this story and leaving your valuable comments. I feel privileged to have you all beside me. I try my best to reply to messages, DMs, inboxes and other ways where you reach out to me. But last few months were very tough on me. So, I don’t even remember who I replied and who I missed. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 92: Hope

Thank you for your responses and beautiful comments on the last part. I’m always overwhelmed and speechless. May God bless you all… Now something important – A lot of you tell me that they have exams in coming 2-3 months, esp. the people writing Boards, NEET, JEE, CLAT, CAT entrances. Wish you all the best. Please study well and make […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 91: The Break – 2

I am not able to reply to the comments on the previous update. Deeply felt gratitude and loads of love for all of you.  Thanks for everything… for being there… for the faith and the love… Loads of love. Stay blessed. ……………………………… *Long Update* Sorry to keep you waiting 🙂 “Let’s take a break. Stay away and then decide, if […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 90: The Break

Thank you for all the love, patience, support & motivation. I know these parts are tough to handle but these are as difficult for me as they are for you. Thanks for understanding. Loads of love to you… …………………………………………………… “Manik… I can’t live with you… You have broken my faith in this relationship!” Manik’s smile was already lost long back, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 89: Breaking Ties

Thank you for accepting and appreciating things that I write and things that I want to share…LOADS of love to each one of you… I try to reply to as many people as I can. If I skip someone, apologies… Long update 🙂 …………………………………… Nandini worked in the hospital till 8 pm. Despite it being her off day, she was […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 88: The Pain

I am overwhelmed and touched by the response to the previous chapter. There were so many comments. I read them all and when I tried to reply to everyone today, I couldn’t do it. So a lot of people were left. Just know that I LOVE YOU people…A LOT!!! Thank you sooooooo much… Your love is precious for me… Stay […]

Tangle & Ties: Chapter 87: The Turmoil

It’s the last day of 2019 and I can’t help but reflect on the year that passed by… Whatever happened, good and bad, that includes this blog too… We are all fine as long as we know how to find ourselves back through the chaos. I thank each one of you for joining this blog, for having faith in me […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 86: Unfortunate Turns

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Happy Sunday 🙂 ……………………………………………. “Now, Gaurvi has nothing to worry about her pregnancy and delivery. Nandini will take care of her. Right?” “Wrong! Nandini is NOT Gaurvi’s doctor,” Manik replied to her in strong words, before anyone else could speak a word. And added – “She is not THAT experienced!” ……………………………….. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 85: Keeping the Faith

Posting a small part today… I will update more tomorrow as it is Sunday and I am free ALL day after soooooo longggg!!! Anyway – Shorter and quicker updates suit me more…Let me know what suits you… I always ask this and always get different replies so I ask every time. These days, I am in a better space.   I […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 84: Changing Moods

Manik woke up early the next day. The fact that he was alone, all night, on the couch in the living room didn’t let him sleep all night. It wasn’t like he was waiting for Nandini. He would have slept if he was alone in the house. They had decided this long back that they won’t wait for each other […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 83: Come With Me!

Sorry to keep you all waiting. And thank you for always being so kind to me. Readers maketh a story, I have always believed. Thanks for bringing this story to this far! Love you loads. ………………….   The family reached home late. They had dinner at a hotel after the shopping and then after having ice cream at a famous […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 82: What About You?

I have replied to ALL comments on the last chapter of this story. This is the least that I can do for the overwhelming love and support I receive from you.  I am not able to reply to personal messages on Instagram, Twitter, Gmail or other places, unless urgent. If you see my social media activity, you will know that […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 81:

Apologies for making you wait. I have soooooo many things to say to you but I don’t want to spoil the update for you. So, I will write a separate personal post for that.  Right now – Thank you for each and every message, love and support. Please know that you mean a lot to me. And if we have […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 80: I will follow you

Latika smiled. “Ask Manik. He just came in and is standing behind you!” Nandini immediately turned around. Manik had entered the living room and he was talking to Cabir now. The living room was buzzing with cheers for Manchester United at the Euro Cup finals. Aliya and Mukti were chatting with Trisha and Gaurvi. Dhruv was talking to Manoj Malhotra, […]

Tangles and Ties: Chapter 79: Stolen Moments

Manik’s birthday was like a big celebration for the Malhotra family as they had especially come from Lucknow to give him a surprise. Manik’s mother Latika was in the kitchen, making sweets and savouries of Manik’s choice and liking. Nandini was around her, helping her, giving her things like ghee and sugar and flour. Latika’s excitement was palpable. “It has […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 78: I Don’t Trust You

