Beyond Every Border: Chapter 35: It Matters

Thank you for being patient with me. I’ve finished most of the projects I had set out for, in this break. I will post about them soon. For now, I won’t come between you and the update 😀  I hope you all are safe, healthy, and coping well.  Love you all… a lot… ………………………………………………….. She grasped his shirt at his […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 34: Trust Me

He had never expected that she would say ‘this’. Not even in his dreams. Neither did she ever imagine that she would speak like this with anyone. With him! But such words are not planned and articulated. They just spill out. Like emotions. Like tears. Like an overwhelming surge of a deeply felt pain. The way she didn’t think even […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 33: Magnetic Influences

I’m overwhelmed with the response to the last update. God bless you all for writing such positive and encouraging words. They make me feel blessed and motivated to write more. Thanks and lots of love to all of you. I’ve replied to most, but I apologize if someone was left as I did my best with the time I could […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 32: With You.

I keep mentioning my other site and new manan fic as there are many people who were busy for the last few days and have no clue about the new manan fic.  Words fall short when I want to communicate my gratitude towards all of you for your love, your patience, your encouragement, and support for my stories – each […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 31: The Angst

I have started updating Fire & Ice and Love, Lies, etc. on my other blog where I post Manan fics.  Thank you for all the love and motivation that makes me speechless all the time.  Stay blessed. Stay safe. Love you people 🙂 ………………………. Post dinner, Manasvi sat on her bed and opened her diary to fill in the missing […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 30: A Cloud of Confusions

~ ~ Updating sooner, like I had promised. ~ I haven’t replied to a lot of comments and a lot of mails and messages. I get hundreds of them every day. Trust me, I want to reply to each of you but I get very little time for myself. In that time, I prefer to deal with emergencies or try […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 29: Not Friends

Thank you for all the love in the previous parts. Apologies for not replying to you.  Love you all, you have no idea, how much!! Stay blessed. Take care. ………………………………………… Every last trace of doubt vanished the very next moment. When he perceived the sound of footsteps and realized that someone was walking towards him. When he turned to look […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 28: Surging Storms

The Internet was slow yesterday, so I couldn’t upload the update at night. In case I don’t upload before 12:00 am IST, please don’t keep waiting and go to sleep. I don’t want you to spoil your schedules for updates. I will post as soon as I get time and the internet. Right now, I woke up at 4:00 am, […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 27: Connections For Real

** Ramadan Mubarak to all my friends who are observing this festival. May this month bring peace, good health, satisfaction, & inner strength to all of you and your families, and May God Almighty shower His blessings on the entire world and puts a rest to the tests He has put us through. ** Love you all for the responses […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 26: All That You Do

Thank you for the lovely comments and likes for the last part. I read all, replied to a few and will keep trying to stay in touch in every way that I can. Apologies for keeping you waiting. I wrote the update of my other story, TEAB, but wasn’t happy, so I deleted it. I will post it soon. I […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 25: Questions

Gratitude and loads of love for all the replies, likes and responses on all the parts. Read the last ones. Thank you. I will never forget ANY of you. You are all too special. I had some time. So, I thought that the best form of reply from the writer is the next update. So thank you all collectively. And […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 24: Relationships

I’ve read all the responses and comments on the last update. Thank you so much for reading this story and writing back to me. It means a lot. I haven’t been able to reply to people because I’m super busy these days. I will post a separate post at ‘my corner – blog’ to write about things that are keeping […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 23: Finding Reasons

Thank you for responding to my updates and posts. Life is hectic and busier in the lockdown period. My laptop didn’t become fine, but I had a separate keyboard so I connected it to the laptop. Working for now 🙂 I haven’t yet replied to some of the emails and messages that I receive in the inbox. Life is crazy […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 22: Guarded Territories

Hey people, So I woke up early today and I was missing my story, so I decided to post the update. For now, until my laptop works fine, I will post smaller and frequent updates as and when I am able to write. Apologies for spamming your email inbox, if I do 🙂 ……………………………… Early in the morning, when the […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 21: Walls Around You

Thank you for reading this story. I’m glad that it connects with you like my previous stories have connected with you. I hope to do justice with the story and retain your trust in me. Love you loads. My heartfelt prayers for all of you. Stay safe. Stay blessed. ………………………………………… “He was here, yesterday. Looking devastated. Searching for you.” The […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 20:

First of all, a million thanks, hugs and kisses for all those who left beautiful loving comments on Tangles & Ties, finale. I am speechless, touched and overwhelmed by each one of you. I’m sorry, I couldn’t reply to each of you separately. But I will… as soon as I get time. That story is special for all of us. […]

About Beyond Every Border: Previous Parts

Hey All, I am now uploading previous parts of Beyond Every Border, as I will have to read them with you to know where I stopped and to continue it ahead. I will start updating it once all the previous parts are updated. Take care 🙂 PS – You can read it here – Main page of under ‘My […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 19: A Frequency That Matched

It was a right that he had just given her. On him! She blinked her eyes twice, wondering what she had heard was true and how profound it was for her. She had always thought about him in gratitude. Everything and anything, she was thankful for in her life, she had credited it to him. During troubles, she remembered no […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 18: The Right

This is for Pixie Pari –  I read each and every comment of yours, LOVED them and wait for them. Never think that I am ignoring you or not replying to you. I DID!!! Soooo many times. You didn’t get the notification, I guess. To everyone else who comments on my updates and thinks that I don’t reply to them, […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 17: Angels In Disguise

I apologise for making you wait for this story. Actually, I have always written one story at a time and I love to give back to back updates as the story stays in my mind and moves at a fast pace. I live in that story, mostly. But to switch between Tangles & Ties and Beyond Every Border is like […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 16: Distances Between Us

  Anshuman had been looking away from the camp, towards the dry terrains, focused far away on the infinity, on the darkening sky welcoming the knock of the dusk, and the setting sun leaving subtle hues of several layers of grey and black merging with the blue, almost overshadowing it. Struggling with the gush of emotions rustling inside his chest, […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 15: Right There!

