Hello everyone,

Hope each one of you is in good health.

I am really glad that our PM has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days from today. If you see the pattern around the globe, even the most developed countries which were late in doing this, lost significantly in terms of time. The corona infected count kept increasing. And so did the death count.

I was really, really worried about us as we are a densely and highly populated country and the kind of selfish people we witnessed in last few days – skipping quarantine, taking paracetamol to evade thermal screening, meeting people and organizing parties – I realized that as a society we are not serious about this issue.

I kept telling people around me to stay at home as much as they can, as long as it is possible for them, but I received replies like – ‘You are worrying unnecessarily. There is nothing like that. It is a media hype.’

You have no idea how frustrating it is. For a doctor, nothing is as frustrating as a patient losing life due to carelessness. I sincerely prayed for a pan-India curfew. All doctors did  as there is nothing else that can stop us, Indians, from roaming around needlessly except a strict lockdown. Obviously none of us wants to go the route of highly develped countries with exceptional health services who have now lost hope on corona control. Trust me, if we had taken that route, it would have been a big BIG disaster for us.

The count has been rising. And it has spread all over India. But I’m glad this decision of lockdown has been taken well in time.

So, yes, it is uncomfortable. It is difficult. It will be very very tough for some. Mainly daily wagers, farmers and poor. But if you have to choose between life and discomfort, anyone will choose life.

We will be patient and kind in this time. We choose life!

So stay home. Don’t even try to break the quarantine, especially in closed apartments or building complexes where there is no one to monitor you. Please be safe. Tell others to be safe and educate people to not roam around unless emergency.

Grocery items, dairy, vegetables, and fruits are exempt from this lockdown. And many more emergency services are exempted. Please read the Home Ministry guidelines circular and deal accordingly.

Let’s be together in the fight, accept this emergency situation and support the govt in tackling this menace – coronavirus.

We shall win. Amen.

Love you all,


PS – DO NOT PANIC. Things are under control.
Do not stock up more than you need. Be kind and share with those who are desperately in need more than you.



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Manita V

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      Gov is taking nice steps

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      We just need to be patient

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      Well said ma’am. The lockdown is required and if needed it should be extended too. The amount of damage , if it spreads in India will be huge and it will bring mass devastating. A timely decision taken by the govt of India. I hope everyone in your family and nearby areas are safe. This time shall pass but we need to be alert and aware of our actions too. The condition of Italy and China are heart-wrenching. If the condition goes beyond control in india it will be the worst in the whole world coz we are highly populated and we don’t have the best medical equipments. I hope people stay at home and save themselves and their families.

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        I’m glad that a lot of people understand. It’s disheartening to see people cursing govt for this decision. Each and every doctor I know was tagging the PM and asking for it.
        It is the only solution right now.
        Problems will come but we will find out solutions.

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      We all are together in this. This will pass soon hopefully. We’ll definitely win. God will make every good all over again. Yes we need patience be strong in this tough time. God bless us all.

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      Though the decision looks good from far end but we’re unable to comprehend the crisis the middle class and lower middle class people gonna face.
      I know life is what considered while taking the step but people can die without food also. In the morning police wasn’t allowing to go and bring essentials also in some parts of the country. Do you really think complete lockdown for 21 days with limited essentials people can stay home not getting affected. Than there is no work for the daily wage people.
      Till now no country has ordered full lockdown this is the first time India with 21 days again before that 7 days more.
      This is only because people are returning to India with one deadly disease and the villagers who do not have any idea is staying at home idle, helpless.

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        First, I will speak as a doctor. I know that this lockdown is essential. Countries who haven’t done full lockdown are suffering with rising infection rate and death rate. Corona is unbeatable, as of now.
        India has a higher population and denser living conditions and lower health care infrastructure than those countries. Then how can we expect our country to not go towards the direction that Italy and Iran and now UK have taken.
        We will never be able to deal with an explosion of this kind.
        Now coming to humanitarian points –
        UP Govt, Delhi govt, Raj govt are giving 1000 Rs. to 35 lakh daily wagers.
        Some NGOs are providing food to homeles.
        Banks are open.
        ATMs are operating
        Grocery and milk stores are exempt from lockdown
        Govt has asked people not to cut salaries from lower middle class workers. None of us has done that. Some other org like Reliance and all are coming forward for solutions.
        At this point I’m thinking about more solutions rather than criticise govt for a bold decision that was much needed.

