Beyond Every Border: Chapter 8: Scaling High!

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It was a ritzy cabin on the twentieth floor of a magnificent building, on the Western suburbs of Mumbai.

Manasvi had lost most of her confidence when she stepped out of the elevator and found around seventy-five candidates waiting to be interviewed for one job!! Like what – 75 for 1 post?!

She had frowned when she saw the list of 75 names posted on the small green notice board outside the cabin of the Chief Editor of the news magazine she wished to be hired at. It seems they had been interviewing candidates for the last three working days. They had already had a session with fifty-five candidates. The fifty-sixth candidate was called in.

Manasvi went across the waiting hall, towards the last corner and sat down on a steel chair, waiting for her name to be announced. Her name was on number 62.

Why will they take me?
She had a sinking feeling about it.

Damnnnnn!!!! She needed this job. Not because they were paying very well. Not because it was a huge name in the news world. Not because she was desperate. No!! Not because of any of it.

Instead, she needed it because they were The Insight!! It was a dream job, any media aspirant interested in news and reporting would give his/ her right arm for! They were an international brand. They had a strong digital presence. They were considered ruthless and hard hitting when it came to news reporting. She had heard a lot about them.

Trust yourself! You’ve been a promising student. You have a Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism. You are dedicated and hardworking.

She observed other candidates around her. Smart. Outgoing. Stylish. Boys and girls.

Manasvi decided to go through the last postings at the online job sites that she had subscribed to. If she didn’t get this job, she will have to find another one soon. She can’t let her meager savings be evaporated in the thin air. She moved the zipper of her handbag to take out her phone and her fingers met with the soft, silky, shiny wrapper of the Dairy Milk Silk given by ‘him’ at the Delhi airport. It was in her hand on the flight. She didn’t want to eat it but started melting and she didn’t want his effort to go waste. So she ate it during the journey but carefully saved the wrapper in her bag.

The bag was zipped back to save the wrapper, her belongings and her emotions inside it!

After about an hour, her name was announced. She entered the Chief Editor’s cabin carrying the file with her credentials, certificates, references, and everything she could manage in the name of documents.

The panel was comprised of seven officials. They sat on the other side of a long table. Three seated on each side of the central high chair, occupied by the Chief Editor. Three of the interviewers were females – A pleasant surprise to find a strong representation in the organization. Manasvi felt a bit relaxed.

The Chief Editor, Mr. Mehta, was a young man in his early forties, with only a few streaks of grey hair on his handsome yet matured face. He appeared stern and professional to her. When she entered the cabin, Mr. Mehta had his face turned towards a large LED display on the left of the room, visible to everyone in the room. This LED screen displayed Manasvi’s certificates on a carousel, scrolling one after the other after a lag of twenty seconds for each certificate.

One of the females – a woman in her late thirties, pretty, dark and bespectacled with curly hair, asked her to sit. Manasvi greeted all of them and sat down, praying to sail through a grilling row of questions.

She stretched the file in her hand towards them. One of them dismissed it, that it was not needed. She had uploaded her certificates with the online application, so they had them already. She squirmed to find her documents being read on the LED panel by at least 4 of them, including Mehta. Rest three talked to her.

The interview began on a regular note – they asked her about her education, experience, masters course, favourite subjects, why was she interested in Journalism and Mass Communication and how she saw herself in next five years if they hired her.

She replied to all the answers patiently and with enthusiasm. It was a routine drill where they got to know her attitude and aptitude about her subjects and job. In fact, it was so routine and regular that she was almost sure that she was not getting this job. This round must have been for all the candidates and there was nothing new or unique in the questions that would tell her that she will be preferred.

After ten minutes, Mr. Mehta who had been reading her documents till now turned to her and asked, “Ms. Shekhawat, I was just going through your credentials, your passport, marriage certificate, etc. Your background is too problematic. Your birthplace and elementary education were in a different country, middle school and high school was completed in another country and then, you came to India and got married here. Is that right?”

“Yes, sir!” Manasvi found her heart beating hard at that. This was one question she had been asked the most and still, she hadn’t got used to answering it. She took a deep breath to ward off the growing goosebumps.

“Why? For documents?”

“Sir… actually…” Manasvi started explaining but was interrupted by a woman in her fifties. A grey-haired woman with clear skin and starched saree as the most striking features about her. The lady was clear, “Why would a girl in this era marry at the age of eighteen, if not for fraud?”

Her lips trembled as she gathered the courage to fight the allegations they were trying to put on her. “Ma’am, it is not a fraud. We did marry in a civil ceremony before our parents. Yes, it was too early, at the age of eighteen because I wanted to study in India, but since I was not pursuing any course in India through proper channel, I didn’t get a student visa. I needed a visa for a long stay as my husband and his family lives in India. Another reason to get married early was that my mother was dying and I didn’t have any other relative here. We had no other option left except marriage. So, yes, it was for documents’ sake but it is a genuine marriage and for a valid reason. I’ll be applying for an Indian passport this week.”

