Hello everyone,

I am getting a lot of emails and messages that people are not able to see the latest uploads or last few parts of BEB. I can’t reply to each one separately, so I am making this post.

I have not removed any parts of BEB or any sections from the blog. In case, you are unable to see some parts – there are ways to do it –

Go to the TOP – there is a Menu bar – Click on Recent Uploads – There you will find the parts of BEB as well as posts uploaded under ‘My Corner’ and ‘The Masquerade’

Another way — On the TOP – there is a search icon – click on it and type – Beyond Every Border. You will see all the posts under the category that you want to read.

I couldn’t post the update as the site has been crashing for some reason. Maybe that is why some people are observing some issues. Nothing to worry. This is only a temporary thing. I will try posting the update again, today.

To all those asking for Spark & Spice / Tangles & Ties – I am overwhelmed with the love but they are currently offline.

Thank you.

Lots of love



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Manita V

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