        PS – People who came from abroad have already spread it and it has spread. We are in stage 3. Villagers will be as affected as city people.

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      Di I don’t understand why people are not taking this seriously!! Like you don’t value your own life or what?? Okay you don’t have value of your life atleast think about you near and dear ones! Just because you are young doesn’t mean you do anything and nothing will happen to you!! But I am more Disturbed by the fact that educated people people who are fully aware about each and everything are still not following quarantine and meeting in crowds and going out!! If these people are such we cannot expect the virus to not spread. And when we try to tell them not to go out they are like you don’t teach us what to do and what not!! There are legit some areas where people are still roaming around without thinking how it can affect a whole lot of other people!! I wish people really take this 21 days seriously or else our case could be worse than Italy!! It is really very difficult! I hope things get better soon!!
      Hoping for positivity for everyone out there!

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        Actually people thought that only those who are coming from abroad are affected. And anyone in contact with them will get the disease.
        I am telling this from experience as my relatives said this – ‘Ki hamare aas paas kisi ko khansi nahi hai’… aur ‘hum toh kisi se mile nahi jo foreign se aaya ho’…
        but they don’t realise that we entered stage 3 … now anyone can infect anyone and spread the virus.

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      Corona virus is challenging mankind and many Indians are worried about the country because our population is very large. The question that stands before us today is: Why can’t we use our population as our strength?

      It’s said that the infection in one person can spread to a minimum of 10 people daily. From our side, even if we communicate with and stop 30 people from moving out of their homes, we can defeat corona!

      Following this simple method, we can run three times faster than this virus and can break its cylcle.

      I, hereby, request all my friends to personally call/text atleast 30 people from their contacts (relatives, friends, employees, helpers, etc.) and explain the urgency of the situation – Stay home, Stay safe! Kindly ask them to carry the chain forward and contact 30 people further.

      I also request everyone to stop spreading rumours, and consider the situation seriously. Let’s not panic, but at the same time – spread awareness.

      The idea may sound stupid, silly (and such) to some. But this is the least we can do to guard ourselves and our society. We forward so many messages everyday, let’s make one of them worth it!

      I know this comment is very long! But I personally love this initiative 🙂
      And I would like to thank you Manita di (I am taking the liberty to call you di here, not sure tho) for communicating with us through these regular messages and helping us understand these things better :))

      • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

        Your idea is amazing Nia. I personally tried this with my own relatives and none was serious. They were all laughing it off when I postponed my non-emergency patients in first week of March. When I sent off my maids and staff last week and decided to self-quarantine from 17th, even then my neighbours were telling me that I am being paranoic.
        Leave relatives, my husband, who is an engineer in railways, and was working till railways were shut down, laughed it off and told me that I was being too concerned.

        Today, after Modiji’s address, they are actually serious.

        • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

          That’s great di! You are very alert and I agree that we could have avoided this situation if we were cautious a few weeks back. I am personally guilty of this because even I laughed when my dad was giving leaves to our househelp and stopping our entry and exit. Now, I am glad he did that! I really hope that we all get out of this soon and stay safe :))

      • Author GravatarAuthor Gravatar

        And I do appreciate your initiative. I will certainly keep trying and spread the message forward.

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      true that di
      people are just taking it as a normal flu or some common disease
      i live in UAE – al-ain , here the government is so strict and people are like very very serious here
      i was juting watching some videos , people in some parts of india , are like ”arrey kuch nai hoga” . and are busy selling their products saying ”bhai yeh toh normal hai ” and are literally selling all the snacks, (unhygienic).
      Everyone would be affected , but the daily wage workers will be terrible .
      here the situation is complete lockdown (though not declared officially yet ) there is police every 2-3 hours in every area .
      People are stocking up goods but there is enough for everyone.
      just hope everybody is safe , and this virus is eradicated as soon as possible before it takes everyone’s life

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        I wish everyone understood it like you, Tehreem. We cannot just take everything lightly.
        Some people here are too careless and too selfish… and they are spoiling the hard work done by others.
        We can’t afford an outbreak. It is the strict measure like lockdown that is going to save us.
        May God bless us all.

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      glad that government took the right step at this time though it’s extremely hard for some..idk how’s my father gonna cope up with this lockdown.. He’s someone who’ll always be at work and never reside at one place, but then it’s not in our hands to control rather than following it for our own betterment!

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        All of us who are used to working round the clock are suddenly stopped and it also affects the mental health. I hope we all survive and stay healthy.
        Prayers and wishes for all.


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