“You mean to say that you have no relatives from the maternal side here?” The woman asked on a soft note.

“That’s true!” Manasvi pressed her lips in to wet them from drying.

“You are a strong girl!”

“Thank you!”

Next question by a young man, of around 28-29 years of age, surprised Manasvi as she found him too young to be in an interview panel for hiring new staff. He asked, “You have a blog. Tell us about it. Your inspiration and how you go about it.”

“I used to travel a lot in my previous job. The kind of reporting that we used to do for them was good enough to earn a salary with no creative satisfaction. My blog gave me wings to explore what exactly I wanted to become, report, cover as news and what should we, as media, should focus on news segments. There is a lot which is far from the reach of the general public and needs awareness. It is our responsibility to present it in a way that raises the scope of debate and improved conditions.”

“I loved those pictures on your blog!” Mehta pointed out towards the pictures of her blog now being scrolled on the LED screen. “Who was the photographer?”

“Sir, they have been taken by me!”

“You?” Mehta was surprised and so were others, “They seem professional to me. You are gifted. Was it an SLR camera?”

Manasvi remembered Anshuman asking the same question. She smiled at that and repeated the same answer that she gave to Anshuman at the airport.

“No, Sir! It was my phone!”

“Which phone?” The young guy immediately asked, with an added enthusiasm.

“An old Chinese model…not a specialized smartphone!”

“They are very good!” Another woman complimented her.

Manasvi started feeling confident again. The ambience was not overtly accommodating but it wasn’t hostile either. The interviewers were humane.

They talked to her more about what areas she thought needed improvement in India, what political ideology she supported and why, who was her role model and how she could contribute to the growth of the country through the job she wanted to be hired for. She replied patiently once again. She had downloaded from the net, these important but expected questions of any interview and prepared smart answers for each.

Finally, Mehta looked into her eyes and asked, “We have interviewed sixty-one candidates before you and there are …” He looked down on his table and flipped the sheets before him to see the list of applicants. Then turned to her and continued, “thirteen more after you! All of them – young, dynamic, well qualified and smart. Fit for this job, just like you. I ask this last question to everyone – Give me ONE good reason that I should hire you and not others!”

Manasvi took a long breath, pressed her lips and threw a quick glance at all of them. This was her only chance to prove her worth. This was her moment. And she became very nervous and tongue-tied. What could she tell them about her that was so special that they would hire her.

She was reminded of Anshuman’s words that he spoke to her at the airport. ‘Remember one thing – Never let your meagre resources or complicated background make you feel low. Make them your strongest points!’

Manasvi found a ray of hope in his words. She cleared her throat and said, “Sir, I will give you, not ONE … but THREE reasons to hire me…”

Mehta smiled first. He loved that confidence. The rest followed. Mehta moved her hand to give her a go-ahead, “We are all listening…”

“Sir, you should hire me for this prestigious post because – One, just a moment ago, ma’am complimented me saying that I was a strong girl. I can handle stress and pressures better than others as that is an everyday story for me!”

“Very good… next?”

“Two – Like you said in the beginning of the interview that my background is problematic. I don’t take it as my weak point. It is my strength as I have lived in three countries, saw their political and social state and understood it closely. Not only saw it, but I have been through it. I can understand the problems faced by the citizens of all three countries, their social mechanisms, interpersonal relationships and almost all of the political dynamics. I can empathize with them as my own. It will always be an asset over mere theoretical knowledge of the rest of the 74 candidates!”

Mehta relaxed back in his plush leather chair, smiled widely and said, “You have already managed to impress me! But I’m sure others would like to hear what is your third point to prove your worth.”

Manasvi smiled at the compliment. She knew that this time, the interview was being steered in her direction. There were high chances of them for shortlisting her for maybe the next round. She had seen a couple of candidates waiting as they were asked to wait and rest others leaving. She hoped to be asked to wait.

Her confidence increased. She spoke with a positive note to her voice, “The third reason is that I can make things work even with measly resources. I never had the luxury of a photographer, so I shot pictures on my basic smartphone. I managed alone, without any help, kept the blog going showcasing the problems of miners and farmers, but didn’t let anything kill my passion. Also, It’s my dream to work in this organization and no one can value this job more than me!”

Mehta quietly smiled and turned around to look at his colleagues, before reading their unspoken gestures and spoke, “Ms. Shekhawat, can you please wait outside with the shortlisted candidates?”

Manasvi grinned and thanked all of them before getting up and leaving the cabin. She didn’t know if she would be hired but mere shortlisting gave her a morale boost like nothing else.

It was all because of Anshuman!
He had given her the confidence to consider her weak points as the strongest points. He had been her guardian angel in true sense. Whenever she was in trouble, he would be at her rescue.

She took out the ‘Silk’ wrapper from her purse and ran her finger pads over it. He had bought it for her. The one and only material thing he had given her.

After the next thirteen candidates were questioned, the shortlisted candidates were called again. Together!