Anshuman had his eyes fixed outside the window of the cab. Kabul was like India. Four wheelers of all brands and makes, from most expensive high-end cars to the most ancient, vintage ones. The two-wheelers with drivers without a helmet, the disregard for traffic lights and the highly congested, snailing traffic reminded him of India. The highway towards Jalalabad and […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 14: The Long Wait!

I have NO WORDS to thank all of you who read this story and tell me about it in some way or another. Your comments, messages, emails, DMs are precious. I may not be able to reply to all but my gratitude and heartfelt wishes are always with you! Stay blessed. Stay happy. Keep smiling. Love you! ……………………………….. I’ve made […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 13: Difficult Terrains

    “You have no idea what a terrifying moment looks like!” Manasvi remarked. Krish smiled slightly while switching his phone on. Then he said, “Actually, I have!” “Err…?” Manasvi knew that she had spoken what she should not have spoken. Krish continued, “As a journalist, I have been a witness to unimaginable tragedies. I’ve covered Assam and Kashmir in […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 12: With Her

It feels easier to interact on random posts on ‘my corner’ and talk in detail but so difficult to reply to comments on the stories… so I settle with likes and emoticons as I have nothing much to say on comments on stories — except that — “I am deeply humbled by the love my stories and I get. It […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 11: Towards The Destination

Manasvi was at the T3 terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, with a Provisional entry permit to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan based on her application of being an Afghan resident and torn outdated hand-written passport. She knew no one with a Tazkira and now the only way to get a Tazkira made for herself was to go […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 10: New Horizons

Manasvi had been reading the article, about beggars in Mumbai, to be sent in the print with the next issue of The Insight. She had sorted some fifteen photographs that had moved her deeply. Most of them were of children pushed into beggary through human trafficking. Along with the Insight, she had shared the details with the local police but […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 9: New Directions

For people who wanted a face for Krish Sahay: “My problematic upbringing and meager resources turned out to be strong points. Thanks to you. Got the job!!” ……………………………………… Her little email to Anshuman didn’t get any reply. Manasvi left the office building of The Insight and took a cab for her home. All through the way, she checked her phone […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 8: Scaling High!

Thank you for the tremendous response to this story. Love you all. I know it is slow, but it is meant to be so!” ……………………………………….. It was a ritzy cabin on the twentieth floor of a magnificent building on the Western suburbs of Mumbai. Manasvi had lost most of her confidence when she stepped out of the elevator and found […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 7: Well Wishers For Life

  Mortified at being cornered so easily, and grateful for her promise that she was with him in this pursuit, Anshuman sheepishly rolled his eyes, pressed his lips, and turned to look around at the road. Then, he slightly huffed, “I’m sorry!” “It’s okay!” Softly she murmured and grinned as that subtle gesture from him was adorable. Her assessment of […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 6: With You

{Thank you so much for the love and support to this story! It means so so so much to me. Love you all… Take care } ……………………………………….. After finishing the packing, Manasvi changed into a sage-green georgette, chikankari dress suit with a palazzo embroidered with mirror-work and lace dupatta with intricate lacework and threadwork. She felt heavy at heart while […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 5: Difficult Interactions

“Yes! The SDF rescued us in Syria. After this short break, I’m commissioned to Israel.” Manasvi couldn’t move after accidentally overhearing this one sentence. As if a thick coat of fresh wet cement glued her feet to the terrace floor. Her heart was beating hard… so hard that it threatened to leap out of her throat. She chewed a part […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 4: Surprises!

{ Apologies for keeping you waiting. I had too much on my plate in last two days so I got tired. I will post a proper schedule of posting updates tomorrow. Thank you to all those who are reading my stories. It means the world to me…  A big hug for those who are liking and leaving comments. Sorry, I […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 3: The Hero!

August 2017 New Delhi, India. Preksha tried several different western outfits to be taken on honeymoon with Varun. She had ordered a few dresses online and bought a few from GK 2 last night. Most of the tops and shorts were so trendy that her face lit up when she tried them and came out of the washroom. Manasvi gave […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 2: Awkward Relationships

Thank you for the tremendous response to this story. I was skeptical before writing it as I wasn’t sure if it would be accepted. It is pretty intense and dark themed. I am overwhelmed at the love and support from you just the same way as you accepted and loved my previous stories.  Thank you! Love you all so much… […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 1: Scars of The Past

This is a strong themed story and may not go down well with a lot of people. I can only assure you that not even a word is over-exaggeration. In fact, I have downplayed the issues, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the topic chosen.  The laws, procedures, experiences are not my imagination or fictional… I have done thorough research […]

Beyond Every Border : Prologue

Why a new story?? — Because I am a writer, and an artist and have moods… hahaha!! Because this story has been nagging me strongly since few months… and vaguely since few years… I cannot ‘not write’ it… Also… whenever I write a light story, I crave to write an intense one… and when I am writing an intense one, […]

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