Tangles & Ties: Chapter 60: Incurable

It was quite dark into the night. There was no sight of human habitation at a long distance. Tall trees lined the narrow deserted road till as far as eyes could see. The branches and leaves swaying due to the cool breeze made a swishing sound, chilling her blood till her bones. Other than these sounds, there were only night […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 59: Addiction

Next Morning… The sunrays seeped inside the bedroom through fine creeks in the shutters at the tall windows along one wall. Manik was the first one to open his eyes. His body was yet to move as he couldn’t decide whether to move, at all… or forego the thought of it… Nandini had been sleeping blissfully on his left shoulder […]

Tangles & Ties : Chapter 58: The Measure of Care

Manik and Nandini got off the boat and walked in a particular direction, as suggested by Nandini. He rested his hands on his hips after walking for quite some distance and huffed. “Hey! Where are you taking me? Should I be alarmed that I have been officially kidnapped?” Nandini giggled while Manik dragged his feet behind her, making statements as […]

Tangles & Ties: Chapter 57: You Capture My Essence

  After a long relaxing bath, Nandini took another fifteen minutes and she was done. She stepped out wearing smart casuals, as per the weather – suede tunic, woollen leggings, long coat and cowboy boots with a hat. She stuffed the necessary things for the day in her handbag and walked into the living room, only to find Manik sprawled […]

Tangles & Ties: 56: You Have No Idea

You can comment on any post without logging in, without writing any website name or even your email id… you can simply comment without writing anything… but I highly appreciate a name coz I remember them and love to interact with you, instead of an anonymous comment. If you are not able to ‘like’… forget it… I don’t write for […]

Tangles & Ties: 53: All of You!

I thought I will be able to manage so I didn’t inform anyone that I was shifting my home this week. Thank you for all your lovely wishes. Love you … I really assumed that it will be easy as I’m just shifting floors in the same house that I am currently living in. Previously I used to live on […]

Tangles & Ties: 52: The New Abode

I’ve tried to reply to all of you on the last post. That is a small token of my gratitude. Can’t promise that I will always be able to do that, but whenever I can, I WILL get in touch. Never think that any of your message / comment was ignored. Also… most of the comments have username as ‘Anonymous’ […]

Tangles & Ties: 51: Fairytales Are Real!

Apologies for posting so late. I wasn’t sleepy so I was writing and so I posted. I’ll try to post earlier …. thanks for considering my comfort too when asked to choose what you would love to read… rather how would you want me to post… It’s the same for me, actually… I’ll see how and when I am able […]

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