The shortlisted candidates of previous days were called too. They were around ten people. They entered the cabin and were seated before the panel.

Mehta spoke, “We have been impressed by these profiles and it is no less a feat that you are shortlisted to reach this level. But as we have only one post, only one of you will be selected. Taking into consideration your profiles, job experiences, special qualifications and the way a profile matches with us, we have selected one candidate but still, we will give one last chance to shortlisted candidates – Which of you voted in last assembly elections?”

It was a surprise for Manasvi that there were nine people other than her but only two had voted. Rest seven did not vote for main elections. What kind of people were they? Looking for a job in mainstream media and hardly interested in the election process?

“We want responsible people. It includes voting for your country!”

Manasvi had her face drawn in pain. She tried to negotiate, “But Sir, my case is genuine. I couldn’t vote. Or else, I would have voted!”

Mehta asked seven candidates to leave and talked to rest two. After a moment, he told them that one of them will receive the appointment letter on mail. Manasvi had tears in her eyes but she had seen enough in her life to not drop those precious pearls here and there. She swallowed the painful lump of saliva in her throat and stood up, thanking everyone.

As last two candidates also left, she followed them to leave the cabin, before Mehta called her again, “Ms. Shekhawat, please wait.”

“Yes, sir!” She turned and replied on a choked throat. They were expecting her to come back. She returned to be seated before them.

In a surprising move, Mehta introduced her to the rest of the staff. He hadn’t done that to anyone before. He spoke a few words about each interviewer giving her an idea about who they were and what position they held in the company. Then he introduced the youngest guy, Krish Sahay, as head editor of their still media section. He was the 28-year-old chap who was talking to her about her blog. Manasvi smiled and greeted all of them. Mehta spoke and rest only agreed with a nod.

“So, Ms. Shekhawat, we loved the reasons you gave for being hired. You are indeed strong, with rich experience in problematic areas and manage wonderfully with scanty resources. We know that you need this job more than everyone else and that you will value it more than them. My colleague, Mr. Krish Sahay is impressed with your blog. He wants to talk to you.”

Krish spoke after this. “Thank you, sir! So, Ms. Shekhawat, more than your writing, your photography using the basic technique via a small phone is what caught my attention. The detailing, the use of lighting, the profiles are eye-catching! I wonder what magic you will do if you are given a DSLR camera to capture all that you want to showcase. Your interview almost compelled us to hire you. I would feel privileged to have you in my team. Have you ever thought about taking photography seriously?”

She was left speechless at that! These were the exact words used by Anshuman after he saw her blog. He had asked her to consider photography seriously. This was being repeated now.

“But sir, I don’t have any degree or experience in photography… I’m an amateur!”

“What matters is the intent! The fire and the desire inside you is what we want in our staff. We can’t afford to lose you. Your writing and reporting is good, technical and meticulous. Definitely impressive! But in photography, you are naturally gifted! You are incredible!”

Manasvi smiled, and nodded, “I would have done anything to get a job with The Insight! But if you say that I am more suited for photography, I would like to give it a chance. On an honest note, I know nothing technical about it and I am a newbie.”

Krish laughed subtly, “That we will guide you!”

He turned to Mehta and Mehta resumed after this, “Ms. Shekhawat…last few questions!”

“Sure, Sir!”

“Are you willing to travel extensively?”


“To Pakistan and Afghanistan?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“To other problematic and difficult areas all over the world?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“To Paris? That will be your first posting for two months!”


“Your in-laws?”

“They understand!”

“Your husband?”

“He is in the army. Stays out of home for an entire year!”

“Great!!” Mehta shrugged. “In that case, Ms. Shekhawat… you are hired!”

“What? I mean…” For a moment, Manasvi thought that she had heard it wrong. Didn’t they tell other guys that they will get the letter on mail? Why were they telling her right now?

As if he heard her. He said, “You were better than all the other shortlisted candidates, so we are telling you right away. We would love to have you with us!”

Manasvi was numb and stoned for a moment, but then she quickly gathered back her senses and thanked everyone. When she was asked to collect her appointment letter from the reception and asked to join them for the orientation, the next day, she started to believe that it was indeed true!!

It had been a breeze. A dream come true. It was unbelievable.

She now had a job!! With The Insight!!!

She sat down at one of the chairs in the waiting hall and took out her phone. Anshuman had asked her to tell him about how the interview went. She had so much to tell and she didn’t know whom to talk to. She was so excited about the entire interview. How it went. How she aced it, just because of Anshuman. It was weird that she had no one to talk to when she was going through her brightest and harshest phases. Rest of the times, she needed no one!

She wanted to discuss the interview. She knew they had talked a bit when he was dropping her at the airport. But that wasn’t enough to share more than formal greetings and deepest thoughts. Her guardian angel had been guiding her even in his absence and she didn’t know how to thank him. She took out her phone, opened Gmail, typed his email id and typed a small sentence –

“My problematic upbringing and meagre resources turned out to be strong points. Thanks to you, for that. Got the job!”


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