Beyond Every Border: Chapter 47: For Each Other

Apologies for posting late. love you all. Take care. Stay blessed.  ………………………………………. Anshuman was escorted to the nearest police station in the central old city of Karachi under a stringent security arrangement. He could feel the tension in the atmosphere. But speaking anything felt useless. They were not going to believe him, he knew by instinct. He was made to […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 45: People!

Hi all, Apologies for posting after a gap. I’ve posted about how disoriented I have been. Back to the groove now.  Hope you are all doing fine. Now, the traffic at my blog had increased manifold after my book release. I was too overwhelmed. One, I didn’t want new readers to begin reading BEB and make me keep it here […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 44: New Emotions

‘Oh, God! How will she go back to India? She doesn’t have a passport!’ Anshuman buried his face in his hands and heaved a deep sigh. He now knew what had been so troublesome for so long and had made him restless. The rest of the journey passed counting minutes until they landed at Abu Dhabi airport. Anshuman informed his […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 43: The Restlessness

Thank you for all the messages, emails, and all the love that you pour on my stories and me… I am surely privileged and lucky to have you all… I try to reply to everyone… though unable to reply to some of you… But please do know that I cherish this bond that I have made with people here. You […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 42: Redemption

Hey all, Thanks for all the patience you keep with me 💖💖  I have kept you waiting for long. It wasn’t just the busy routine due to the book release, but also due to the covid19 restrictions in our area, maids still not there, and kids at home. So, I took a little time😊 BEB is a different story and […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 41: The Truth

Starting from few paragraphs of last update – “If you think that I will not be able to understand your responsibilities, commitments, your dreams for your life… if you think that the life-threatening nature of your work will come between us… I want to tell you…” She started speaking in a confident voice. He left her hand and touched her […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 40: Love

He had tried hard, not to fall in love with her. And he had been successful. Until now… And now, he didn’t even know if it was any worth to try harder, anymore! …………………… Anshuman knew that there was no point in trying to fight with himself anymore. It wasn’t worth it. He knew that he had fallen in love […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 39: Try Harder

I have lots to share. But one, I wasn’t getting time to post. Two, when I came here to post, the site kept crashing. In case, it continues to behave like this, I will inform you beforehand and for some time, I will upload new chapters on my other site. Anyway, I have got hundreds of messages and though I […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 38: Scared For You

I have no words to thank you for your support, for standing by me when I need time, for being understanding with me, and bearing with me through my deadlines. I was away from social media, my blogs, and all internet sites during this time. And I was able to finish a lot of work. Finally, I can breathe in […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 37: Words Not Needed

Since it is a Saturday, and for now, Saturdays will be BEB days… so here I am with a new update. I really hope, wish, and pray that things are going well on your end. Times are difficult. Stay strong. Light is just around the tunnel. On my end, I have several things to share – So, I will post […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 36: A Formality

She could palpate his raging emotions troubling him that he couldn’t control. To add fuel to his fire, she added in a cautious tone, “I don’t care. It doesn’t even matter if I die…” He replied almost instantly, without thinking, without letting her complete it – “It DOES matter to ME. And I won’t let anything happen to you, as […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 35: It Matters

Thank you for being patient with me. I’ve finished most of the projects I had set out for, in this break. I will post about them soon. For now, I won’t come between you and the update 😀  I hope you all are safe, healthy, and coping well.  Love you all… a lot… ………………………………………………….. She grasped his shirt at his […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 34: Trust Me

He had never expected that she would say ‘this’. Not even in his dreams. Neither did she ever imagine that she would speak like this with anyone. With him! But such words are not planned and articulated. They just spill out. Like emotions. Like tears. Like an overwhelming surge of a deeply felt pain. The way she didn’t think even […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 33: Magnetic Influences

I’m overwhelmed with the response to the last update. God bless you all for writing such positive and encouraging words. They make me feel blessed and motivated to write more. Thanks and lots of love to all of you. I’ve replied to most, but I apologize if someone was left as I did my best with the time I could […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 32: With You.

I keep mentioning my other site and new manan fic as there are many people who were busy for the last few days and have no clue about the new manan fic.  Words fall short when I want to communicate my gratitude towards all of you for your love, your patience, your encouragement, and support for my stories – each […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 31: The Angst

I have started updating Fire & Ice and Love, Lies, etc. on my other blog where I post Manan fics.  Thank you for all the love and motivation that makes me speechless all the time.  Stay blessed. Stay safe. Love you people 🙂 ………………………. Post dinner, Manasvi sat on her bed and opened her diary to fill in the missing […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 30: A Cloud of Confusions

~ ~ Updating sooner, like I had promised. ~ I haven’t replied to a lot of comments and a lot of mails and messages. I get hundreds of them every day. Trust me, I want to reply to each of you but I get very little time for myself. In that time, I prefer to deal with emergencies or try […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 29: Not Friends

Thank you for all the love in the previous parts. Apologies for not replying to you.  Love you all, you have no idea, how much!! Stay blessed. Take care. ………………………………………… Every last trace of doubt vanished the very next moment. When he perceived the sound of footsteps and realized that someone was walking towards him. When he turned to look […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 28: Surging Storms

The Internet was slow yesterday, so I couldn’t upload the update at night. In case I don’t upload before 12:00 am IST, please don’t keep waiting and go to sleep. I don’t want you to spoil your schedules for updates. I will post as soon as I get time and the internet. Right now, I woke up at 4:00 am, […]

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