Hello everyone,

I hope all of you are doing fine.

I strongly believe that we manifest our destiny by positive or negative thinking. I have always, always believed in this. Not just thinking, but speaking and believing in something manifests it in its extreme form.

So, by consistently saying that 2020 is the worse year, we are making it worst. I have decided to not say that anymore. Let’s form a habit of saying that we are better, we are coping well, we are healing, and eventually, we will win.

Both, Shri Bhagwad Gita and The Secret say the same thing.

Anyway, this was my small talk about how I am doing. I am good. And I will certainly be better in the coming few days. I hope all of you will be in a better place too.

So, the following announcement post is what I wanted to make on Sunday. But then certain things happened that drove all of us mad. I hope we heal with time.

The News isThe Masquerade is coming on July 7th, 2020.Β 

~ Wait for the Book Cover Launch, tomorrow, June 18th… 4:00 pm

~ The Official page will be also be launched tomorrow, same time,Β which will contain more details about the book, the Blurb, videos, and most of all – free book giveaways.

So, yes, 20 days from now, we will have the book, my baby, in our hands. And till then, I will post a countdown post everyday.

Also, tomorrow, I will be telling you about my work that has started picking up all over again. I have shifted mainly to online consultations after my clinics were closed. So Tomorrow night, by 8:00 pm, I will let you know more about my medical work.

So, a few things in store. Watch out this space for more πŸ™‚

Lots of hugs and best wishes sent your way. Can’t thank you enough for standing by me through thick and thin.

Love you all, so much


PS – Don’t forget to check the HOME page of this blog. I’ve made some changes there. So click up at the menu πŸ‘† and visit the HOME page.

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Manita V

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