“I wasn’t judging you… ” “Oh yes!! You just did… My wife of 4 months just told me how she thinks that my entire life of 29 years was a lie.” Nandini was left speechless! His words. His stance. His clenched jaw, toughened face and darkened eyes spitting fire at her – Each gesture told her how upset he was. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 77: Judgements and Apprehensions

Manik lowered himself towards Nandini and gave her a soft, quick side hug. This was the only response he could manage after an overwhelming promise from her that she will keep believing in him even when she didn’t understand him. “Let’s go.” He quickly separated from her and held her hand taking her towards the arrival terminal of the airport. […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 75: Insanely Addictive Attraction

The traffic at this blog is phenomenal! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no words to express gratitude. The number of subscribers and number of hits every day is massive such that it has started causing glitches, I am told. 75 chapters of T&T and 15 chapters of BEB and so many ‘My corner’ posts and […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 74: Anything For You!

( A small update today… )   It was almost 9 pm. She was late, yet again. Nandini left the general gynae ward after checking on the last patient admitted in emergency. Her steps had become fast by default. She would normally walk fast as she was used to zooming in and out of different wards on different floors of […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 73: The Dynamics of Happiness

~ A lot of people didn’t get the notification of the last update. Honestly, I have no idea what went wrong. I’ll check what happened. Meanwhile, you keep checking for updates… I’ll let you know a schedule in a day or two…  ~ Happy Friendship Day to all of you! Stay blessed. Thank you for being a silent support system […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 72: My Happiness Is You

I’m deeply grateful for the love and response to all my stories. Tangles & Ties is set to create it’s own records for the number of messages I receive because of it. Only second next to Spark & Spice. Thank you and lots of love to you… always!! ………………………. Nandini carried her laptop to the dining table and sat on […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 71: Can’t Stop Loving You

Apologies for posting it after a long gap! It is a longggg update. Almost 6500 words… Lots of love to all of you 🙂 …………………. The morning of the New Year started on a beautiful note. It was always beautiful for her when she woke up next to him, hearing him breathe silently, feeling the soft heaving of his chest […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 70: A Sacred Bond

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed. Stay happy! She laughed hysterically when he spoke in a husky deep baritone, not to say ‘shut up’ in a husky, sexy voice. He grinned but didn’t speak anything else till he gave her all the time in the world to laugh and rejoice in the glory of his arms around her slender frame, […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 69: Resolutions

The only purpose of removing stories from different platforms is to safeguard them under my name. Nothing else! I’ve written MaNan stories for MaNan fans and after I get them copyrighted and published, I will post links to all Manan stories in Manik-Nandini version only.  You can download and keep them with you forever. No one needs to buy my […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 68: Going With The Flow

I haven’t been replying to comments and messages except when it was very necessary. Apologies for that. I’ve missed you all. But, I am tied up in my clinic and with kids as schools opened and holidays ended too. I read each and every comment, and press like to show that I have read them and loved them and thank […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 66: Making Memories

Thousands of emotions. Just 2 words: Thank You! …………………………………. “I don’t have words to say… you are sharing it… with me?” “You are close to me…closer than others!” And then, out of the blue, he said – “We will never do that. We will love all our kids equally!” She didn’t reply to that. Instead, she kept looking at him […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 65: Closer Than Others

Thank you for all the comments and likes on the last part. It means a lot to me. I’ve tried to reply to all, but if I have missed anyone, please do remind me. I would love to write to you! Stay blessed. Take care. ………………………………………… He grinned gloriously, “Forget that stupid game now!” “I need you to do that!!!” […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 64: Made For Each Other

Thank you for all the lovely responses to the last few parts of this story. I have read each and every comment and all messages… but I am not able to reply to you… I have been caught up in lot of other things, apart from my clinic, family and kids. I’m not active even on sns…except the DMs that […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 63: No Bounds

Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for the comments and likes too. It means a lot to me. Love you all. Apologies for posting late. It’s a long chapter… really long… :))) With lots of pictures…   They followed Nandini’s itinerary and took a bus to Zaanse Schans first. It was a village near Amsterdam famous for recreated […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 62: Yearning For You!

Overwhelmed with the response to the last chapter. I don’t have words to thank you. It seems easy to write chapters and updates, but I become uneasy and tongue-tied when people comment on those. I don’t know what to say – ‘So, thank you! Life is beautiful with you girls around me. Stay blessed. Stay happy. Lots of love.’ Wish […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 61: More Than You Will Know

{ No words can suffice for expressing gratitude for the love my stories have received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your support. A really long update, double the size of usual updates. Happy Reading! } ……………………………………………     He gave her a warm squeeze before separating from her and softly murmured, “Hey! What happened? Why […]

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